Chapter 134

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Sorcery of Reki-kun
I have forgotten, but this world――Auriol has thirteen months.
Although I say that, the thirteenth month isn’t as busy as December of my past life.
That’s because something like Christmas or New Year is not celebrated here.
The day of entering into the new year is basically just the first day of the month, so there’s nothing special about it.




Now then, the 13th Month is already the end game.
One month has passed since I started learning 2nd-grade sorcery.
If you look at the number of 2nd-grade sorcerers of Lizwald Continent as a whole, there are quite a lot of them, but it’s different when you look at the 2nd-grade sorcery itself.
That’s because the degree of difficulty to learn is very high.
Because of that, there are many sorcerers who learned easy 2nd-grade sorcery, but that doesn’t apply to our Okaasama.
The 2nd-grade sorcery Claire uses is one of the four most difficult sorceries among the 2nd-grade sorceries.

Such highly difficult sorcery is not on the ‘worth to mention’ level when it comes to Kuti and Sani sensei.
Naturally, I who received a special education of the two fairies is the same and the amount of 2nd-grade sorceries I have yet to learn considerably decreased.
Because the sorceries lost in the great war of the past are included, I have learned more 2nd-grade sorceries than the public is aware of, but this is also just a checkpoint.


“Now then, you will soon learn all of the 2nd-grade sorceries. 1st-grade isn’t much more difficult, so you will surely advance at roughly the same speed.”

“It will be like a walk in the park for you, Lily!”

(Getting a permission from Ena and Obaasama for that walk would be quite difficult though~)

“It’s still cold, so let’s take a walk in the Reki room!”

(Then, shall we get on Reki-kun and have a relaxing walk today~)

“Well, finish the rest before that.”


“Roger! Let’s lickety-split learn it~”


Almost a historic and wonderful achievement of perfecting 2nd-grade sorcery is currently happening, but only I and the fairies are aware of it.
It’s something that doesn’t change the feelings of wanting to take a walk.




(――and so the studying of the 2nd-grade sorcery finished and that’s why I will have Reki-kun learn divisions today.)




After climbing on top of Reki-kun’s saddle and walking around the Reki-kun room, I cheerfully wrote with large words of magical power.
Reki-kun seemed a bit dissatisfied with Kuti’s improvised song.
Reki-kun is not good with arithmetics in no way.
He’s still a bit unsteady with additions and subtractions, but he’s able to do them somehow.
Multiplications are an extension of additions, so he’s able to manage somehow or another.
But, we haven’t done divisions yet. That’s why it’s divisions’ turn today.


(You will be fine, Reki-kun. Division is something like the extension of subtraction.)

“Reki, 56-24 is~?”

“…… Wa, wafu…… wa…… wahiyun.”

(Yes, correct. Well done~)

“Mumuu, you got in the mood, huh.”


It was a bit of a hard fight, but Reki-kun could solve it.
His speed became uncomparable from before, but decimals still take him time.


(Then, shall we start from something simple~ Divisions are――)


Totetote, while strolling on Reki-kun’s back, I explain to him what divisions are and give him simple problems to solve.
The walk continued with Reki-kun stopping to think for a while and squatting downheartedly every time he made a mistake.




Salvarua can use sorcery by instinct.
Or at least they should be able to, but everything Reki-kun uses is not sorcery, it’s only physical strengthening by making the use of magical power, which is also a special trait of Salvarua.
Unlike the formula creating sorcery, these are not related to talent or the body’s ability. Anyhow, those who don’t have it won’t be able to use it.
What Obaasama uses is also this and I still don’t understand it properly, but it’s certain that it’s not sorcery.
Having said that, the blood-related Theo and Ellie seem to be able to use it, but I’m not. I’m not able to secure the same effect even by making my magical power similar.

Whether the reason Reki-kun is unable to use sorcery is because he’s still young or because of that, I don’t know. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding the special sorcery of Salvarua?
I don’t know well because Salvarua are endangered species, but it’s better to learn arithmetics as much as possible even if they can’t use sorcery.
Even if he’s a pet, Reki-kun should learn various things especially since we have a mutual understanding.


It’s almost as if I was raising him to have marketable skills, but that’s not wrong.
Reki-kun is a pet that’s not just a pet, probably.

“Lily…… leave it at that…… Reki’s body is huge, but he’s still young……”

(Not yet! Now, Reki-kun, raise your face! If you divide 9 by 3, how much does it make!?)


I understand that Reki-kun is young, but Reki-kun is a child who can do it.
He’s a child who was properly taught by me.
That’s why I have to properly teach him, Sani sensei!


“Wahiyu, wahiyunu……”

(That’s wrong, isn’t it!? If you subtract 3 from 9 that will make 6, right!? That’s once! If you subtract 3 from 6 that will be 3, right!? That’s twice! If you subtract 3 from 3 that will make 0, meaning you can’t subtract more, right!? That’s thrice! The answer is!?)


(Yes! 3 is the correct answer! You can do it if you try, can’t you?)

“Wa, wafuu.”


See, he was able to do it.
Reki-kun is a child who can do it if he tries after all.


“Li, Lily turned into Spartan Mama.”

“Hey, do your best Papa.”

“Bebebebebe, best…… I can’t do ittt!”


Papa Kuti’s body is trembling all over and Sani sensei is hiding behind her, so I continue Reki-kun’s education.


(Yes, here comes the next one, Reki-kun!)


“Ah, he ran away.”

“…… But he was quickly caught, huh.”

(It’s not like you can escape, right!)



Reki-kun tried to escape the moment I averted my gaze.
Reki-kun who strengthened his physical ability exhibited explosive speed and instantly vanished from the sight, but that’s irrelevant.
I was expecting something like this to happen, so the restriction sorcery I left on Reki-kun’s back activated the moment he disappeared from my sight and it ended with him being restrained.


“He was somehow managing to escape until now, but there’s nothing he can do now because the applied power is not half-hearted anymore.”

“Do, do your best~ Reki~…… I’m unable to do anything for youu~”

(Well then, Reki-kun!)



That day, I, the Christophe House’s second daughter slept using Reki-kun who’s head was releasing steam the whole time as a bed after being seen as Reki-kun’s Spartan Mama.

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