Chapter 137

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Sorcery of Punishment
That day, I looked at the Christophe House’s servants with a gentler gaze.
In fact, I think that the guilty conscience of making Nija cry made me unconsciously treat them better.
Nija’s points in my very own list of marks were a bit higher than usual.


When that day came to an end, just as I was on the verge of falling asleep, Tiny-sama who always sleeps together with me was sprawled on top of my non-existent chest and asked me in wonder.


“Say, Lily. Why were you so kind to Nija today?”

(Umm…… Kuti, you saw it too, right? Look, I made Nija cry…… I felt a bit guilty.)

“Ah~ those crocodile tears?”


“Those were crocodile tears.”


“Cro-co-di-le Te-ars.”


Tiny-sama said such while tilting her head so she was extremely adorable, but my eyes were blinking with surprise after hearing her words. I couldn’t stop blinking.


Eh, that was a fake cry?
Eh, but those were tears accompanied by magical power, so I could see it too……
…… Ah, but whether real tears are accompanied by magical power or it was just my preconception.
No, rather, wasn’t it a result of using some kind of a magic tool just like that make-up?
I can nod at that since her tears completely disappeared. I couldn’t see the formula, but couldn’t it be the phenomenon from before where many formulas piled up on top of each other which made me unable to perceive it? It also happened at that time because Nija used many magic tools and sorceries simultaneously.

And the reason that convinces me the most is: Kuti wouldn’t lie to me.



“My, my, what’s the matter, Lily-chan?”

“…… Muuuuu, it’s nyothing.”

“Is that so? Then, let’s sleep since it’s time for the bed, okay?”



I got angry at being easily deceived by Nija.
I’m not angry because of Nija’s crocodile tears as she stole various marches even on Obaasama and Ena.
What I’m angry at is that her deception finally reached me.
The reason for her deception was never bad, she also meant no harm.
This time was the same. She probably did it in order to get her reward points easier.
I have no doubt that she has been planning this since a while ago.

In the end, if not for Kuti, her plan would be perfect.
I have not noticed her crocodile tears at all and she also got her points.
Frightful, Nija.


But…… it’s useless now since I’m aware of it.
I deducted the points she got today.
Let’s punish the bad child that tried to deceive her master.

Look forward to tomorrow, Nija.



“My, my, I wonder just what Lily-chan is dreaming about?”




“Laulia~ call Ninya foo me~”

“Yes, Ojousama.”


Today’s attendant is Lacria.
With my usual daily lesson finished, I start my plan in the Reki-kun room while using Reki-kun who is covering his eyes with his forepaws after finishing his lesson, while using him as a sofa.

Lacria used a communication magic tool after taking a slight distance from me and Nija immediately came over.


“…… Ojousama, your order?”

“Yesh. Toilet.”


“O, Ojousama!? To, today’s attendant is me!”

“Laulia too~”



Although I required doing the deed behind the closed doors called using the toilet, the two would have such reactions when I told them to come together.
The two whose eyes were blinking in surprise exchanged glances and the magical power in their faces got hotter.
Just after a little time of hesitation, the two nodded at each other resolveldy――




And returned cheerful replies.




I give them a reward in the exclusive use restroom adjacent to the Reki-kun room.
The restroom is already completely filled to the brink with sorceries, so nothing inside will leak outside.

Lacria and Nija are already raising seductive voices, rather, they seem to be more comfortable today than before.
As I thought, the diligent Lacria is vulnerable to such situations.
I can’t help but fear that I have opened a slightly different door for her.

Although she’s hiding her face with her hands, the magical power escaping from Nija who is watching from between the gaps of her fingers shows that she’s excited.
Well, of course. She thinks that it’s her turn next after all.
But, naive.
You are too naive, Nija.



“…… Hafuun.”


Lacria leaks out a long, sweet breath while leaning on furniture that has been turned into a magic tool for my sake.
The floor will get wet as she’s probably dripping, but it’s the usual so there’s no problem.




“Call Jenny~”

“…… Eh?”


“O, Ojousama…… my turn is……”


“Y, yes……”


The excited with expectations Nija made a complete turn into bewilderment, but thinking that she would receive a reward after completing my order, she swiftly took out a magic tool and called Jenny.


“Ojousamaa~ what’s your ord…… fuwaaaan.”

“Will give you lewald~”

“Ah…… no…… aaaaah……”


I quickly seized Jenny just as she entered, put on the gear and done her in.
Jenny was clinging onto the quickly closed door, but her hands quickly lost strength and she fell…… her mind also fell.

Nija who witnessed that scene wasn’t standing in attention anymore but was restlessly withdrawing instead.

I have finished deliberately bringing Jenny down and with the two breathing bodies on the floor, I faced Nija.




The moment I looked at her face, I could tell that Nija already had withdrawal symptoms from excitement accompanied by straight nervousness.
But there, I took out the communication magic tool from Jenny’s pocket.
I pulled it out from Jenny’s pocket while making her feel good.


“…… O, Ojou…… sama……?”

“Miaa~ come to Eeki-kun’s woom foo a bit~”

(Y, yes! Right away!)

“W, what’s…… Ojo……!?”


I took out a magic tool in front of Nija who reached the peak of puzzlement.
That moment, Nija got completely restrained and was unable to make a single movement.


“…… Ojousama……? Wh…… y……?”


The magic tool I took out was just a dummy, but I activated 2nd-grade restriction sorcery.
It didn’t matter even if Nija was the top-class among Christophe House’s maids, it would be difficult for her to break from this.
Moreover, I think even Obaasama would have a difficult time if three of these were stacked on each other.
I have activated several other sorceries, but the confused Nija wouldn’t realize. They are naturally concealed, so she wouldn’t realize even if she wasn’t confused.


“Cwokodile teals aa not good~”



I conveyed the real purpose to her before Mira arrived.
It was only a short comment, but the person herself surely understood the meaning.
In an instant, the bewildered flow of magical power turned pale and her limbs which grew weak sank down to the floor.

This time, genuine tears flowed within her magical power, but it’s already too late.


“Excuse me.”


Mira who entered after knocking at the door was bewildered by the restricted Nija and the two pink corpses, but I seized her tail before she could think about it more and turned her into the third corpse.

Since she was completely restrained, Nija was prevented from turning her face away and closing her eyes. Of course, she was allowed to occasionally blink so her eyes wouldn’t hurt from dryness.
Nija who could only watch as I reward others apologized over and over again while shedding large tears of drops, but I ignored it all as this was a punishment.
The pink three corpses were also done in until they dried up, and Nija’s punishment continued until her tears and the strangely passionate magical power drifted away.

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