Chapter 144

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Sorcery of Salvarua – Part 4
The magic that invaded Reki-kun’s body shows the effect.
Although it may be a special-grade sorcery, there’s a limit to the amount this magical power absorbing sorcery which is an existing sorcery can absorb even if the configuration were finely tempered with.

Reki-kun’s total amount of magical power is considerably high.
Although high, that is only compared with the average of his race, it can’t be compared with Kuti or me.
Even though it has a limit, it’s as expected, a special-grade sorcery. It can almost instantly exhaust Reki-kun’s magical power.
Therefore, I carefully decrease Reki-kun’s magical power and exhaust it until the lump of magical power activates.
When I canceled the sorcery after reaching the calculated limit of Reki-kun’s total amount of magical power, the lump of magical power activated, connected with Reki-kun’s flow of magical power once again and started leaking magical power.
Using the flow of magical power connected to the lump of magical power, I instantly start absorbing Reki-kun’s magical power again after constructing the sorcery for the second time.

But, I can’t exhaust it as fast as I did before.
The capacity of this lump of magical power is far bigger than the total amount of Reki-kun’s magical power.
Even if I exhausted three digits worth of Reki-kun’s magical power, the amount of magical power stored in the lump has not reached a half yet.

Then, I noticed.
I became aware.


“Lily…… your face is pale, are you okay?”

(…… This lump of magical power…… it’s my magical power…… am I the one that is killing Reki-kun……?)


The moment I realized, my hands wouldn’t stop trembling.
The sorcery is already constructed, so there’s no problem even if my hands shake.
But, the reason my field of vision got somewhat poor is probably because of the tears. Why is there magical power in my tears, I felt like muttering that in order to escape from the reality.




What I understood from the absorbing that the magical power in this lump is completely identical to my magical power.

Reki-kun’s sudden growth is totally different from what is common.
I thought it was because of the influence of my mofumofu.
No, it surely had influence.

Saying it more precisely, the compressed magical power I have been patting Reki-kun with invaded into his body and affected him.
I can now clearly understand that.

I can tell that the magical power flowing from the lump streams into Reki-kun’s magical power and suddenly activates.
The flow of activated magical power strengthens the magical power at uncommon speed and mixes with all of Reki-kun’s magical power in no time.
It immediately returns back to normal because of the absorption sorcery, but what would happen if left as is?


No, I know that.
I know because I have been watching Reki-kun until now.


First, his body would grow to the limits of his race.
This might be the result of my magical power suddenly strengthening his magical power and influencing his body.
The strengthening of magical power at uncommon speed might have enabled his unthinkable growth.


Next, the quality of his magical power would improve to an abnormal degree.
Reki-kun’s being completely unfazed by 2nd-grade sorcery is the result of my magical power mixing with his.
The lump of magical power is the result of caressing Reki-kun’s magical power with compressed magical power, which in turn probably altered his magical power to be even stronger as it moved throughout his body.

Reki-kun’s total amount of magical power is not enough to invalidate 2nd-grade sorcery, but it actually did.
After using up his magical power, the insufficient magical power would be supplied from the lump, strengthening his body in the process.


Lastly, the magical power would materialize.
The magical power of a different quality would amass in one place over a period of time.
Normally, it’s not possible for magical power to take a shape.
But, Reki-kun’s physical growth was using the magical power of this lump.
If the magical power of the lump had a strong influence on the body, it wouldn’t be strange if it optimized for its environment.
Rather, the possibility of the lump being a byproduct of Reki-kun’s abnormal growth is considerably high.

As a result, the environment where the magical power could materialize has been prepared.


Magical power that has materialized.
That is generally called a magic fragment.


I have created a magic fragment inside Reki-kun’s body.
In this world, only the existences called Dungeons are able to create magic fragments.


(I…… have I turned Reki-kun into a Dungeon……?)

“Lily! Don’t think about it now! Do what you ought to do! Are you fine with letting Reki die!?”

“!? A, ai!”


I was brought to my senses by Sani sensei’s angry voice which I heard for the first time, shaking off the worst of my thoughts, I replied loudly without using words of magical power to cheer myself up.
Thinking about it will only bring me to the wrong direction, the trembling of my hands became severe.
As if shaking everything off and just concentrating on the sorcery, I shake my head to somehow improve my worsened field of vision.

After absorbing and absorbing for a long time and thinking that there’s no end, I modified the configuration to increase the absorption of the sorcery by three digits and I was able to absorb it in one go until exhaustion in a short time.
Naturally, I carefully kept on decreased the magical power, paying attention so I wouldn’t go beyond the point of exhaustion, and when I finally managed to exhaust the lump, I successfully stopped at a point I wouldn’t affect Reki-kun’s own magical power.


“Lily, how is it? Were you able to empty the lump of magical power?”

(Yes, it apparently disappeared once the magical power in it got exhausted. It seems his internal wounds got gradually smaller and safely closed up with Kuti’s sorcery. Aside from Reki-kun’s feeble breathing, there are no other problems.)

“Fumu…… it might have been still been incomplete due to being created inside his body. It’s possible that the materialization process completes once it comes out of his forehead.”

(Sensie…… I……)

“Saying don’t mind it would be unreasonable, but no one could expect this time’s incident. I have never heard of magical power accumulating within the body and materializing, except for some exceptions. Your caressing should not materialize unless you keep it for a long time, not after caressing once or twice. Also, the accumulation begins as a magical power reservoir before taking a shape. It’s possible to deal with it before it materializes. And with this time’s experience, I decided to let Kuti make an exclusive new sorcery. There won’t be any problems in the future.”


Sani sensei’s future measures from the little details of this time’s incident deserve words of admiration.
But even though I agree, even if there are coping methods, what if the materialization happens again?
Mofumofu is certainly so good it can’t be put into words.
But, there’s no meaning to it if it causes harm.
If that’s the case, I’d rather never……


“You having a habit of always thinking the worst is bad. Your magical power caressing is not all bad, right? Rather, it should have numerous good effects. Are you aware that the reason Reki never got injured or sick is because of your caressing? Are you aware that the glossy skin of your personal maids and their motivation is thanks to the effects of your caressing? Your caressing has many effects on health, but they are not all good effects. There would be a problem if you overdo it, but even if you overdo it, it will be possible to deal with it just like this time. That’s why don’t think only about the bad things.”



I knew about the personal maids, but I wasn’t aware that Reki-kun not getting injured or getting sick was because of my mofumofu power.
Reki-kun’s body is extremely strong, but I thought he wasn’t suffering from sickness or injury because he doesn’t go out that much.

Although I intended to understand my conservative thinking, I understood that my thinking is more in the negative direction than I thought thanks to Sani sensei’s scolding.
Thinking calmly about it, my mofumofu was so severe that both my personal maids and Reki-kun got addicted to it.
From now on, I will reduce the mofumofu time depending on the in-depth check, so that the lump of magical power won’t form ever again.


(Alright, we have to confirm first whether a lump of magical power hasn’t formed in any of my personal maids.)

“Well, it’s very likely it formed because of Reki’s special growth process, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the maids.”

(Still, it doesn’t mean there’s no possibility!)

“Well, that’s right. Fu…… you finally got back to normal.”

“I’m glaaad~ Lily.”

(I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m sorry Kuti. I made you worry……)

“No, my turn was lost because of Sani, but it’s fine as long as Lily is back to normal!”

“Sorry for snatching your turn.”

“Seriously! Even though it’s my duty to comfort Lily! Ah, of course, making you happy prprpr is also my duty! Rather, everything is my duty!”




I observe Reki-kun’s state through the gap while feeling the love from Kuti who’s stuck on my cheek.
From the in-depth detailed check, there are no lumps of magical power.
Surprisingly, the place on his forehead where the magic fragment came out from returned to normal.
Apparently, with the disappearance of the magic fragment, even the flesh changed back.

Then, after immediately gathering my personal maids and checking every nook and cranny one by one, there have been no lumps of magical power just as Sani sensei said.
But, not being there now doesn’t mean that they won’t form after. I think I should be more careful in the future.

Thus, the four gathered personal maids who thought their silliness from receiving a reward would be seen by other members were extremely discouraged when I dismissed them.




(By the way…… what are we going to do with this?)

“Umu…… well……”

“Y, yeah……”


“This” refers to the magic fragment that fell off Reki-kun’s forehead in the beginning.
No, I already know that this can’t be called a magic fragment anymore.

That’s because the amount of accumulated compression upon compression in this object would take me quite a lot of time.
The quantity that accumulated is not common……

That’s because this magic fragment has comparable magical power the huge magic stone found in the Great Dungeon that would without a doubt make those who obtain it billionaires and that is currently powering the super gigantic defensive wall around the Christophe House.

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