Chapter 133

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Sorcery of 2nd-grade
As a result of the ban on offensive sorcery being lifted the other day, I’m currently able to use everything up to 3rd-grade sorcery.
It’s generally impossible to learn all of the existing sorcery as there are enormous numbers of them.
But, thanks to Sani sensei’s and Kuti’s special education, rather, thanks to Sani sensei’s collection, I was able to learn all.
However, this is also necessary.
Mastering all of the existing sorcery is actually a matter of fact――it’s essential for the construction of new sorcery.
Because there’s a vast amount of existing sorcery, they cover a considerable range of problems and applications.
I can construct new sorcery imagining these as a sample.

By the way, the existing sorcery handed down to the present Lizwald Continent is not what it should be.
The portion that was lost in the great war of long ago naturally can’t be seen in the present times.
But, the Forest next to the world is different.
Because of that, it becomes a story where existing sorcery can’t be used even in the public.


Well, it’s not like I’m not able to use sorcery in the public at present times.
Of course, I keep using them while concealing them.


“Well then, you will start learning 2nd-grade sorcery starting today. Although I say that, nothing we were doing until now will change. You will learn the method of formula construction and put it in practice. If it’s you, it should go without any problems as it has been until now. Rather, I would be troubled if you stumble here.”

(Sani sensei. 2nd-grade sorcery is a sorcery that Okaasama works really hard to learn, you know? I certainly learned everything until now quite easily, but will it be all right?)

“2nd-grade is nothing for Lily! It doesn’t reach even your nose! Not even the lips! Muchuu~n!”

(Kyaaan. Kuti~)

“Ehehehee~ gehehee~”


Tiny-sama started breathing roughly through her nose, but it was just a light peck, so it’s fine.
Speaking of 2nd-grade sorcery, I’m suddenly greatly interested in the White Flames which is our Okaasama’s specialty.
Of course, I don’t feel like that about everything.
But, as the representative sorcery, it’s degree of difficulty is very high.
I myself don’t think that I would stumble here, but I still am a bit uneasy.


“Well, I certainly understand your concern. But, you will understand as soon as you look at the formulas. This degree of application is not something that would limit you.”


Sani sensei who’s corners of the lips raised into a grin is very reliable.
This is for the chatting, saying such she slowly started constructing formulas.
The accumulated formulas overlapped with several layers, and as a result of completion, a wall of flame appeared in the concealment sorcery and immediately vanished.


(I see. White Flames is just a complex construction of a high-temperature wall of fire, isn’t it? This should be easy.)

“Umu. The precision and the temperature of the composition is what places it in the high degree of difficulty. This amount of layer stacking and raising of temperature should be equal to a mere child’s play for you. To an extent, it might be called the easiest among 2nd-grade sorcery.”

“Well~ you would normally need to be on the genius level to construct it, though~ Lily is a genius! Kya~!”

“She might be blessed with Magic Eyes, but Lily is not a genius. This is the result of daily work. The accumulated knowledge bore the fruit. Let’s work hard from now on too!”

(Yes! Thank you for your guidance and encouragement!)


Although learning the true nature of the 2nd-grade sorcery was a bit anticlimactic, as Sani sensei said, there’s still a way to go before reaching the entrance.
That’s why I can’t be satisfied with this much.
The one I aim towards is Kuti, the strongest sorceress of the Forest next to the world.




(Space-tearing Cannon!)


(Ku! Even this is no good!?)


I worked out a slow-moving, space-tearing circular object that resembled a black hole, but Reki-kun simply caught it in his mouth.
When Reki-kun strengthens his mouth with magical power, it becomes ridiculously solid that even the ball that was compressed with multiple protective layers he tried to fetch for me exploded.


“Next is the Hell Extinction Sword, Lily!”

(I’m bothered how all spells sound so chuuni, but…… Hell Extinction Sword!)


I throw the toy ball which was infused again, this time with a sword imbued with hellish flames.
However, Reki-kun calmly or rather, merrily caught it in his strengthened mouth and splendidly caught it.


(Muuuuu! To simply catch 2nd-grade sorcery~!)


“Isn’t that fellow getting carried away! Lily, he’s getting carried away!?”

(I wonder if I over-massaged him every day ~ Just when I thought Reki-kun’s body reached the peak of its growth, his magical power increased by not just a little, didn’t it?)

“Umu. Reki is steadily getting out of the norm. He’s originally an endangered, out of the norm species, but…… is this also because of the favor of being Lily’s pet…… huh.”


Sani sensei said with serious magical power without raising her head from the book.


Is that so……
Instead of Reki-kun’s body that stopped growing, he can now arbitrarily use the magical power he used mainly for his feet in other places.
Moreover, it’s to the extent he can easily receive 2nd-grade sorcery with a considerably high output.

Normally, if you caught the Space-tearing Cannon, your body would explode on contact.
Needless to say, Hell Extinction Sword would burn your body to ashes the moment it touched you.


These two spells are existing sorceries that currently don’t exist on the Lizwald Continent.
They are the so-called lost sorceries that can’t be shown in public.


But, this puppy easily catches them.
He’s getting cocky~


“This is bad, Lily. I start getting irritated by that fellow!”

(Reki-kun, come here for a bit.)



I lightly beckoned the child that was getting carried away, but he turned his face away and ignored me.


I might have made a mistake in his education a little.
I don’t remember raising a child like this~
I might have been spoiling him a bit too much recently~
A punishment is needed~ It’s necessary~


(Reki-kun, ‘Lay down’.)


“Whoah…… Li, Lily…… that’s dirty.”


Instantly, a net――he would suffer from lack of oxygen if he was completely cut off――of severed space covered Reki-kun and he was squashed under ten times gravity.
Of course, I also used sorcery that changed the friction of the floor to zero, so he wouldn’t hurt his limbs.
Because of that, Reki-kun who was literally forced to lay down completely stopped to stirring about and was slowly being crushed by his own weight in the severed space.


“Gyaingyain…… gya…… waf…… wahiyuun……”

(As long as you understand. You mustn’t get carried away too much, you know? The best policy is to keep your head down. The high nose gets severed, you know?)



I undid the sorcery because the remonstrated Reki-kun apologized with teary eyes, and he feebly and affectionately drew close while looking at me with his round and cute eyes.


(Really, do you think I will be able to continue if you look at me with such cute eyes?)


“He is getting carried away as I thought.”

(This much is fine~ it’s Reki-kun’s playtime after all~)

“Muu, it can’t be helped if you say so, Lily~ Reki! Lily said such, so I will play you to the ground! Urya~!”



Together with Kuti’s yell, Reki-kun’s body which exceeds a ton whirled in the air.
The wind compressed Reki-kun shoot up.
But, Reki-kun is used to it. He twisted his body in the air like a cat and calmly landed on the ground.


“There’s still more-!”


Reki-kun who got launched again, even higher than before, made a foothold from magical power in the air and lightly descended on the ground while making tan, tan, tan noises.



(Kuti, do your best~ Reki-kun too, don’t lose~)


“Wafufu~n. Wau~n.”


The playtime of Reki-kun who got launched up in the air over and over again, immediately reorganizing himself and descending, and Kuti who tried to throw him off balance continued until Kuti snapped and blew Reki-kun out.



Yet, Reki-kun got out of it composedly and unhurt.

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