Chapter 131

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It was a handsome young man with sharp eyes in a plain, simple dress suit slowly walking straight between the crowd of people.
The clothing worn for a party like this is generally military uniform with aiguilette, shoulder straps or a sash. But, the word simple suits perfectly the plain suit he’s wearing.
But, that simpleness makes his sharp eyes and orderly face stand out.

I didn’t know who he was from his outfit, well-arranged hair and well-featured hunk face at first, but I’m able to see people’s magical power.
It appears that this handsome young man is Eliott. It’s a wide difference from his usual appearances he normally doesn’t pay any attention to.

After he walked between the people in a calm manner, he respectfully kneeled in front of me almost as if he was having an audience with a king.
His unusual outward appearances created a scene that was almost like from a painting.


“My Angel, Lilianne La Christophe-sama, I wish you Happy Birthday. I wish you everlasting health and happiness together with wisdom of sorcery.”

“Ai. Thank youu.”


Everlasting health and――that’s like a stereotypical line of a magic tools craftsman.
Although this is a family party in a private place, Eliott’s way of doing things is right as I’m a noble.


“E, Eliott, shouldn’t you still be at the ball……”

“My Angel’s party is about to end after all. I got a substitute and slipped out.”

“W, what is the leading actor slipping for!”

“I have used a special-made magic tool, so it will somehow work out. Besides, rather than celebrating me, that ball is to let out the steam. There’s no problem. The parts where I’m necessary had already ended.”



It’s as Eliott said, the 1st-grade sorcerer’s debut is fundamentally a festival, the party for nobles and royalty that happens afterward doesn’t require Eliott’s presence, so there’s no problem with him not staying there.
They probably won’t even find out that Eliott used a magic tool to create a body double to substitute him.

Under normal circumstances, becoming a 1st-grade sorcerer would turn into a greeting hell, but everything regarding Eliott is managed by the Christophe House.
Those who don’t know about that aren’t attending the party.
It’s not like there wasn’t anyone trying to jump the gun, but you can guess what would happen after.


“My Angel, I have prepared a present for you tonight. I would like you to accept it by all means.”

“Ai, thank youu.”


Although I said only the same words after Eliott appeared, there’s no problem.
Taking some distance, Eliott started chanting at the center of the hall for a long time.
It was nearly equal to the length of the chant Kuti was performing during the communication sorcery and with Eliott’s last recited keyword, my field of vision was completely filled out.

Various forms of magical power filled up to the ceiling of the hall, overhead the servants and formed a formula.

Almost as the stars in the night sky, a beautiful and gentle parade of constellations begun.


“…… This is.”

“Show…… falling stars……”

“Even Lily-chan can see this then, right? Isn’t it pretty~ Lily-chan.”

“Ai, pwetty~”

“O, Okaasama…… this is a 1st-grade sorcery…… Eliott has gained another 1st-grade sorcery……”

“Indeed, other 1st-grade sorcerers of Ovent can use only one 1st-grade sorcery.”


Right, the 1st-grade sorcerers in Ovent are able to use only single 1st-grade sorcery.
But, Eliott has certainly shown another 1st-grade sorcery. Moreover, the construction of the formula was nearly flawless.
This show falling stars is a variety of a 4th-grade sorcery, show fireworks.
Show fireworks is sorcery that can produce one or two magical power fireworks in a designated place.
The shape and size of show fireworks can be selected to some extent, but when it comes to showing falling stars, they are greatly limited.
But in place of the shape and size, they can be operated in a way fireworks can’t.

Unlike the show fireworks, show falling stars has a number of configurations that have to be set individually while configuring all at the same time.
The problem is the simultaneous configuration, if all of the stars have the same characteristics, the spell will result in a failure.
Show falling stars is a 1st-grade sorcery because you have to configure hundreds of different settings, while only the magical power for activation is necessary for show fireworks.
One may say that the vastness of configurations and consumption of magical power is burdensome and the consumption of magical power changes with every change in the configuration, so if the settings aren’t precise, you will quickly meet with a failure, your magical power will vanish in no time and you will end up fainting.

The parade of constellations Eliott is developing in front of me requires far more magical power than any average person has.
He constructed it splendidly without failing at the last moment.
I can only admire this.
Although it’s a sorcery that can change variously depending on the configuration, most of it isn’t a type that uses magical power at the last moment.
Rather, half of the necessary magical power is reserved in case of an unforeseen situation.
But, Eliott is a magic tools craftsman.
Magic tools craftsmen fundamentally work in a safety zone that other sorcerers can’t, so they are able to push it calmly to the very limit. Fainting from magical power exhaustion is also daily occurrence for them.
Still, it’s not quite possible to use precise configuration and amount of magical power like this.


“Eliott…… I wonder if he really is serious about Lily-chan……?”

“He seems to have learned show falling stars just for Lily-chan’s sake after all~ But, he will have to first defeat me unless Lily-chan is willing.”

“I, I won’t let Lily become a bride!”





I feel the astonished voices of Okaasama and Obaasama and also Ena’s flustered voice getting smaller.
But rather than that, I was enjoyingly watching the beautiful, glittering parade of stars above me.




“Wawawawawa, what to do, what to do. Lily will, my Lily will get snatched by that maaan!?”

“Calm down, if it’s you then you can easily do far more than that, right?”

“Ha! That’s so! I can take Lily back with far more amazing sorcery that won’t lose to that fellow! Let’s do it~! I will do it~!”

“Please, keep it moderate.”

“Here I go~!”


When I came to my senses with Tiny-sama’s sudden fully motivated voice, the overhead glittering parade was about to end.
But, I could understand that what’s going to happen now will surpass that by far.


(Ku, Kuti! You can’t! Everyone is here now! If you get so enthusiastic, I won’t be able to cover it!?)

“Leave it to me, My Honey! Believe in my power! Soooooryaaaaaaaaaa!”

“Moderately, okay~”


Kuti’s smug face gave me a wink and together with her yell, the overhead parade of stars was extinguished in an instant and the next moment, Awa Odori of various animals begun.


“T, this is!?”

“Is it Eliott-dono again-!?”

“If it’s Eliott-dono, then he has fainted over there.”

“Did he perhaps muster up all of his remaining strength……?”

“To go that far for Lily-chan……”

“Oh my, oh my, but it’s no good unless he defeats me~”


Leaving Okaasama who misunderstood, I dumbfoundedly stared at the Awa Odori that was developing overhead.


I wonder how Kuti knows about Awa Odori? I wonder, does this world also have Awa Odori?
No, I mustn’t think about that.
This is Kuti’s Kutiality, so it can’t be helped.
But, why Awa Odori……


“H, how about it……?”


The fidgety Kuti who entered maiden mode with puppy eyes has already easily surpassed the Megaton class.


(It’s the best, Kuti! As expected of you! You are so cute I might die!)

“Don’t you die, Lily! But, Lily is also the best! You are so cute I might die!”



“Moderately, okay~”


Eliott who fainted by Sani sensei’s diversion tactics has been carried to the first aid room and the overhead Awa Odori stage of stars parade continued to show off a uselessly energetical dance for a long time.

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