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This place with lots of books piled up in the bookshelves as well as the floor is the place I have been raising her in since young, it’s her room.
She was a waif who found me when I had lost my way.
I could only helplessly nod at the still lisping her who told me that she knows the way and asked her to guide me.
Her words were truthful and even though I was so lost, I was able to get home in no time.
There, she told me that her duty is over and tried to leave, but I couldn’t permit that.
I didn’t do anything to thank her yet, she didn’t realize how much I felt saved by the words she told me that time.

If she doesn’t return she won’t be able to eat today, when she told me those words, I decided to employ her.
After doing something about her dirty clothing, I could see that she will grow into beauty in the future.
This will do, thinking such I promptly dressed her in the clothes I wore when I was small, I caught one of the maids and instructed her in various ways to make sure that we don’t get caught by Otousama and others.

Otousama and others don’t usually return home and because I spend most of my time at my best friend’s place, I decided to ask her to let her do some basic work.
She was still a little girl, but she abnormally quickly took in everything and learned how to work in no time.

My best friend’s Okaasama learned of it and it has been decided that she will be sent to my best friend’s Okaasama’s maid academy in order to officially become a maid.

After her graduation three years later, she became a splendid…… no, to be precise, she became far more perfect than any maid of our House.
The little her became a young lady and only mine maid.




“And then, and then. Lily and the two called me Okaasama! I have never been so happy!”

“That is good, Ojousama.”

“Geez! Scarlett, I have already aged, I’m not Ojousama anymore!”

“Elliana-sama will be always Ojousama for me. You will be Ojousama even when you become a granny. You will be Ojousama even if wrinkled and crumpling. Ojousama.”

“Muu…… oh well. It’s about Lily, Theo, and Ellie now! They were really adorable…… ahh, why won’t it become next year’s birthday soon……”


Ojousama――Elliana La Christophe is my Master.
The period after her miscarriage because of the loss of her beloved was very painful, but she regained her footing as if reborn after Lilianne-sama’s birth.
She’s now spending her days cheerfully as Lilianne-sama’s nanny.

…… No, it has been Ojousama’s birthday a few days ago and the children she raised as their nanny has been treating her as a mother for a day, so she’s currently spending her days while little broken.
That Ojousama is…… no, it’s a sight in itself, yes.

After the day I have guided the lost Ojousama and after graduation from the hell…… no, the maid academy, I have been by Ojousama’s side all this time, so I’m able to brag about seeing faces that are otherwise unknown to Ojousama.


“If they tell me something so adorable I won’t be able not to hug them, right!”

“I want to hug such Ojousama.”

“I have seen Theo’s spoiled smile after such a long time! Even though his smile is always directed at Lily, I recalled Theo when he was little.”

“I have recalled Ojousama’s bashful smile from when I was little.”

“Ellie’s smile was more brilliant than usual, it was very sweet……. as I thought, girls are nice, aren’t they~”

“I find the girlish Ojousama brilliant and sweet.”

“However, I feel sorry for the two, but Lily is number one, right~ I couldn’t take it when she called me Okaasama with that adorable voice! I couldn’t take it~!”

“…… I’m honestly scared of Lilianne-sama.”

“…… Eh?”

“It’s nothing.”


I responded with a sigh at Ojousama who had her hair disheveled from going wild.
But, it seems that she didn’t hear me properly, so she continued going wild when I told her that it’s nothing with a clear smile.
The books will scatter around if you go wild too much, so I would like you to stop.




I was alone since I was born.
It was indeed impossible for me to do anything by myself after birth, so I was raised with other waifs.
I left the place I was born at the age of four and came to the royal capital, Ovent.
Getting smuggled over after blending with the cargo was quite thrilling.

Even in the overflowing with things Ovent, there quite wasn’t a work for a dirty four years old.
I even thought that the time to use my past life’s knowledge to cause a revolution would come soon, but I quite didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have any cheats.
Even if the four years old me would cry, there’s was no reason for others to hear me out.

On that certain day, I met Ojousama and before I knew what was happening, I was sent to the servant training school.
It was truly hell for three years.
My treatment at that time was still better. My life was guaranteed after all.
Most of the people except me didn’t even have a guarantee of their lives and one hand is insufficient for the number of people that literally vanished from this world.
Because my physical ability was outstanding even though I didn’t receive any cheats, my talent favorably bloomed in the hell.
To be frank, I’m confident that I wouldn’t lose to anyone in the Christophe Household at swordsmanship.

Even though I’m like this, I’m honestly frightened by the third child of the Christophe Household, Lilianne La Christophe-sama.
That person is surely of the same kind.
And she definitely possesses a cheat ability as well.

Anyhow, despite her eyes not being able to see a single thing, she possesses unique Magic Eyes.
It became a cheat at the point of time it became unique.
She’s concealing a terrifying ability without a doubt.

Moreover, she’s cute.
Terrifyingly cute at that.
She’s expressionless most of the time, but her occasional smiles are already murderously adorable. She’s dangerous.

Her four personal maids are considerably powerful, but they are already adoring her. She’s dangerous.
I wonder if those Magic Eyes are of the charming kind?
I would understand if that were the case, but I feel like it’s different.

If this was in my past life, she would pass an audition on the first try and her idol debut would follow immediately after that.
And the boom of a deadpan girl would follow. No, she’s dangerous.

Even the Christophe Household is concealing the information about her quite a lot.
They are particularly strict about information leakage to the outside.
To a degree that Annela-sama swiftly erases any hindrances.
That person is a monster. That is precisely what is called cheat ability. I have no doubt.
Even the Earth’s strongest creatures would run at full speed in front of her. She’s dangerous.

In such Christophe Household, I’m treated as Elliana Ojousama’s retainer and the Christophe Household’s guest.
I generally mingle with the other servants, but I’m also working hard at writing.
The books I write are difficult to understand, but they seem to be of the addictive kind.
I wonder if that’s the cheat ability I was given? It’s doubtful.

But, you could say that I’m able to write various things without difficulty.

Paper is very precious in this world.
I thought of trying to challenge paper-making, but how do you make a paper out of a tree? What a perplexing question.
That’s why I’m using my privileges as the guest of the rich Christophe House.
Speaking of the Christophe Household, they are filthy rich, like a hundred times wealthier than a certain micro-softness.
Therefore, it can be said that there are a few things they can get me. Even a life.
Well, only that person’s eye treatment seems impossible though.

Therefore, I can obtain paper without any problems, moreover, I was a bit amazed that it was possible for me to even publish a book I started in my previous life.
I wonder if this counts as self-publishing?
Well, there aren’t many publishers, so the books that got famous are mostly self-published.

The books I wrote are no expectations.
From the manual labor of writing copies, thousands of copies have been sold. There’s no letterpress.
Thousands of units have been handwritten, so it took equivalent effort. Even though I’m guest, it was a bit shocking.
Furthermore, on top of the manual labor, paper is precious. Its price isn’t stupid too. It’s actually stupid when I consider the real price.
But, it’s selling. I’m a bit scared of my talent. Cheats are scary.

There’s no concept of royalties, but since the Christophe Household is capable, money is rolling to me even after the deduction of labor costs.
In fact, I have already obtained a fortune that lower nobles can’t even match.

The slightly filthy waif that was lacking food can now bathe in gold coins. Although I don’t do it because it would hurt.


Nevertheless, for Ojousama to become this drunk with love, the power of children is scary as I thought.
I didn’t have children in my past life, I didn’t have many lovers, and I never understood the concept of love.
That’s why I find it mysterious.

It’s strange for me who doesn’t understand love to write stories about love, but I can’t help it but write. Moreover, it sells. I’m a popular writer.

Ellistina-sama is looking forward to my new works.
She doesn’t seem to know that the author is so close to her though.

In fact, there are not many people who know that I write.
It’s only the present Master of the Christophe Household, the former Master, and Ojousama.
It seems I will be targeted if they know.
I think it’s only natural since it sells so ridiculously. I would get kidnapped.

But, I’m safe here.
The Christophe Household are great nobles that even the country can’t meddle with.
The Christophe Household’s children’s nanny, the one who is writhing about the children calling her Okaasama is my Master. The books will collapse, ah, they collapsed.


“Really, what are you doing, Ojousama.”

“I, I’m sorry…… I got too excited……”

“Well, it can’t be helped because they are such adorable children, but if you want to go wild, do it in some other place please.”

“I’m sorry……”

“Haa…… seriously, Ojousama acts like a little Ojousama only in front of me.”

“That’s because you are like a sister to me.”


In the same way that Ojousama is affectionate to the Christophe Household’s children as her own, Ojousama is more precious to me than my past life’s family. I’m not a lesbian.

I’m frightful of Lilianne-sama.
But, if it’s for Ojousama’s sake, I will endure that frightfulness and won’t show anything on the outside.
Ojousama will be sad if something were to happen to Lilianne-sama. Therefore, I’m also not reluctant to drive away any harm creeping towards Lilianne-sama.

Well, my turn is quite not coming though.


“Now then, Ojousama. It’s about time we head back.”

“Is it that time already? Lily will be worried, won’t she! Then, you also shouldn’t be working too hard Scarlet, okay?”

“I understand.”

“Then, I will see you later.”

“Yes, Ojousama.”


Seeing Ojousama’s truly happy face makes a smile float on my face as well.
I will continue writing as long as Ojousama smiles. It’s Super☆writing.

Now then, let’s get up on these two feet today as well.

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