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Dancing Angels
A new 1st-grade sorcerer has been born in the Ovent Kingdom.
That person is the Christophe House’s magic tools craftsman and a weirdo.
I understand his feelings of calling my precious little sister an angel extremely well, but I would like him to stop it unless he defeats me――Ellistina La Christophe.

Although the reason that weirdo has become 1st-grade sorcerer for my beloved, precious little sister’s sake makes me want to forgive him a little bit, but 1st-grade sorcerers are generally taken care of by the country.

But, this weirdo is a weirdo after all.
He refused the summons from the royal palace as if it was only a matter of course.
Well, I can greatly understand not wanting to spend time separated from my cute, adorable little sister very much.
Still, he mustn’t trouble Okaasama and others.
That’s why I had my gentle, lovely, wonderful little sister persuade him, but……


It was settled with a few words. It’s only natural, right?




After the weirdo went to the royal palace, I heard from Okaasama that there were some unusual arrangements in the future schedule.
That was a ball.
There are many ideologists among nobles of Ovent and although the power of the arrogant nobles from the ancient houses has been considerably weeded out, there are still many ancient nobles in other countries.
These nobles apparently hold luxurious and gorgeous balls again and again.
Since it’s the country’s celebration, honored guests from other countries will naturally attend.
In that case, numerous nobles who are like that will come as well.
That’s why a ball which is not held that much in the Ovent will be held too.

Because it’s a ball, there will naturally be a dance party.
Right, dancing.

Although I learned it because of interest, there weren’t many opportunities to showcase it, so I thought that my interest has faded.


Just how much fun would be dancing with my adorable, kind, wonderful, angelic and wise little sister?


Now then, it’s time for special training, Theo!





“S, sorry……”

“It’s fine, right to left turn is next..”

“Y, yeah…… there, ho, rya.”


My feet have been stepped on so many times I already got used to it.
Theo seems unable to learn the steps I have learned instantly for some reason.
I don’t know why he’s bad at remembering something like this even though he can learn various sword techniques immediately.


“Yes, raise your hand here and turn me around..”

“Like this!”

“Owowow, Theo!”

“S, sorry……”


Even though it’s fine doing it just lightly, I have no idea why he raises his hand so vigorously.
I wonder if Theo has a grudge against me? If he has, I will keep him company.


“Step, step, turn.”

“Ugh…… hn…… horya.”

“You are getting better, aren’t you?”

“After all, I can’t be stepping on your feet forever.”

“But, it’s about time you do something about the noises coming out of you.”

“Ugh…… but these come unconsciously.”

“Are you going to let such noises in front of Lily?”

“There’s no way I can do something so uncool, right!”


Seriously, this silly bro……
When it comes to Lily, his timidness disappears and his boiling point gets awfully low.
But, he wouldn’t ever let out such a loud voice in front of Lily.


“So noisy. If that’s the case, let’s go practice, practice!”

“Naturally! Step, step, step!”

“Your voice is coming out.”

“S, so difficult!”


Dancing with my cute, adorable little sister on her approaching birthday gradually heated up the practice towards the climax.
Theo has somehow become able to dance stylishly without letting his voice out, but a trained eye would immediately realize that he’s holding something in.
Well, the objective is to demonstrate a highly sophisticated dance.
Still, we have an important opponent whom we can’t show our uncool sides. It will be serious whether we are willing or not.

In order for my important, important, more important than my life little sister to happily dance.
So that we can join hands and dance with that child who hasn’t done anything like dancing before.
My reprimanding voice echoed throughout the large dance hall today as well.




Theo suddenly became good.
It was so sudden I have no idea what happened.
The voice that occasionally came out with the horrible steps during yesterday’s practice suddenly turned into magnificent footwork.


“…… What happened?”

“Erm…… look, Ellie you are practicing hand-to-hand martial arts, right? When I tried to imitate those movements…… see?”

“…… Ah~”


I understand what Theo is saying a bit.
I believe that I have connected the footwork from the martial arts I practice with the dancing as well.
That’s why I quickly learned how to do dorsiflexion steps, match my partner’s movements with the tune, take a lead, relax, and spin around.
It’s certainly connected.


“But, why have you become able to do it today all of sudden?”

“Well, looking at the state of yesterday’s practice, I just thought about it.”

“Hmm. Oh well. Anything’s fine as long as you are able to do it.”

“That’s right. With this, I won’t lose face in front of my angel!”

“You meant ‘my’.”

“It’s ‘my’.”



“Yes, yes, you two. Leave it at that.”


“Even though I came because I heard you were practicing dancing, you mustn’t fight, okay?”

“”Yes~ Okaasama.””


Okaasama learned to dance because she liked it as well, but she can’t travel to other countries as a court sorceress that much, so she has no place to showcase it.
Well, I don’t have any use for dancing besides dancing for my Lily.


“Okaasama, would you like to dance with us?”

“That’s a good idea, Ellie.”

“Yes. I wonder if I can still dance properly after such a long time.”

“It will be fine, Okaasama. I will lead you!”

“My, my, that sounds fun.”

“I, I’m here too, so you will be fine!”

“Fufu…… I will be in your care, you two.”


“Ah, but it’s my Lily-chan, you know?”





Finally with my…… our adorable, gentle, wise angel’s Liliannyum element…… anyhow, the third birthday of our incomparable little sister has arrived.

My smile is more joyful than usually.
Even though it’s her birthday, Lily is making us and the servants pleased.
This child is really amazing.
I will collapse with a nosebleed if I don’t fire myself up. I will be carried on a stretcher to the first aid room and miss Lily’s important birthday and all the dancing practice for the sake of dancing together will be lost.

Endure, Ellie! You must endure!


Somehow enduring through the fierce attack of blip blop moving bunny ears, tails, and wings with a fighting spirit, the time to dance arrived.
First, a debut in front of Lily.

I perform the steps we desperately practiced until today according to the music.
Sometimes fierce, sometimes calm.
Like a swan that gracefully glides on the surface of a lake.

Just looking at Lily feels like I’m growing wings on my back.
I’m able to concentrate from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.
Theo is surely the same.
We dance elegantly with sharper movements than during the practice.
The two of us support and compete with each other, rising our dance even higher.

When the song ended and we gracefully bowed towards Lily, our angel clapped her hands with a whole-faced smile.

My mood is already at its peak!
It’s my beloved, beloved, bebebebebeloved Lily’s smile, you know!
On top of that, she’s applauding with her tiny hands very hard.
She’s so adorable I just might die!

But, everything would come to naught if I died here. Collect yourself, Ellie!


Theo and I exchange nods and we gently lead Lily so that she wouldn’t fall to the dance floor.
This is the main event.
Our all will be tested.
I will fully enjoy this moment with you with all of my body and soul!
But, our beloved, gentle, cute, beautiful, wise, nekomimi blip-bloping little sister’s enjoyment is the greatest objective.
You mustn’t forget that. Do you understand, Theo!


Now then, let’s dance together, Lily!


Because today’s leading actress is you!

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