Chapter 136

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Sorcery of Nija
“Right leg~ left leg~ yes, turn around~”

   (Round and round)

“Gee, Lily is so adorable~ yes, turn around one more time~”



A fluffy skirt gently dances with my turns and a voice that seemingly escaped from my mind quietly disappears into the usual Reki-kun room.

Ellie who seems to have awoken to dance since her birthday has asked me to keep her company many times.
The steps Ellie does are that of the knight――men steps and the steps I dance are that of the princess――women steps.
That’s only given though. That’s because the knight steps have many steps to lead the princess.
At times, propping up and lifting the body too.
Since it’s like that, I’m unable to do the knight part myself.

Although I said that, this three years old body of mine has slightly slower growth than that of an average child.
I can hardly make my steps flow so beautifully and fluently like Ellie.
Therefore, I dance freely while Ellie is leading to an extent a child can.

While spinning around with footwork that can hardly be called steps, Tiny-sama does pas de chat like a ballerina with the numerous animals she drew.
When I try doing the same as Kuti, I simply lack jumping power, so I immediately end up doing emergency landing as soon as I jump.
Moreover, that’s an attitude――turning around on one leg with the other in the air bent at the knee――when I tried it, although my soft body was able to quite easily lift the leg, keeping the balance was very difficult, so I had to receive Ellie’s support.


“Lily…… your skirt turned over…… ahh, but it’s cute…… geez! How lovely, Lily! …… It’s a Fox-san today, I see.”


Supporting me is fine, but Oneesama……
Please don’t peek under my skirt while pretending to fix my overturned skirt. Please.


“Watching Lily-chan’s cute dance, the time passed in no time, didn’t it~”

“Yeah…… although Lily is usually so smart, she’s still a child after all, isn’t she…… so innocently……”

“Fufu…… Elliana-san. Lily-chan is still a child.”



With the warm gazes of adults and Ena’s subtly strange voice as a BGM, Ellie, Tiny-sama and I continued our dance.


By the way, the antagonist that went against Kuti’s attitude, Kolyvanov――jumped backward and twisted in the air twice, instantly receiving a perfect score and crushingly defeating her.






“…… Ojousama, dangerous.”


While carefreely stretching on Reki-kun’s back with my hands in the air, I nearly fell headfirst to the ground…… but, I was saved by Nija before I noticed.


“Thank youu, Ninya.”

“…… Reward.”

“Ninya leceived one just a while agoo~”

“…… Muu.”


Among the personal maids, Nija is the one who received the most rewards.
She outwitted everyone at every opportunity and made easy points in various places.
As a result of preserving at doing her best, I suitably rewarded her.
The last place at the moment belongs to Lacria.
She, whose character is too honest is unable to outwit everyone like Nija.

Although I say that, when talking about numbers, Nija received reward three times. Mira and Jenny got their reward once.
As a result of receiving the reward so frequently in the span of just two months, Nija seems to have gotten addicted quite a bit.
Well, one time is addictive enough, so receiving the reward this frequently isn’t good.
Looking at the magical power in Nija’s eyes that sparkles with “reward, reward” at every opportunity, I reflect that I might have overdone it.


You can’t discipline with just the carrot.
It might be time to use the stick soon.


But, I have gotten addicted to the ears and tails of my maids too, so I tremble a bit if I don’t touch them for a few days.
Like…… when I look at the maids…… I start trembling.


I’m not horny, you know?
I’m just three years old, so I don’t get horny yet. I tremble.


“Ninya. Ninya wee you aiming foo a lewald?”

“!? N, no! Ojo, Ojousama’s Ojo…… a, auu……”

“Ni, Ninya…… don’t cly……”


While thinking of giving her a bit of a stick, the normally expressionless Nija who didn’t show anything like tears before started crying.
Well, I’m at a loss.
Even though making her cry wasn’t my intention at all, moreover, it’s THAT Nija.

Nija somehow tried to stop herself from crying, but the tears flowing from her eyes don’t stop.
We are in Reki-kun’s shadow, so Obaasama and rest can’t help me, but I’m also unable to rely on them which makes this quite difficult.




Large drops of tears keep falling.
If this was a fake cry, it wouldn’t be accompanied by crying magical power. Nija is crying for real.
It’s impossible for me not to be confused from saying just a few words.

When I couldn’t take the panic anymore, I was about to ask Kuti for help, but Nija somehow recovered herself.


“I’m, I’m sorry…… but Ojousama…… I’m your maid. It’s a maid’s happiness to be of help to Ojousama. That’s why…… I wasn’t aiming for a reward.”


Once her tears somewhat stopped and merely a small amount of sad magical power remained in her eyes, it all vanished with her words.
Nija burst into tears all of sudden, but she was working diligently as a personal maid even when there was no reward.

She has something called pride.
I have unintentionally hurt that pride.
Even if I wasn’t aware, this was completely my fault. That’s why I have to apologize even if I have to ignore our relationship as master and a maid.


“Nun…… I’m the one who should be sowwy……Ninya is a good child. Do youu best in the futuwe too.”

“…… Ojousama, impressive.”


Nija said with her usual expressionless face and slightly disordered magical power in her eyes.
While deeply reflecting on my improper use of words, I was worried about the stick.




The disordered magical power in her eyes――most likely means that Nija has red eyes, so in order for Obaasama and rest to not be suspicious, Nija took out something from her pocket and something instantly happened to her eyes.
I couldn’t understand at all what she was doing as her actions were terrifyingly fast.
But, the disorder in Nija’s eyes was removed the next moment.


“Ninya, shugooi.”

“…… V.”


Even while expressionless, her magical power showed smugness that magnificently resembled Kuti’s.
What Nija took out was probably compact-like something.
And it was most likely of a make-up type. It seems it contains an effect that somehow affects the magical power.

Nija can’t be said to be an adult because of her short height, but she has something like make-up on her as I thought. She’s a maiden too after all.
She used it skillfully as if using sorcery though.

Nija who showed pride in herself was so bright, she didn’t show any signs of crying just a little while ago, so I also started feeling cheerful.

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