Chapter 135

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sorcery of Special Grade
The 1st Month began and I became a 1st-grade sorceress.
Only the fairies, Reki-kun and I know about that though.

Considering the grand celebration the country held for Eliott, I mastered the 1st-grade sorcery in quiet, simple manner as if learning the 1st-grade sorcery was just a checkpoint.
It actually is just a checkpoint, so I’m quite right there, but that’s a different problem.
Although the 1st-grade sorcerers are the most precious and rarest among the valuable sorcerers of the Lizwald Continent, the difficulty of sorcery changes with accumulated knowledge.
No matter how rare and valuable 1st-grade sorceries are, it’s in the area of sorcery basics to the fairies and me, so I have no choice but to call it foundation.
Although it has some practical use, it’s just “some” in the end.


“If you continue like this, you won’t have any problems with the special-grade sorcery either. If you get that far, it will be the over of basics. But, that’s where the real thing starts. Don’t lose your focus, Lily.”

(Yes, Sani sensei!)

“It will be fine since it’s Lily~ Whatever you say, she’s the youngest 1st-grade sorceress after all! The country won’t be able to ignore you! If spies come they will be instantly *** though!”

(Kuti, moderately, okay~)

“Leave it me!”


In fact, there would be far more invaders and attempted kidnappings if this information leaked outside, but such rapid increase is hard to imagine.
The information would have to leak out first and even if it leaked outside, the invader security is particularly strong in the Christophe House, so it’s not like they would be able to kidnap me.
Besides, a strict invader security has no meaning as if they would have to slip by Obaasama and Kuti and that’s just an empty dream. Worrying about it is meaningless.


“Well then, let’s continue learning 1st-grade sorcery today. First――”


There are several reasons I’m able to learn 1st-grade sorcery this easily.
One of the reasons is Sani sensei’s four digits of years of gathering knowledge as the director of the Forest next to the world’s Sorcery Research Institute.
Then, there’s the sorcery knowledge of the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world and my beloved person――Kuti, who helps me to easily absorb Sani sensei’s difficult to understand knowledge.
And above all, because I’m a reincarnated person whose past life was developed in a world of science, and then, there are these Magic Eyes of mine.

No matter how much knowledge is crammed inside me or how much my comprehension increased, there’s nothing better than being able to see the formulas directly with your own eyes, it’s close to a cheat advantage.
But, sorcery is not so easy that you could be good at it just by being able to see it, the current me is the full package.

If any of those would be missing, the current miracle-like situation wouldn’t exist.




(By the way, are there currently any special-grade sorcerers on the Lizwald Continent?)


While strolling in the Reki-kun room while on Reki-kun’s back as usual, I suddenly asked what was on my mind.
1st-grade sorcerers, while a few in numbers live on the continent. Their numbers have increased by one just the other day.
But, I have never heard of special-grade

Special-grade sorcery is the highest ranked among existing sorcery and then it’s ranked 1st-10th grade.
Naturally, the lower the number the higher the difficulty and the degree of difficulty especially increases from 3rd-grade and lower.
2nd and 1st grades are so rare that the sorcerer will receive an invitation directly from the country.


“There were several special-grade sorcerers in the past at best on the Lizwald Continent.”

“The last confirmed one was 800 years ago if I’m not mistaken~”

(800 years…… that’s……)

“Yes, a sorcerer who was the trigger of the War of the four nations, and the same Variation type Two like you.”


War of the four nations.
That was a war 800 years ago that involved the entire Lizwald Continent.
It’s the biggest war that has been recorded in history, and also the last one.
Because the records of the great war are only conveyed through the mouth, detailed records of the war don’t exist.

This War of the four nations happened because of the struggle for a single sorcerer.
That person was the same Variation type Two like Kuti and me.
In other words, the being that could create sorcery was targeted by various countries, and as a result, the human country “Ovent Kingdom”, Beastmen country “Rainbelt Kingdom”, Devil country “Fuor Lutz Kingdom”, and the country of Elves, dwarves and pigmies “Saudoheit Republic” entered a four-way war.

Actually, the person whom the nations were struggling for died before the war begun.
Whether he has been assassinated, died from an illness or died because of failure in sorcery is not known as there aren’t any precise records.


“That fellow Sani unusually researched about on your own, right~”

“That’s because unlike the other special-grade sorcerers, he was a Variation type Two. At that time, you were too free and uncontrollable to get caught after all.”


(So it means that all special-grade sorcerers are not Variation type Two then.)

“Umu. They were special-grade sorcerers because they could handle existing sorcery of the special grade. It’s not necessary to be Variation type Two.”


While Variation type Two might be able to create sorcery, that does not always mean they excel in it.
Conversely, while one excels at sorcery doesn’t mean they are Variation type Two.
Variation type Two as the name suggests is a mutation.
However, it’s not easy to create sorcery even as Variation type Two, and you can’t create unless you can handle existing sorcery of the special grade.
Thus, a war for just a single person has occurred.


(Even so, it’s amazing how you can talk about events of 800 years ago as if it was normal~)

“Well, our lifespans are too different after all.”


The digits of the fairies’ lifespans are literally different.
The average lifespan of humans on the Lizwald Continent is about 60 years.
The lifespan is shorter than the lifespan of my past life because of the overwhelmingly low medical treatment level. Recovery sorcery exists within the existing sorcery, but everything worse than 2nd-grade sorcery is used to treat light diseases and wounds, it won’t cure those with severe wounds or heavy symptoms.

The Blue Light sorcery which was used to treat me before when I had a fever was a magic tool, and its management is also done strictly and severely.
That’s because there’s currently only one person in the whole Ovent who can use recovery sorcery of the higher grades and that person is too old to readily use his sorcery.
Unreasonably using sorcery at an advanced age with a weakened body will snatch your magical power and stamina straightaway.
You might even die because of it.


(Because my lifespan is completely different from Kuti’s…… Kuti will carry on forever even if I die, huh……)

“I won’t be able to bear it if Lily dies, you know!?”

(I won’t be able to bear it as well!)


It’s not like I can live as long as Kuti and die at the same time.
I don’t think that having the same grave in my homeland where we enjoyed our time together would also be possible, but it still makes me think about various things.


“Rather than several tens of years in the future, focus on the present. It’s our story we have to make the most of! Lily!」

(Present…… that’s right. That’s right, Kuti!)

“But, I feel like I would like to see Lily as Obaachan!”

(Kuti will probably stay unchanged, right?)

“Fairies do not age after all! My skin will always be smooth and sparkly, you know!”

(How envious!)

“It’s fine! Lily’s skin is smooth and sparkly and shaking like jelly!”


My cheeks shook after Tiny-sama charged at them, but rather than the shaking, I felt a gentle warmth.
There’s no need to think about a distant future.
It’s as Kuti said, let’s think about the current us.


(Kuti…… together forever.)

“Don’t worry about that, Lily! Our lovey-dovey life has just begun! We will be lovey-dovey together forforfoooorever from now on too!”



“Moderately, okay~”


Totetote, the figure of a little girl hugging a fairy on top of the slowly walking Reki-kun…… no one saw, but it certainly took a place.

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