Chapter 142

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Sorcery of Salvarua – Part 2
A hexagonal prism with sharp ends――a hexagonal crystal system was stuck to Reki-kun’s forehead.
Such thing definitely didn’t exist on Reki-kun’s forehead just a moment ago.
Something that certainly didn’t exist is seen by both of the fairies and myself.

Yes…… I can see it as well.
In other words, this contains magical power.
Furthermore, the uniform hexagonal crystal system shape it’s presented in is so smooth almost as if it was man-made.
This something that is stuck on Reki-kun’s forehead gives me the impression of a gem that was polished by human hands.

But, this is not the time to be concerned about that.
This kind of thing has suddenly appeared without any premonition on the living being, Reki-kun. This is obviously an abnormal situation.
But, in case this was man-made, there’s no way Kuti wouldn’t notice.
That very Kuti has her eyes wide open.
I don’t think there’s a necessity for her to make a fake reaction. I thought it might be a surprise, but there wouldn’t be a need for her to make such an expression.
Sani sensei is also staring at that something with surprise and great interest.

This is not some kind of surprise made by the two judging from their reactions.
Then, just what is it? The very first thing that came to my mind is an illness.
The next moment, I found my consciousness in the unconsciousness domain――the Base Domain.




An enormous quantity of group of formulas is floating above me.
As a matter of fact, I have entered this space dotted with an infinite amount of tennis court-sized floors countless times.


“Reki-kun’s health data!”


I draw out the data from the folder within the archive that recorded Reki-kun’s daily flow of magical power.
The next moment, windows that filled up a large amount of space appeared and displayed the data since the very first day I met with Reki-kun.

I locate a window that shows the outside picture first, then I search for the windows with a similar flow of magical power data to reduce the number of windows.
There’s a considerably massive amount, but even though the preserved data has been already considerably classified, it would take quite some time to find comparable data.
But, I set the flow of time within the Base Domain at the highest speed right away, so even though it will still take some time, I accelerated my thinking to the highest speeds to finish as soon as possible.


I see something uncommon in the current flow of magical power within the thing that appeared on Reki-kun’s forehead.
When something is wrong, like illness or injury, the flow of magical power becomes different from usual.
I compare the stored flow and shape data with various situations and other information to see what the flow and shape of magical power show in the statistics, psychology, physiology and investigate thoroughly.
I investigate thoroughly, but the flow of magical power is different from the flow within people, so I can’t grasp everything perfectly.
In fact, Reki-kun’s magical power shows no abnormality, but this is clearly an abnormal situation.


“Ku! According to the data, Reki-kun is healthy…… what’s going on!? Is Reki-kun all right!?”


I don’t remember when I stopped appearing in the Base Domain in my past life’s form.
Whether it’s because I’m accustomed to my current appearances, I’m standing in the Base Domain with my three-year-old little girl with a slightly slower growth form.

Even though just a little bit of time passed in the outside world, 100 times that passed in here.
Although I used that time effectively to arrange and compare a large amount of information, my attempt to determine what is happening to Reki-kun ended up in a failure.




“…… Fumu. Rather than saying it suddenly appeared, it’s better to say that something buried within Reki’s forehead has emerged over time.”


When I returned from the Base Domain, I heard the result of Sani sensei’s analysis.
It appears that Sensei has succeeded in making an analysis over this short period of time. I don’t know to what degree she was able to analyze, but Sani sensei will surely get to the bottom of things.


(Sensei, is Reki-kun all right?)

“How does it look in your eyes? From what I can see, the only abnormality is this object on his forehead. I have never heard of Salvarua growing an object like this after all.”

(Yes, I have compared all of Reki-kun’s health data in the Base Domain, but I came to a conclusion from the flow and shape of his magical power that he’s extremely healthy.)

“In other words, this object does not bring harm to Reki.”

(Seeing Reki-kun’s peacefully sleeping face, it doesn’t look like it has any bad influences on him…… but it doesn’t mean it’s safe just because it has no impact on his magical power and outward appearances.)

“That is so……」


Magical power can tell you quite a lot about others.
But, I know that it doesn’t tell you everything.
What we know at the moment are the results of gathering the data of flow and shape of magical power.
But, the world around me is still a narrow one. The information gathered in such a narrow world is by no means complete. It’s far off from being perfect.
Still, I have succeeded in extracting information from the data collected up until now with considerable accuracy.


“I believe that your analysis of magical power is considerably reliable, but it’s only from your viewpoint. It’s still too early to be relieved.”

(Yes. Let’s consider what we understand for now.)

“Let’s see…… this object didn’t cause any problems after emerging on Reki’s forehead, aside from being visible. Then, how about before?”

(Before…… is it? It’s clearly abnormal that he suddenly went to sleep, isn’t it? Speaking about before that……)


Reki-kun suddenly falling asleep is most likely connected to the appearance of this object on his forehead.
If this object exhausted his physical strength with its appearances, then it would be easy to understand. However, it also means that this object has snatched enough of Reki-kun’s extraordinary stamina to forcibly put him to sleep.
It doesn’t change the fact that it could be extremely dangerous.


“Reki’s abnormality, huh…… what comes to mind is……”

“Reki’s abnormality is ‘that’ isn’t it?”


While pondering myself, Kuti spoke up while extending her hand towards Reki-kun’s forehead and knocking on the object.
We still don’t know what it is, so it might be dangerous, but it should be fine since it’s Kuti who is doing it.



“Yeah. I mean, wasn’t Reki somehow bright before this came out?”




Indeed, that’s it.
I thought it was just going swimmingly for him, but when I think about it, that Reki-kun was a bit strange.
Because it was my wishful thinking that the results of Reki-kun’s study bore fruit, I have carelessly excluded that abnormality from my thoughts.


(In other words, Reki-kun got bright under the influence of this object……?)

“That’s right. It’s possible that it assisted Reki’s processing capability.”

“Well, that’s what I wanted to say, but…… ah.”



When Kuti knocked on the object on Reki-kun’s forehead again it suddenly fell off.
Kan, a slightly loud noise resounded when it hit the floor and gathered everyone’s attention.


“Iiiiit, it came off-!?”

“Wwwwhat ae we going to doo!?”

“…… It came off, didn’t it?”


The greatly panicked Kuti shrieked while drawing the Munch’s Missing Scream, and I forgot to draw words of magical power and bit my tongue after raising my voice.
And then, Sani sensei’s composed voice added to the contrast and quietly disappeared in the Reki-kun room.

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