Chapter 143

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Sorcery of Salvarua – Part 3

“Kuti, Kuti whawhawha, what do we do aout dis!”

“Well, calm down you two.”


While I was spontaneously flailing my hands just like the panicking Tiny-sama, Sani sensei continued calmly observing the situation.


“…… Wafu?”



Although Tiny-sama and I were panicking, we came to a temporary halt when Reki-kun, who opened his eyes, barked weakly.
Reki-kun was making a carefree face that obviously didn’t understand the situation we were thrown in.


“Rieki-kun, ae you alwight?”

“Reki, Reki, are you hurting? Mainly your forehead area!”

“Wafu? …… Wa, wafu!?”


Reki-kun who heard Kuti’s words used his hind legs to touch his forehead and noticed the abnormal situation as well. After gradually scratching his forehead, the flow of his magical power steadily turned pale.


“Calm down, Reki. There is nothing wrong with your body at present.”

“Wa, wafuu……”

“B, but he was sho……”

“Why don’t you calm down too and use words of magical power?”

“Wau, I’m showwy……”

“No…… it’s fine.”

“That’s right! Isn’t Lily’s lisping when she’s flustered beyond adorable! Rather, isn’t it fine if she stays like this!?”


While slightly ashamed of myself for bitting my tongue while flustered, I answered Kuti’s defense? with a bashful smile.
It appears that Kuti also returned to normal when Reki-kun regained consciousness.
Kuti returned my smile with her usual smug face and the panic of the two of us disappeared somewhere.


“wa, wafuuuu.”

(Ah, I’m sorry I neglected you Reki-kun. You don’t feel any abnormality in your body, do you? From what I saw, your health condition is the same as ever, but…… do you feel slightly languid and drowsy?)


“Fumu…… there are no other abnormalities, huh. It should be fine since Reki himself doesn’t feel anything and the power of your eyes also can’t find anything.”

(B, but Sensei……)

“What, don’t worry. The power of your Magic Eyes are quite something. It certainly is an abnormal situation, but the data accumulated so far doesn’t lie.”


Sani sensei’s voice filled with confidence that my mind slightly to rest, but as expected, I’m unable to be negligent because of this irregular existence.
Moreover, it’s an abnormality that happened to someone close to me. I think being nervous is justified.


(But…… just what is this thing, I wonder?)

“Kuti, don’t recklessly touch it. Reki too.”




One fairy and one animal who were extending their limbs towards the object that fell from Reki-kun’s forehead quickly withdrew after hearing Sani sensei’s words and appealed in a hurry as if they weren’t doing anything.


(Really…… you two mustn’t, okay? Reki-kun doesn’t show any abnormalities at present, but you mustn’t touch it until we figure what it is! Okay! Don’t touch it!)




I enclosed it in a severed space so the two naughty children who hold great interest towards the object wouldn’t stretch their hands towards it.

I ignore the two naughty children who raised voices of complaints and observe the object after enclosing it in the severed space. Then, a strange magical power started flowing within the severed space.


(Se, Sensei…… this is……)

“Fumu? Is something happening? I can’t see anything abnormal.”

“Since only Lily’s eyes see it, is something happening to the flow of magical power then?”

(Yes…… somehow…… the magical power used for the severed space is flowing into the object? No, that’s not it. It’s absorbing it?)


The severed space that I enclosed the object in is naturally sorcery and magical power is constantly developed in order to maintain the configuration of the space.
That magical power started flowing into the object.

This is my first time seeing such a phenomenon.
The magical power that maintains the severed space decreases little by little and it seems that it won’t be able to maintain its configuration for long.
Since it’s impossible to add magical power into a completed sorcery, it will soon destroy the sorcery by itself.


(Sensei…… the severed space is about to break……)

“Since it’s absorbing the magical power then it’s not destroying the space, but breaking it as a result. In other words, it possesses the absorption factor. I see, that’s the reason Reki suddenly fell asleep.”


Sensei’s voice was full of conviction.
Sani sensei was apparently convinced that it has caused Reki-kun to fall asleep after understanding the absorption capability of the object.



“You remember too, no? What happened at the time when you ran out of magical power?”


(Ah, I see.)


When I used up my magical power, I fainted.
This is the so-called magical power exhaustion symptom and it’s a dangerous thing that would sometimes snatch your physical strength instead of the magical power.
There was a time when I consumed my magical power until I exhausted it completely and lost consciousness.
It was a considerably long ago and my total amount of magical power increased as a result, so I have never fainted since then.

I don’t usually regard it as dangerous because I normally don’t reach that point anymore. Still, there is a chance that I would.


(But, there wasn’t anything wrong with the flow of Reki-kun’s magical power?)

“This is just a conjecture, but Reki’s magical power developed abnormally because of your powers. Didn’t something like a lump of magical power come out?”

(A lump of magical power…… is it? Reki-kun, may I for a little?)



With my magic eyes, I’m able to see formulas in detail, but I’m also able to see the magical power people were endowed with and the things that are soaked with their magical power.
When looking at the soaked shapes, the focus is adjusted so that the fine details are intentionally blurred in order to make it easier for me to grasp the whole image.
On the contrary, the viewpoint changes when looking at the flow of magical power as it focuses on the small details, so I could see even the smallest differences.
I usually put more importance on the flow of magical power.

I look at the outer layer of the flow of magical power most of the time, but I’m able to see deep inside when I put my mind to it.
But, it’s quite exhausting, so I usually concentrate on the outer layer of the flow of magical power.
The inner layer is nearly the same as the outer layer, so there’s not much meaning to looking at it.
But, I’m not able to see this accumulation of magical power Sensei was talking about by looking only at the outer layer.
In the first place, the concept of a lump of magical power itself is abnormal.

Every person possesses magical power.
But, the magical power constantly circulates around the body, there’s no such thing as stopping in one place.
The accumulation of the magical power that circulates throughout the body like this is unnatural.
Magical power can’t pile up like this normally.


(Ah, there it is…… a, th, this…… it’s…… moving?)

“Moving? What’s going on?”


Looking into the depths of Reki-kun’s magical power, I could see a lump of magical power just as Sani sensei conjectured.
Moreover, the unordinary amount of magical power was…… moving.



(Re, Reki-kun!?)

“What’s wrong, Reki!?”

“Awawawawa, Re, Rekii~”

(Ku, I’m sorry, Reki-kun!)


When the lump of magical power reached Reki-kun’s heart, he suddenly toppled over and began convulsing.
The sudden panic I felt was greater than a while ago.
I have immediately cast sorcery to restrict Reki-kun so his large body wouldn’t injure someone during the convulsions.


(Sensei, when the lump of magical power reached Reki-kun’s heart, he suddenly began to convulse.)

“Fumu, is it still moving?”

(Yes, it’s traveling speed has slowed down, but it’s still moving. Is it moving to the forehead?)

“That’s very probable. The moving lump is probably the same one as this. Kuti!”

“Already on it~”


Kuti started developing some kind of sorcery even before Sani sensei finished talking.
Looking at the formula, it seems to be a sorcery of the recovery system.


(For such a huge thing to move throughout his body……)


The convulsions were quickly suppressed and Reki-kun who lost his consciousness was dead tired.
The object removed from Reki-kun’s forehead was the size of my small fist.
No matter how large Reki-kun’s body is, there’s no way something like this moving through the interior of his body wouldn’t have any influence.
Reki-kun’s health condition deteriorated a bit from a little while ago, but his life is being maintained thanks to the sorcery Kuti is casting.


“Assuming that the thing moving throughout his body is same as this, it must be moving faster than this one that fell off. If not, he would have been experiencing convulsions that time as well. If it’s moving towards the forehead, then it will surely come out of the forehead again. Once it comes out on his forehead, it will most likely snatch all of Reki’s magical power. In his current state, it would snatch his physical strength too…… this is extremely dangerous.”

(That can’t be! Sensei, what do we do!?)

“…… Well…… no, but……”

(Sensei! If there’s something we can do then we should do it! What should I do!?)

“…… Alright. But it’s considerably difficult?”

(If it’s to save Reki-kun…… I will do anything!)

“I understand…… First――”




Sani sensei’s voice sounded heavy.
The lump of magical power that is moving in Reki-kun’s body――I have to anticipate it.
It’s very likely that the lump of magical power acts like a reserve tank and if the main body’s magical power drops below a certain point, it will naturally disappear when used up.
According to Sani sensei’s experience, the pools of magical power have no shape, but it’s a fact that the abnormality in Reki-kun’s body has one.
Therefore, it would be better to not think of it as the normal magical power pool, but we can only cope with it as if it was a normal pool of magical power.


“As I have explained, in order to remove it, Reki’s magical power pool has to be reduced. But, Reki is currently in this state. It’s necessary for Kuti to keep maintaining his life force, as we can’t afford to guess whether the lump is connected to his life. The reserve tank should activate once his magical power favorably decreases, so your role is to completely use up the lump of magical power. However, exhausting the lump of magical power and further consuming magical power will result in a rapid deprivation of physical strength which will result in death, even if his life force is maintained from outside. Make sure to not make any mistakes. This is something that only you, who is able to see magical power can do.”



I listen to Sani sensei’s explanation seriously so I wouldn’t miss a single word and I also understood that it’s something that only I can do.
And, my failure will result in Reki-kun’s death.


The movement of the lump of magical power became even slower.
Reki-kun’s physical condition is stable and close to normal, but I mustn’t be careless.
I develop another restraining sorcery to restrain Reki-kun for the second time, so he wouldn’t accidentally interfere with the Kuti-made life support sorcery Kuti is using.
Kuti’s life support sorcery is a beautiful and daring composition of sorceries far more fascinating than any existing sorcery, but Reki-kun’s life is currently on the line so I have no time to be fascinated.


The sorcery I will be using to empty the pool of Reki-kun’s magical power is a special-grade sorcery I have been taught only a few minutes ago.
But, I have perfectly grasped both the formula and configuration. I only have to not make a mistake.


“Are you prepared?”



With Sani sensei’s words, I opened my closed eyes and grasped the lump of magical power.
I developed and constructed the formula with a flawless, perfect configuration, I invaded the interior of Reki-kun’s body and stuck it onto the object.

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