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Internal Monologue of a Certain Personal Maid
Ojousama is an amazing person.
There’s no mistake because I’m not the only one who thinks so.
If only I thought so then it would have been a misunderstanding I would want to keep within my chest.
However, I and my three seniors say so unanimously.

Ojousama is amazing. She’s impressive.




The second daughter of the Christophe Household, Lilianne La Christophe.
A young lady I serve and an amazing person.
Ojousama is still only a young child of two years old…… soon three, but all of her four personal maids acknowledge her superiority.

No, this is not a mistake.
It’s not only the four personal maids. It’s a common thought for everyone in the Christophe House including Great Madame Annela-sama.
Everyone of the Christophe House acknowledges Ojousama’s superiority.

Ojousama is suffering from an illness called Cloudy Eyes.
However, the hard to call beautiful white, cloudy eyes that are characteristic of the illness called Cloudy Eyes look nearly like brilliant jewels on Ojousama.

Ojousama was beautiful like a doll when I saw her for the first time after coming to work at the Christophe House, but Ojousama’s beauty certainly wasn’t artificial one, it was like art made by a God.
Her expression normally doesn’t change much, but when she shows her expressions, it makes you want to tightly hold her close to your chest and not letting go.

And…… there’s also one another thing I don’t want to tightly hold and not let go.
It’s something very embarrassing thing, but…… Ojousama…… umm…… is making me feel good……

When Ojousama pats my tail or ears that makes me so…… should I say dreamy or blanked out……
Anyhow, it’s incredible.
It’s so incredible the word incredible is not enough to describe it.
That comfortableness is not possible to explain in words.

Even just recently, I have been made good in a really long time.
The first time Ojousama made me feel good, I have been so surprised I ran away in tears.

However, my skin became pretty enough to startle me the next day.
My condition might have been at its best so far, Ojousama is really amazing.




Things were a little complicated when I was chosen as Ojousama’s personal maids because I was her favorite.
But, it doesn’t change that I was chosen.
I also have pride as the maid of the Christophe Household. My ability certainly doesn’t amount to my three seniors, but I think that I would like to become a splendid personal maid suitable for Ojousama one day.

It was just me among us personal maids whom Ojousama willingly touched, as expected, it might have been because I was her favorite among the personal maid.
The frequency was very little, it happened only a few times in the year of serving Ojousama as a personal maid.
The number of times I was made feel good too……


Therefore, the question of whether I was really Ojousama’s favorite started floating in my mind.
That’s why I started thinking about whether she’s not expecting me to have the same capability as my seniors.
Gloomy, pessimistic thoughts are not good. Facing forward brightly, but without forgetting a modest heart.

I have not been made feel good for a long time and just when I started thinking that I won’t be made feel good again, it happened.

It was when Ojousama was staying in the room of her pet Salvarua, Reki.
Ojousama unusually called for me.
My heart at that time was throbbing very fast, I remember the speed of the beating even now.
I had some kind of feeling.
Perhaps, today……

However, my feeling was off.
I was very happy to be suddenly embraced by Ojousama.
However, that was it.
I was a bit disappointed. Just a bit……
But, I will never tell this to seniors because they will tease me again.
Just a little bit, just a little bit, okay? While regrettably thinking such, Ojousama who finished combing Reki’s fur told me that she would comb my tail next.


Wha, wha, what to do!
My heart, the throbbing, has become incredibly fast!
Surely if I get combed with Ojousama’s brush, I will…… I will surely…… I……

Ha. N, not good, Mira! You are Ojousama’s maid. For a maid to have her tail combed by her master…… ahh…… but.

While I was conflicted and feeling confused, Ojousama has been urging me with her lovely voice that matches her godly, beautiful face.
Since it became like this, I must obey Ojousama’s will.
That’s right. This is something Ojousama wishes for. As Ojousama’s personal maid, I have to fulfill her wishes.

Ahh, but as I thought…… not good, Mira. It’s something Ojousama wishes for. Ah, but as I thought……

In the end, I presented my tail to Ojousama, but it became beyond describable after.
The good feelings I have received so far were just mere warm-ups.

Ojousama is amazing after all.
Too amazing…… I can’t…… tell Ojousama no anymore.




It got exposed after all.
Seniors always chat late at night and senior Nija guessed right the first thing she said.

When I properly explained, seniors were pondering about something.
I wonder what’s wrong?
They vented their anger by terribly teasing me last time, so I prepared myself for this time, but their state was strange.

After a short while of silence, senior Jenny gave a certain hypothesis.

That is, whether me being made feel good isn’t a chance for all of the personal maids.

Now that she said it, that might be the case.
I couldn’t notice that because I’m considered her favorite personal maid.
Even though I lack in ability, it’s true that I’m Ojousama’s favorite among the personal maids, so I would definitely be the first.

This time, I have had my tail brushed next after Reki.
Quite a lot of time has passed since Ojousama made me feel good last time.
It’s not always possible to make me feel good even if I’m her favorite, so Ojousama who has recently started combing Reki’s fur every day might have just simply thought of doing it for me as well.

In other words, this might be a chance for everyone else.
The precondition is combing of the tail, but senior Jenny said it wouldn’t be a problem.
I can’t say I didn’t see something burning in senior Nija’s eyes.




The next day, senior Jenny with glossy skin said during the late-night chat that she let her mind wander for a moment and her consciousness flew miles away right after.
It was more intense than my first time.
Well, it’s not like I don’t understand. Rather, I understand very well.
The level of that time and the other day is far too different.

Both senior Lacria and senior Nija listened to senior Jenny’s story while holding their breaths.
When senior Jenny finished talking, it felt like her mind went somewhere far away once again.
She’s most likely recalling it. I understand really well.

After that, senior Lacria and senior Nija tried to come up with a plan, but I who doesn’t remember much from the time of being touched wasn’t of much help.
Besides, I unintentionally recalled that from the other day, so…… I’m a bit…… umm…… I won’t say it!




The next day, senior Lacria collapsed.
I, who changed with senior saw the disastrous scene and understood.

Yeah…… as expected. Ojousama……
I’m sorry to senior Lacria, but I was full of thoughts that I might be able to be made feel good today as well.

In the end, I wasn’t made feel good that day. Sniffle.


During the late-night chat, senior Lacria didn’t utter a single word.
Her consciousness that flew away didn’t return for longer than Jenny senior’s.
I know that senior Nija who saw her like that has strengthened her resolution.
She requested something of her friend who remodels magic tools as a hobby, so she surely plans on using that.
If you don’t quit it, you will be discovered by Great Madame, you know?
But, I also understand the feelings of wanting to use it in order to get Ojousama to make you feel good.
Because I would use it without hesitation if I got my hands on something like that.

Today’s late-night chat ended without talking.
Jenny senior’s is still glossy to the extent that clearly shows the difference.
Senior Lacria who’s consciousness flew away is the same.
My skin also remains approximately glossy, Ojousama is really amazing.

Nija senior’s flame of determination is burning, I think that another senior Lacria will happen tomorrow.




The next day…… I saw senior Nija being so unsteady for the first time……
Even though she always has an expressionless face…… seeing such senior…… is my first…….

I thought she would fall on my bed as soon as she entered the room, but she left the room with a brief comment after turning her head accompanied by a rusty noise.


…… Ojousama, impressive.


That brief comment said it all.




The next day, Ojousama has gathered all four of us personal maids and the words she gave us were too shocking for us.

That was…… that she would make us feel good again depending on our willingness.

Me naturally, but seniors who experienced Ojousama’s greatness were also tremendously enthusiastic.
We were so enthusiastic that we tried to snatch away Elliana-sama’s and Great Madame’s work.
We are Ojousama’s retainers, maids.
Snatching away Elliana-sama’s even more so Great Madame’s caring of Ojousama will leave us with our heads physically leaving our bodies though.
However, despite that, we strengthened our determinations in order to realize Ojousama’s decision.
But, Ojousama who has seen through us took initiative and asked to increase our work.
Elliana-sama and Great Madame were a bit…… no, they were greatly dissatisfied.

Well, that’s only given.
They have been happily taking care of Ojousama until now after all.

However, if Ojousama didn’t take the action herself, someone among us or perhaps all of Ojousama’s personal maids might have lost their lives.


As I thought, Ojousama is amazing.


I think such.
Ojousama is only two, almost three years old.
However, Ojousama seized the lives which the personal maids would willingly give up for her in a blink of an eye.
Ojousama will surely become even more amazing from now on.

I think I would like to serve such Ojousama for many years to come.


And…… I would like her to make me feel good…… again.

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