Chapter 139

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Sorcery of Motivation
Although Nija became completely obedient, she trembles when our eyes meet as after-effect at first, but she somehow managed to deceive others until the next personal maid took over.
It seems that it was apparent only in her flow of magical power. It seems to have rooted deeply within her, so the punishment was a huge success.

While such things happened, the days slowly passed.
The end of the 2nd Month approached and I have learned all of the 1st-grade sorceries as planned.
This naturally included the sorcery that was lost on Auriol, making it actually 65 times the number of 1st-grade sorcery used on the Lizwald Continent.
You might think this number is truly enormous, but in fact, most of the advanced sorceries are actually just superior evolutions of the low-grade or intermediate sorceries.
However, strengthening of their effect is actually the ultimate challenge.

Multiplying chant――if there are only one or two configurations, then there’s more or less, no problem.
However, put differently, if there are more than one or two configurations, a problem will arise. If their numbers exceed 100, it’s already of a completely different magnitude.

But, that is, as expected, common sense among sorcerers. I, who is taught by the Forest next to the world’s strongest two had no choice but to succeed even if there were 100 or 200 configurations.


“Now then, we have finished the 1st-grade sorcery on schedule. Next is the Special-grade. Although I say that, Special-grade are fundamentally on the same evolutionary advancement just like the 1st-grade. We will restrict the Special-grade sorcery to sorceries of the healing system.”

“1st-grade promotes the natural recovery, so healing serious injuries is still difficult, but Special-grade is considered restoration, so the structure of the formulas themselves are different~”

(Restoration, is it? Promotion is easy to understand, but I’m not sure about restoration.)


The general human anatomy from my past life was of help, so I was able to understand the formula for the natural recovery promotion quite easily.
Rather, I was able to smoothly learn it the moment I saw it.
That was surely the pattern of having sound knowledge.
Similarly, I was able to understand the formulas related to my past life’s knowledge instantly, and I was even able to use them right away.
My past life’s knowledge compensated for the difficult lessons of the fairies, and even if I didn’t learn instantly, I don’t recall having any troubles.

However, restoration hasn’t been used in my past life yet or at least wasn’t a common practice to my knowledge.
But, it’s not like things like that didn’t happen while I was alive.
I’ve heard of missing parts being restored, cultivation of tissue, growing parts――on pigs or guinea pigs――and transplanting them to people.
But, I feel like it’s fundamentally different from these.
I haven’t been taught yet, but I have a hunch.


“To put it simply, restoration is supplementing matter with magical power.”

“It also can be used to promote resilience, but the theory behind the construction of the formula is a different thing.”


As expected, the fairies complemented each other.
Supplementing matter with magical power…… no matter how much I think about it, that would be an impossible way of thinking during my past life.
The general concept of magical power didn’t even exist, so it can’t be helped.
Moreover, magical power is a power whose true meaning has been eluding both this world and the Forest next to the world.

An organism or special substance overflowing throughout the world――a mysterious power dwelling in magic fragments and magic stones, that is magical power.
Although magical power is naturally recovered upon expenditure just like stamina, it’s a kind of talent with upper limits that are determined from the birth.
Not only sorcery but different physical characteristics draw out magical power, and there are many cases where it’s used without knowing.

Clothes are especially easy to understand, for example.
Wearing clothes is a common sense, so they stick to the body.
As a result, clothes that are worn on a day-to-day basis soak with magical power and turn into something like a part of the body.

In this world, the matchless tools called magic tools exist.
In fact, they are same as daily-worn clothes soaked with magical power.

The only difference is the amount of magical power.

It’s just that the difference is too crucial that even if you wear the same clothes every day, it’s impossible for them to turn into a magic tool.


Thanks to this soaking phenomenon, my eyes that can’t see anything but magical power are able to see somewhat normally.
The only problem is that this soaking is extremely difficult.
If I could soak magical power arbitrarily, I might be able to secure vision with my own magical power that is still growing.
But, I already understand that something like that is impossible.


(As I thought it’s different…… but, I’m glad you will teach me something new!)

“Umu. You should be like that after all! Well then, let’s start immediately.”

“Sani, it’s not the time for restoration yet~ we begin with the composing the attribute first, right~”

“Mu…… i, isn’t that fine? Something like composing restoration attribute is nothing special in front of Lily, moreover, there’s no value in teaching her that!”

“No way~ you said that I’m absolute when it comes to teaching sorcery, didn’t you~? Didn’t you~?”

“Gu, gumuu.”


After seeing the funny scene of Kuti overpowering Sani sensei with a rare smile that wasn’t a smile, I began learning about Special-grade sorcery starting from the attribute composition Kuti apparently excels in.




“――That’s about it. Then, let’s put it to practice.”



Kuti carefully constructed the formula and chanted――setting the configurations one by one, while Sani sensei taught me as usual.

Attribute composition is a technique of subliming multiple sorceries to a physical phenomenon that is not normally possible.
For example, one of the most extreme cases would be ice and fire barrier formation――Ice-fire Formation.
What I’m taught now is a formula that gives the best possible characteristics of ice that can’t be melted with the heat of the fire and fire that can’t be put out with ice.


I construct the formula as taught and develop it.
Special-grade sorceries are all sorceries of Tactical class, so their chants are awfully lengthy.
However, we have Kuti-made image chanting, so the chanting speed is as fast as thinking. Moreover, because I train parallel thinking on a daily basis, I’ve acquired means to build formulas several times faster. It seems that only I am able to do image chanting together with my special technique.


A huge shield of ice-covered by blue flames appeared inside the special space Kuti developed.

The Ice-fire Formation is of the smallest scale, but it’s a Special-grade sorcery.
Since it’s normally considered a Tactical class sorcery, it has a considerable power even at minimal settings.
Although it has been minimized this time, it’s size is still 6m in height and 4m in width.
The Reki-kun room has been remodeled to accommodate Reki-kun’s giant body, so it still doesn’t reach the ceiling though.
That’s because the ceiling is so high that even Reki-kun won’t reach it when he jumps seriously.


Sani sensei and Kuti do an inspection around the Ice-fire Formation I developed.
The girls are not able to see the formula, so they can only confirm the chanting speed and the actual effect.
The formula was nearly perfect, so the result should be according to the hypothesis too. There shouldn’t be a problem.


“Umu. The attributes are making maximum use of each other without rebound. Perfect as always.”

“As expected of Lily! Even Special-grade won’t be a problem for you! Well, I knew that though!”

(Ehehe. Thank you!)



While in a good mood after receiving approval of the two fairies, Reki-kun who was acting as my sofa stirred.
A strange noise came out of him as he moved.
Reki-kun normally doesn’t move when substituting for my sofa…… how unusual.


(What’s the matter, Reki-kun? Did something happen?)


“What, what? You want to use sorcery?”

(Ohh! Are you finally showing interest in sorcery, Reki-kun!?)


(I see, I see~ You fiiiinally got interested~)

“Then, should I teach him some simple elementary stuff first?”

“Well, wait. We are currently in the middle of Lily’s lesson. Leave it for later.”



The ears of Reki-kun who finally showed motivation dropped down in sadness.


(My, my, Sensei, isn’t it fine? It’s the first time Reki-kun showed motivation for something besides playing, you know?)

“U, muu…… well, that’s certainly true……”

“Ain’t that fine, ain’t that fine. Let’s teach give him a beginner’s lesson. If it’s Reki, he will be surely able to do it soon.”

“No but, even though he might be Salvarua, wouldn’t it be difficult for him to learn sorcery right away? His maths are doubtful at best too after all.”



Far from his ears dropping, Reki-kun who received the finishing blow from Sani sensei hid his eyes with his forepaws.


Ahh, this is not good anymore. Reki-kun’s heart has sunk.
I don’t know whether he’s really bad at losing or his heart is too fickle……




“Ah, no…… erm……”


When the two of us stared at Sani sensei with reproachful eyes, she started panicking.


Seriously…… even though he finally showed unusual motivation……
But, I’m anxious about his future if he became like that with just a few words.
It could turn into something fatal in the future if getting defeated this easily becomes a habit of his.

He’s adorable as usual with his eyes covered by his forepaws, but I racked my brains about what to do while patting the belly of Reki-kun who was in a slightly troubling position.

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