Chapter 132

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Sorcery of Attack
The abnormally lively Awa Odori ended and when the party came to an end as well, the real deal began for me.
While on Obaasama’s lap hearing the new story I have received as a birthday present, the main event has started.


“Well then, we will teach you offensive sorcery from now on. I think that you know before me telling you, but offensive sorcery is dangerous. Even the simplest sorceries have plenty of power to kill and wound. That goes especially for you, who is able to build such precise formulas that even the existing sorcery could be called tactical class.”

“In other words, Lily is amazing, you know! But because you are too amazing, we didn’t teach you offensive sorcery until now! Forgive me, Lily! I love you!”

(Kuti, I love you too! But it’s fine. There won’t be a chance to use offensive sorcery while staying in this house anyway.)

“Well, that’s certainly true. The security of this house has already passed strictness. But, if you aspire to become a sorceress, then you can’t do without learning how to handle offensive sorcery. It’s especially necessary to officially recognize you as the holder of special-grade magical power.”

(Is that so~)

“That’s right, Lily! Let’s work hard together and become special! Yeah~!”


“My, my, Lily-chan must really like X’s new story to become this excited~ It certainly is good~ The Magic Eyes heroine is very adorable~ But the two-legged cursed sword protagonist is really impactful, isn’t he~”



The usual two-legged story――it’s X sensei’s new work where the protagonist is a cursed sword, it begins with the heroine obtaining this sword, but on the contrary of becoming peerless together with such sword, the cursed sword stands on its two legs and fights.
The heroine’s setting is that of a Magic Eye possessor with extreme charming power.
Everyone they meet are beauties and hunks, so I’m wondering whether this book wasn’t hit with some age restrictions.
But, Obaasama continues reading without minding.

Once children graduate from the elementary school in this world――Auriol, they fundamentally meet many people after their social debut, so they are taught the necessary knowledge since young.
As the overall age is lower, they won’t make it in time if taught slowly like in my past life.


Although I say that, I’m still just three years old, and it’s generally natural for nobles to graduate from senior high school, so I don’t mind taking it slow.




After I was hammered the general knowledge of handling offensive sorcery by Sani sensei and Kuti, it was finally time for the real thing.
In fact, I already know the construction method of formulas.
It’s just Kuti and Sani sensei didn’t give me permission, so I sealed that story.


“Then, fire a 5th-grade fire bullet towards this target.”

“Minimal power, average speed, small scope, spherical shape, okay!”



Kuti developed her special made barrier and Sani sensei constructed a target inside that.
First, an enemy that doesn’t move.
I construct a 5th-grade fire bullet with the exact configuration Kuti specified with imagination chant.
Although I say that, the configuration itself doesn’t take longer than a second, so a little flame instantly appeared in the special barrier that conceals magical power and flew in a straight line towards the target at the specified speed.


“Umu, the construction speed and precision were excellent as usual. Well then, hit all of these with the same fire bullet next.”


“Do the configuration simultaneously, okay~ Ah, but you can freely operate the pathing. But, tracking is not allowed. Read the targets’ movements, okay~”

(Roger, Kuti!)


Then, five separately moving targets appeared.
The degree of difficulty swiftly increased, but the movements are systematic so it’s not a problem.
As told by Kuti, I construct without tracking, read the movements of the targets and shoot the fire bullets with the same configurations all at once.


“Well then, let’s raise the degree of difficulty right away!”

“The warm-up ends here! Now then, it’s time to show Lily’s power! The ban on construction speed and behavior is lifted!”



The increased tension of the fairies raised my tension as well and I shoot fire bullets at the irregularly, high-speed moving targets that appeared one after another.
The accuracy of the fire bullets which now had configured tracking ability was greatly improved and they were able to precisely hit all of the irregularly moving targets.
The speed was also not comparable to the one during the warm-up, so the bullets moving at a literal speed of light were difficult to avoid.



“Next, this!”

“Scope construction ban is lifted! Shape construction ban is lifted too!”



Simultaneously with Sani sensei’s voice, targets different from the ones before appeared, they were moving in a distorted manner, like amoeba, it would be difficult to hit them with a mere fire bullet.
But, the ban on the scope and shape construction has been lifted, so it won’t become a problem.

A fire bullet with an exploding scope and the shape of buckshot has precisely tracked the amoeba.
The targets were moving considerably fast, but the configuration of tracking, explosion and shape successfully hit all of the targets within the range.


“Now, this is the last one!”

“The ban on power is lifted! Teach it the true power of Lily!”



What appeared lastly were multiple armored targets with shields in the shape of diamonds.
This is the so-called phalanx, a multiple armor piled-up on each other.
Even if the first or second layer got destroyed, the shields behind would replace them, it’s one of the greatest defensive sorceries.
For the fire bullet to destroy this, the shape, power, and speed are important.

In an instant, the shape of the constructed fire bullet changed into a spear and it crashed into a phalanx at difficult to see speed.
The next moment, a hole opened in the place of the direct hit and the spear pierced the phalanx.

The formula of the piercing model could hardly be called a bullet, but I’m sure there won’t a problem.


“Umu, as expected.”

“As I thought, Lily is the best! Lily has no rivals anymore!”

(Thank you, Kuti. I’m glad I was able to do it well~)

“Fu…… it’s not like you wouldn’t able to do it well. You have accumulated that much ability and knowledge after all.”

(Yes, Sani sensei. I think it’s the result of precisely using what you taught me.)

“It’s not because of someone like Sani~! It’s because Lily is amazing! Lily is the best!”

(It’s thanks to Kuti too? If Kuti weren’t here, it surely wouldn’t go this smoothly!)

“Uhiyo~! I have been praised by Lily~! Uhiya~!”


The flow of Smugface-sama’s magical power vigorously sped up and she started rolling in the air while hiding her face.


Ahh…… Kuti…… your panties are visible……
Good day to you, Striped Panties-san. Even though it was bear panties yesterday.
She occasionally wears impactful adult panties too, but basically, anything besides animal panties is unusual.


My clothes and underwear are chosen by Obaasama, Ena and occasionally Ellie, so I don’t have a choice.
That’s why it’s on Kuti to try and match mine. I would like to occasionally choose myself, but I’m unable to properly judge the appearances of clothes and underwear without wearing it first.


I wonder if something could be done about it with a magic tool? Couldn’t it?
I’m not at the stage where I can practically tell apart light differences yet.


“Alright, let’s move on the next sorcery! Let’s do all the basics of the 4th-grade offensive sorcery and intermediate class today!”




With the striped panties in plain sight, the three years old I completely mastered sorcery with the ability to kill that day.

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