Chapter 138

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sorcery of the Usual Day
Nija who was emitting considerably strange pure white magical power returned back to normal after moderately massaged her, and then I destroyed the evidence.
Quite a long time passed since I entered the restroom, so Obaasama and Ena were worried a little when the remaining two personal maids entered inside.


“Ninya, dee won be a next time, okayy~”

“Y, yes! Ojousama!”


The punishment appears to have been effective as the usually slow to respond Nija replied perfectly.
She’s standing at attention and trembling, the flow of her magical power became much better, but I can tell from the flow that she still has a ruddy complexion.
I see no magic tool, so it’s most likely not camouflage.


“Lily-chan, you took a considerable time, are you okay?”

“Lily, eating lots of veggies is apparently good! It happens from time to time! Fighting!”


When the trembling Nija opened the door and I left from the restroom, Obaasama and Ena who didn’t know anything were waiting outside.
But, they seem not to be suspecting anything, so I will consider that a good thing.

Three of the four personal maids were staggering in a trance, and one’s teeth were clattering while her body was trembling, but with the concealment sorcery I cast on them, they look normal to Obaasama and others.


“Ai, will eat veggies~”

“Fufu, you are a good girl, Lily-chan.”

“Annela-sama, Lily is always a good girl.”

“That’s right~ Lily-chan is always a good girl, aren’t you~”



I have to listen properly to what Obaasama and Ena who don’t know anything say.
So when I returned a cheerful reply, Obaasama gathered me in her arms and put me back to Reki-kun.
The four camouflaged personal maids followed after us with unsteady steps like small animals.


That day, the veggies on my plate increased by a little. Mainly the dietary fiber-like things.




The 2nd Month has already begun, but Ojiisama’s birthday is supposed to be in the 1st Month.
However, an urgent matter outbroke in Ojiisama’s fief of Landrich, so in the end, Ojiisama didn’t make it for his birthday.

Although the matter in the fief seems to have been resolved successfully, Ojiisama who came back was very much discouraged.

Delayed birthdays are not celebrated in Ovent.
Therefore, if not in time for that day, it will be “see you again next year.”
I think it should be fine to congratulate someone even if delayed, but it seems to be something like a long-time tradition.
I don’t see anything special about it, but long-time traditions are like that.

But, birthday is irrelevant when it comes to cheering up the depressed Ojiisama, so there’s no problem.
That being the case, I arrived at Ojiisama’s office. It’s actually my first time entering.



“Lilianneeeeeeee…… gah.”

“You are going to crush Lily-chan, you know?”


Ojiisama who was depressingly sitting on the floor holding his knees quickly revived and rushed at me, so Obaasama smacked him down as usual.
But, Ojiisama revived as if nothing happened like always and this time received me normally from Obaasama.


“Ooouooou, have you come to comfort this Jii~ji, Lilianne……”

“Jii~ji, get bette, okay~”

“Of course! Jii~ji will always feel better when Lilianne comforts me!”

“I’m glad~”



He has been feeling down so much, but he literally returned to normal in a blink of an eye, and started reading me the second part of X Sensei’s new work about dere-dere grandpa.

The said cursed sword and magic eyes girl was concluded in one volume, but this one seems an installment.
A boy was about to eat a huge Chikuwa [Tube-shaped fish-paste cake] from his bento, but it for some reason grew two legs and started solving the murder cases that appeared within the school.
Chikuwa guided the boy and let him speak for himself, but it’s quite surreal that no one asked about the chikuwa in the boy’s hand.

Chikuwa growing to legs lost its meaning, but that’s that.
Meddling in X Sensei’s earlier works would probably be much better
I understand that it’s an installment because another case appeared after he finished settling one, but wouldn’t that Chikuwa rot? No, I shouldn’t be asking about this either.


I left after a while because I didn’t want to interfere with Ojiisama’s work and Ojiisama was crying when it was time to part, but that’s also the usual.



Do your best, Ojiisama’s subordinates.
Ah, another person was sent flying.


Ojiisama’s who was full of sorrow threw off the subordinates who jumped him with all their might in order to not let him escape after I left the office is also the usual.




“By the way, Lily.”

(If you divide 81 by 9, the result is not 8, is it!? Ah, yes. What is it, Sani Sensei.)

“Well, what to say…… Reki is doing his best, how about teaching him a bit more…… kind?”


(Ehh, I’m being kind, you know? I play with him until he’s satisfied every time.)

“No…… I didn’t mean that……”


(Ah, you there! We have not finished yet! Stop hiding your eyes behind your paws!)


Reki-kun who is bad at division hid his eyes behind his paws as usual and took “more than that is impossible” pose.
But, he’s greatly mistaken if he thinks that he’s done once he takes that pose.


“……? Gyawan.”

“W, well, Lily…… you don’t have to go that far……”

(That’s not good! Reki-kun can do it if he tries! You mustn’t spoil him!)


When the compressed air under his chin explodes, Reki-kun won’t be able to take that pose anymore.
I’m very well aware that something like this won’t cause Reki-kun any damage.
There’s no problem with that since it is very unlikely to cause him any injury.
Even if he got injured by any chance, I could instantly fix him up with 1st-grade sorcery even if his bones broke.


(Now then, Reki-kun!)

“Wa, wauu.”

(That’s right. See? You can do it if you try. Really, why don’t you do your best from the beginning?)


(Seriously…… do you have any learning ability or not……)


I became similar to a woman obsessed with the education of her children but Reki-kun really is a child who can do it if he tries.
Despite that, he won’t get serious unless I force him. What a troublesome child.
I wonder why he doesn’t show any motivation right from the start?


(Sensei, Kuti. What do I have to do in order for Reki-kun to show motivation right from the start?)

“Let’s see…… how about making him experience pain first!”

“That’s surely not it…… it would turn into a trauma sooner or later……”

“Then, reward him first?”

(Reward, huh…… but, if we play first, he won’t stop until he’s at his limit……)



Tiny-sama starts thinking with her hands folded and legs crossed while floating around in the air.
Sani Sensei is also in a meditation mode, trying to come up with a plan.
Is there not a good way to motivate a child that doesn’t show much motivation?

Uh-huh, while being troubled, Reki-kun let out a big yawn and curled up into a ball as if it was unrelated to him.


(T, this child is really……)

“Well, he’s Reki after all……”

“It’s Reki after all.”

“Fuwaaafuu…… wafu.”


While the carefree puppy let out a big sigh, I felt like thinking about it would be absurd, so I dived into his fluffy belly.

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