Chapter 141

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Sorcery of Salvarua – Part 1
The next day, I restrained from being Spartan and didn’t overpraise him, I decided to train him while moderately praising him and extending the praises a little by little.

The efficiency was worse than the time he turned into a super-efficient Tengu, but the present situation where I strike his stretching nose might be more efficient for the long-term.
Even if I snap his stretched nose, I break it with a kindness that doesn’t make him take the usual submission pose, so the interruption of the lesson also moderately decreased.

I hope that he will realize that the basic arithmetic operations will actually help him use sorcery more efficiently, but it seems he doesn’t get the hint for some reason even when he watches us practice.
I guess he won’t be able to realize it unless I do something about it myself.

I think Reki-kun has strong tendencies.
He’s surely the type who won’t believe unless he saw or experienced it for himself. What a troubling child.


(Although he became a bit better than before, I really think that Reki-kun’s study hours are too few.)

“Even if you say that, it’s hopeless once he takes this pose.”

“He won’t stop unless you send him flying after all~”


That’s correct.
Reki-kun’s Salvarua traits might have gotten out of the norm because of my affection and his body grew larger and stronger as the result.
However, Reki-kun would face the ceiling of the considerably high Reki-kun room, jump into a splendid height and come crashing back into the ground and end up covering his eyes with his forepaws――he will not concede once he takes this submission pose.
Rather, he because like a sulking child.

Once Reki-kun becomes like that, it’s impossible to continue his lessons.
There were times where he would reluctantly continue learning, but he became like that since who-knows-when. I’m troubled because he’s stubborn in weird places.

But, if I roll a ball on the tip of his nose, he will immediately undo the submission pose.
However, it becomes difficult from there.
Once Reki-kun starts playing, he’s like a child who won’t stop until his battery runs out, playing until he reaches the limits of his stamina.
When that happens, he naturally has no energy to continue studying.
There’s no way his efficiency would increase if I forced him to study in such conditions. It would be meaningless unless he gets accustomed to it.


“However, I think the study time became considerably longer compared to before, you know?”

(Well, that’s certainly true but……)

“Lily, if you cram too much into him, Reki will surely get worn out~”

“Reki is not able to absorb things as efficiently as you after all.”

(Mu…… muu.)


I have the groundwork called past life knowledge.
But, Reki-kun is challenging it in a completely brand-new state.
Moreover, Reki-kun is still young. I wonder if I’m hurrying things too much?


(I understand. I might have been a little hurried. Reki-kun is a child who can do if he tries, but forcing him too much is not good, isn’t it?)

“Indeed. There’s no need to hurry. Each at his own pace. Well, you are fine to increase your pace a bit more, though.”

“That’s right! Lily’s absorption efficiency breaks through the center of the universe! If Reki has at least a half of that…… no, a tenth…… no, a smidge…… no way! It’s all mine~!”


Kuti who suddenly rose into the air started circling and rotating and she crashed into Reki-kun who was in the submission pose while releasing magical power fireworks into the universe.
Reki-kun who got blown away received no damage at all, so he stayed in the submission pose with his eyes covered with his forepaws. By the way, he got turned over to his back, so he’s now in the perfect total submission position.

That right now had considerable power, I wonder just how tough this puppy is?
His body is strong enough to withstand even 2nd-grade sorcery and he’s able to move at speeds that match his strength.
Wouldn’t it be like getting run over with a car or train if he crashed into you at full speed?


“However, Reki became quite tough, hasn’t he? The Salvarua shouldn’t be this tough. I wonder if he got this big precisely because he’s your pet?”

(But, my personal maids didn’t become particularly tougher or anything.)

“Well, that’s certainly true. It might be because the race of Salvarua has a great affinity for your power. But this toughness is truly interesting.”


Sani sensei who changed into a mad scientist after a long while muttered while showing a suspicious smile.

I wonder how it really is?
Did Reki-kun grow this much thanks to the magical power mofumofu only because he’s Salvarua, or is it possible for other races too?
The reaction of my personal maids who are of different races has been a glossy skin and improved health.
All do feel pleasant, though.

Regarding the races, I have never mofumofued any other beast with magical power yet.
Therefore, it might be that the effects vary both individually and according to the race.
It doesn’t have any effect on Kuti who is a fairy, so it’s not completely impossible.

However, there’s also a possibility that Reki-kun is special.
It’s possible that Reki-kun would grow this big even without my magical power mofumofu.
But, I consider that possibility unlikely.
That’s because Reki-kun greatly deviates from what has been researched about the Salvarua in the Forest next to the world.
Reki-kun who is still a puppy is currently larger than an adult Salvarua.
Far from that, it’s impossible for the Salvarua to withstand the power of 2nd-grade sorcery just with their bodies.
Furthermore, even for the adult Salvarua, it’s impossible to reach such strength and dexterity Reki-kun displays.
If the ordinary Salvarua could attain such potential, they wouldn’t be ruined so simply.


“Horya and aryaa~!”



Reki-kun who flew through the air in the submission pose again flawlessly landed while still covering his eyes as if nothing happened thanks to his physical ability and continued laying down.
Kuti who is throwing stars and planets at Reki-kun while rotating in the air seems to be having fun.

The lesson has already ended with Reki-kun’s submission pose, so there’s no problem in particular.
Reki-kun seemed happy playing with Kuti, but his submission pose stayed the same.




Reki-kun’s present arithmetic level would be that of an elementary school’s third-grader?
I’m talking about a third-grader in the world of my past life, not the third grader of this world.
The level of this world’s school――the current academy my siblings are attending is far lower when compared to my previous world.
Looking at it from that angle, the level of Reki-kun’s calculations have already surpassed Theo’s.

However, because Reki-kun is learning just arithmetics, it goes without saying that he’s apathetic to other subjects.
But, because Reki-kun is basically a pet, there’s not much meaning for him to know history and culture.
He will learn it slowly by nature as we spend time together and teach him common sense such as not hurting people.
Especially, the gigantic Reki-kun has to learn to not crush me, who has slower growth than average children on contact.

I understand that I have to properly caution him, so he wouldn’t crush me while absentmindedly playing.
It has to be said that he doesn’t bare his fangs against my personal maids, Obaasama and rest, or the people who take care of him, so he has never injured anyone.

Rather, Reki-kun threatened others only in the beginning.
I have a feeling that he hasn’t done it even once since I crushed his heart.

But, I think that taking things lightly can have serious consequences.


“…… He’s getting cocky, this brat.”

(He is, isn’t he?)

“Getting cocky~”


It was my bad as I have increased the praising frequency a little too much by a mistake.
Furthermore, his nostrils pointed to the ceiling to boast funfun about his learning ability, I really can’t understand him.

The last time, it was good to stop here and play, but Reki-kun got cocky this time and started striking the floor with his forepaws to demand something.


“…… Something is different today?”

(He’s demanding something, isn’t he? Reki-kun what is it that you are demanding?)


“Hou…… to think it would be another problem.”


Unexpectedly, Reki-kun wasn’t demanding to play, but another problem to solve.
Both Sani sensei, Kuti and I were surprised by that.
Up until now, there weren’t many times he proactively took the initiative to learn. But, to think he would voluntarily ask to continue studying while having a cocky attitude, that is really surprising.


(Reki-kun! To demand more problems on your own! What a growth! I’m so happy!)

“This fellow~ how shocking~”


(Alright, alright, this problem then!)



I drew the problem right away because I didn’t want Reki-kun to lose his motivation and he immediately solved it and answered correctly as well.

Today’s Reki-kun is somewhat different.
Kuti and Sani sensei must think so too.
I think so myself, so it can’t be wrong.

The fairies and I drew the problems one after another and Reki-kun nailed them all.


“Amazing, amazing! Reki, what happened to you!?」

“Hmm…… even though he disliked it yesterday, just what happened?」

(I wonder what happened……)





Reki-kun who solved the last problem while breathing roughly through his nose went Bushu~ and his body suddenly grew weak and he collapsed.

When I rushed over in a panic to Reki-kun in order to confirm the sudden situation, he was there sleeping peacefully like a puppy.

(W, what is the meaning of this……)

“I, I don’t know……”

“…… Lily, this……”

The place Kuti pointed at with a low blurred voice was the forehead of the peacefully sleeping Reki-kun.
There was something that wasn’t there before.

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