Chapter 140

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Sorcery of Child Rearing
I’m the one who smashed Reki-kun’s pride.
Whether it was because I wanted to make the puppy that walked with his nose stuck up in the air obedient at first or that my patience had run out, it was Theo’s fault.
I have been honestly reflecting on the fact that I overdid it that time. But I don’t regret it.

And then, I might have also been too strict with his studies.
But, Reki-kun is at fault too.
Even though he really can do it if he tries, he won’t get serious……
Even though I told him over and over again that the range of the sorceries he would be able to use would expand if he could do arithmetics properly……


“Praising hopeless children to build up their confidence apparently works, you know? Natasha said so.”

“Ahh, was that inter-dimension voice communication with improved magical power reduction from yesterday to ask that?”

“Well yeah~ Natasha is basically hopeless after all. She seems to understand Reki’s feelings.”

(But, she’s the Queen of the Forest next to the world, right? Yet she’s hopeless?)


Kuti’s little twin sister Natasha acts as the Queen of the Forest next to the world.
Although, it seems that she’s just doing paperwork.
According to Kuti, although the Queen has a voice, fundamentally, it is an official position, not necessarily something great.
Originally, Kuti was supposed to be chosen, but she pushed it onto Natasha.


“She is. She’s not as good at sorcery as Lily or me. But well, I think that the office work is her calling. That’s why she’s the Queen.”

(Hee~ is that so?)

“Having aptitude is necessary for the Queen. Kuti has that aptitude, but so does her little twin sister, Natasha. As we know, office work and this fellow don’t mix together. I don’t understand how she could have the aptitude. However, those with aptitude are scarce so they are chosen compulsorily, which led this fellow to use sorcery in order to sacrifice Natasha in her place. She has been disguised for 100 years.”

(100 years, is it……)


“By the way, the person herself made considerable achievements during those 100 years and climbed to the top of the social status with her own ability. That’s precisely the position of a genuine Queen. Well, she is basically the top of the Forest next to the world.”


To continue deceiving for a hundred years, as expected of the disguise sorcery of the strongest sorceress.
But, since Natasha continued being a victim for so long, does it mean that she herself wanted to be the Queen?
On top of that, to become the top with her own ability is too amazing. Is she really hopeless?


“It’s just what you think. Natasha has adored the position of the Queen for a long time. When Kuti was chosen, she immediately proposed to be her substitute.”

(I see.)


When I placed my index finger on my chin and tilted my head to the side, Sani sensei guessed what I was thinking and answered my doubts.
As I thought, she had adored the Queen position.
It matched her aptitude, I wonder if it really was her calling?


“Enough about Natasha~ it’s about Reki now, right~?”

“That was the case.”


Kuti strangely forced a change of topic.
I wonder if she’s embarrassed talking about her past after all? But, this is a rare chance to get to know more about Kuti, so I would like to hear more.


(Hey, hey, Kuti. I want to hear more stories about your past~)

“Eeeeeeh, n, no! No way! The stories of my past aren’t any good, you know!?”

“Well, you certainly were unreasonable after all.”

(Was she that terrible?)

“Yeah and even more…… let’s see, that happened 400 years aguah-”


When Sani sensei began speaking while grinning at the flustered Kuti, Kuti rammed her with air cannon sorcery and sent her flying.


The fairy sensei wearing a white coat drew a parabola through the air.
She flew quite far, didn’t she…… the fluttering of her white coat has a good feeling. Ah, she has plenty of laces today, doesn’t she?


“Haahaahaa…… I will burn you next time if you say any more than that!?”

(Ahaha, Kuti, calm down. I will love Kuti no matter how you turn out to be?)

“I also love Lily no matter how you turn out to be! Aishiteru yo! I will continue loving you even if the world perishes! Rather, I will destroy the world for you!)


Not sure where the talk about Reki-kun ran off to, but the sugary mood continued to spread while watching the fairy sensei who was still drawing a parabola through the air even now.




(Well done. As expected of Reki-kun. That was great.)


“Amazing, Reki! Aren’t you already the smartest among the Salvarua!? You surprised me!”


“That was something. I haven’t seen a Salvarua that made it this far. As expected of you, Reki. You are a Salvarua among Salvarua.”



The triumphant Reki-kun proudly aimed his nose towards the ceiling as his breathing roughened.

We decided to try Natasha’s suggestion of praising first.
As a result, Reki-kun’s motivation suddenly rose.
Reki-kun’s studying efficiency improved so much it made me think: What is this child, isn’t he too simple?

After being praised, his mistakes decreased, his concentration increased, the time it took him to solve problems got shorter, and furthermore, the rate of his correct answers went up as well.
This child is apparently a child who makes progress only when praised.
My method of teaching him strictly and harshly scolding him might have been incorrect. Raising children is difficult.


(Then, solve this one next, Reki-kun.)




When I presented another problem in front of Reki-kun who was in a perfect condition, he turned his face away.
It hasn’t been even 1 Hal [Hour] yet, it’s too early to finish the lesson.


“Reki, the lesson has not ended yet, you know?”


“Whatchu say? I can already do something so simple, so I’m going to play?”

(Reki-kun…… you won’t be able to master it if you don’t repeat it, you know?)


“Whatchu say? I can already do it, so I won’t do more?”



It turned out like this after all.
I thought so. In fact, I thought this would happen.
Considering him getting conceited immediately after being praised lightly.
This child has a tendency to do that.
Despite that, he’s a delicate child whose heart will horribly shatter. He’s a really troublesome child.


“Reki~ it’s as Lily said, you won’t master it if you don’t repeat over and over again, you know?”


“Whatchu say? I’m different from you guys, so I will be fine?…… This fellow……”


A large mark of anger appeared on Kuti’s forehead because of Reki-kun’s words.
The next moment, Reki-kun who turned away cockily got his limbs completely restrained and was forced into a laying position.



“Ahaha~ You are too conceited for a dog, you know~?”


Reki-kun’s voice and magical power that grew pale escaped from his body after Kuti’s lovely as bells voice chimed.
Completely changed from the cheeky [tie_tooltip text=”Tengu are a type of Youkai found in Japanese Mythology that are most commonly associated with crows, known for their great agility, magical power and arrogance.” gravity=”n”]Tengu[/tie_tooltip]-sama, Reki-kun who envisioned his bloody future trembled until he fainted.


He’s so easy to faint, that fainting has already become a habit of his.
This has to be improved too……


And then, the endless scene of Kuti whose anger has yet to abate forcibly waking Reki-kun up and Reki-kun fainting again the moment he sees the angry Kuti in front of him, began.


“Reki~ I will teach you not to let something like that from this cheeky mouth of yours ever again, alright~!”

“Wagyan, wagyaaaaaa.”


A lightning strike that didn’t affect Reki-kun’s fur but numbed his internal organs, attacked him.
I wonder if the control that immediately wakes Reki-kun without causing too much pain is Kuti’s kindness? Reki-kun would turn into cinders if she got serious after all.
But as expected, Kuti wouldn’t go that hard on Reki-kun who is a part of our family.



“Have you understood your position!?”



When Reki-kun who completely submitted feebly raised his voice, Kuti nodded in satisfaction and immediately cast healing sorcery on him.
But, Reki-kun shouldn’t have taken any damage from something of that degree. The objective was to make him reflect, so a bit of damage would have been fine though.


(Reki-kun gets cocky when he’s praised and his heart crumbles when we strict with him. Just what should we do?)

“That depends…… in the meantime, we should take our time to adjust little by little.”

(Let’s go a bit at a time then~)



When the Reki-kun rearing plan became just a bit more solid, I patted Reki-kun who shrunk in reflection.

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