Chapter 145

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Sorcery of Forest next to the world
Reki-kun’s condition rapidly improved.
It’s almost as if his critical condition was a lie.

The lump of magical power which was the cause was removed and Kuti continued maintaining his life with sorcery that healed his internal organs in a flash, so when speaking of given results, this would be it.
He was robbed of a considerable amount of his physical strength at the same time, but this is where you say: It’s Reki-kun after all.
As he’s a child who with abnormal growth who received my magical power which in turn turned the inside of his body into a Dungeon, his recovery was also abnormal.

The dungeonification is totally different from the maze-like dungeons you would normally think of.
Dungeons are the mothers of monsters, they are classified as a living being.
Monsters who are born in the Dungeons will have a magic fragment without exception. However, monsters don’t have magic fragments in them, magic fragments are nuclei that take the form of monsters.
Monsters aren’t born with magic fragments, they develop because they have magic fragments.
However, this is also different depending on the Dungeon.
Magic fragments won’t always turn into monsters.
And, of course, magic fragments outside the Dungeons won’t turn into monsters.
Monsters develop because of the special environment Dungeons provide.

Apparently, the dungenification in Reki-kun’s body is a type that can’t form monsters even if it’s able of producing magic fragments.
Although there were only a few cases like this, it’s not like there weren’t any.
Moreover, the magic stone that fell off from Reki-kun can hardly be called a magic fragment.

It can be seen from the amount of magical power it carries as well, but normally, it would be far bigger with the amount of magical power it has.
The problem of the size is most likely because my magical power was compressed.
Magical power has no volume, but still, there’s a law of fixed quantity in a certain area for the inorganic matter.
The thing that ignores this law is my compression.

It’s a technique that even Kuti, the strongest sorceress in the Forest of the next world is not able to replicate.


“…… Wafu.”

(You mustn’t. You are still recuperating.)



Reki-kun who has woken up seems extremely dissatisfied.
He wants to play since his physical strength returned back to normal.
His reserve fuel tank has been lost as the result of removing the lump of magical power, so he shouldn’t be forcibly strengthening his physical strength with magical power like he has been until now, but he doesn’t seem to care about that at all.
Rather, it might be that he doesn’t understand it well yet. Reki-kun seemed to be using it unconsciously after all.

Both Sani sensei and Kuti came to a conclusion that Reki-kun won’t be able to do as much as he has done until now.
We are talking about Reki-kun, so I finally made him to reluctantly do as we told him after explaining to him slowly many times over.
But, he seems dissatisfied after all.
Even if he did it unconsciously until now and even if he’s unable to do what he has been doing all this time, it can’t be helped because he doesn’t feel anything wrong.
Actually, it would be fine if he practiced to use it, but he’s recuperating now. It’s not like I can let him do something like that.


“Then, are you going to gradually decrease Reki’s caressing?”

(Yes. I believe it would cause a great burden on Reki-kun if I suddenly stopped, so I’m thinking of slowly decreasing the amount. I will do that until the sorcery for removing and stopping the generation of the lumps of magical power you have tasked Kuti with is completed.)

“I will work hard~! I will let you realize my power~!”

(I will leave it to you, Kuti. Show me your power!)


I kiss Kuti who puffed her non-existent chest out with her usual smug face on the cheek.
After an instant of absentmindedness, Kuti’s magical power started gushing out at a rate I haven’t seen before.


“Fuooooooooo! Lilyyyyyn! Now! Now! I’m overflowing with motivatiooooon!”


From smug face to high-speed spinning, she suddenly soared with motivation and delight, releasing magnificent fireworks in the process.
Reki-kun’s room was filling up with the surging and passionate pathos.




Kuti’s work on the sorcery was influenced by the overflowing burning pathos as she took some kind of solemn but incomprehensible pose while continuing to work within the Unconsciousness Domain.


“It has been a while since I last seen her like this. Once like this, she won’t come out until the sorcery is completed.”

(I feel a bit lonely, but…… it’s for Reki-kun’s and other’s sake…… I will endure.)


According to Sani sensei, Kuti has entered a similar state quite a long time ago and at that time, she didn’t come in contact with anyone until the sorcery she was working on was completed.
But as a result, the sorcery Kuti has completed that time is the strongest sorcery Kuti has created to date.
The number of sorceries Kuti made is innumerable.
But, it’s an incredible sorcery that is said to be the strongest among them.
I thought that I would like to see it by all means, but Sani sensei said that even the creator herself, Kuti, is unable to use it.


(What does that mean?)

“What, it’s simple. It’s an aptitude.”

(Aptitude, is it?)

“Umu. Only Natasha can use this sorcery.”

(The Queen huh, so that means……)

“Right, it’s the sorcery to move between dimensions.”


Kuti and Sani sensei came to this world――Auriol, by moving between dimensions.
I was certain that it was some kind of ancient sorcery from the Forest next to the world, but for it to be Kuti-made sorcery.


Kuti is really amazing, isn’t she……



“By the way, until she created this sorcery, we used holes between the dimensions that would occur under specific circumstances. But, this was quite dangerous. It was so terrible that there would be victims every time we used it.”

(Was it that necessary to come over to this side if it was so dangerous?)

“It was. Our world is extremely small. Its full size probably doesn’t reach even one-hundredth of the entire Auriol.”



I didn’t know.
Even though I have studied history and daily life of the Forest next to the world to a considerable extent.


“In fact, Forest next to the world was larger in the olden days. But, it has begun reducing since who-knows-when and it has been halved since the oldest records we have.”

(I, isn’t that a disastrous thing……)

“Umu. That’s why we are inspecting this world, examining whether we could migrate here. Well, that can still be postponed though. Even though it was halved, the reduction is slow. According to the calculations, it will take 800 million years before it reduces to critical extent.”

(…… I, in that case, it should be fine, right?)

“No, it might not be so. We take everything leisurely because of the long life-span of our fairy race, so we have to start preparing now or we won’t make it in time.”

(I, I see……)


I couldn’t quite follow after hearing the units of hundreds of millions involved, but it’s a serious matter to the concerned party of Sani sensei and others.
Nevertheless, I’m really surprised that this is the reason the fairies are investigating Auriol.
But, isn’t the migration already possible? I mean, Kuti and Sani sensei are freely spending their time here.



“I know what you want to say. The migration is already possible, right?”

(Yes, is there some kind of a problem?)

“This is where the special-grade sorcerer Kuti is searching for comes up.”

(The special-grade sorcerer, is it? Is the transfer sorcery Kuti made insufficient by any chance?)


Not a sorcerer that is able to use Auriol’s existing special-grade sorcery, but THE special-grade sorcerer Kuti is looking for.
I’m regarded as a candidate for that person.


“Dimensional travel has taught us that we can only use the holes that open under certain circumstances knowing the danger or use Kuti’s sorcery. Of course, there’s no way we can easily create sorcery that would allow us to travel through the holes that occur only under special circumstances without danger. Even if we can, there are several conditions, the prime example being the aptitude. Also, this is the main cause, there are conditions for dimensional travel. Those who clear these conditions are too few.”

(So that means……)

“Umu. We are looking for a person that could create the kind of dimensional travel sorcery that anyone could go through.”


The conclusion was reasonable, but I’m still puzzled over Sani sensei’s answer.
Kuti is the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world.
Even if all sorcerers of existing sorcery on Auriol gathered, they are no match for Kuti.
The dimensional travel sorcery such Kuti made is the pinnacle among the sorceries she made.
I wonder if anyone would be able to create a sorcery superior to that?


“Well, I understand what you want to say. That’s why we spend so much time on the preparations.”

(I see.)


Although I nodded in consent, Sani sensei grinned.
What is it? Did I do something……


“Have you not thought about making your own dimensional travel sorcery?”

(I have not created any sorcery yet.)

“Now that you mention it, that is the case.”


Sani sensei shrugged her shoulders, but her face was filled with conviction that said: You can do it since it’s you.
I’m happy that she has expectations from me. It’s one of my goals to stand by Kuti.
But, Kuti’s wonderful art of creating sorcery is the ultimate sort that leaves me only with a sigh.
Can I really make something that is better than the pinnacle among those?

While looking at the Panda panties of the increasingly sublime Smugface God, I came under a spell of a mysterious feeling of anxiety mixed with expectations from adding one more goal.

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