Chapter 146

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Sorcery of One-day Maid
“Then, I’m off」

(Be careful on the way, have a good day.)

“Why are you in the maid mode?”

(It’s because I’m wearing a maid outfit, I think?)

“U, umu…… oh well.”


Several layers of defensive barriers were applied on the magic stone that is still absorbing magical power, making it possible for Sani sensei to carry it away.
In the end, the magic stone couldn’t be examined without proper equipment, so it has been decided to analyze it in the research institute in the Forest next to the world.
Kuti is still working on the sorcery in the Unconsciousness Domain without any contact with the outside world, but Sani sensei can handle a lightweight version of the dimensional communication sorcery as well, so she was able to make a contact with the forest without any problems.

She plans to come back in about two weeks.
The completion of Kuti’s sorcery is planned on around that time too.

According to Sani sensei, now that Kuti is motivated as never before, she won’t come out of the Unconsciousness Domain until she’s done.
Although it’s quite lonely, she developed a sorcery to trail behind me beforehand.
Since she’s always close by me in her sublime pose, I can just gaze at her for a while when I get lonely.
This is far better in comparison to the time when I was not able to see her at all.
Moreover, Kuti is currently doing her best for Reki-kun and others. I mustn’t force my own feelings.


As for Reki-kun, I have weakened the compressed magical power I use to mofumofu him, making sure it wouldn’t accumulate inside him.
I always do in-depth check while mofumofuing him, so I believe that he’s fine.
I inspect him three times before and after I start.

Even though I weakened the compression, it appears that much has not changed for Reki-kun as his state is as it has always been until now.
To be concrete, when I start the mofumofu, he quickly shows me his belly in happiness…… he does the submission pose.
It appears that both the mofumofu up until and the current mofumofu exceeded his limits and carried his consciousness away.
That being the case, Reki-kun has no complaints.
On the contrary, with the gradual weakening, Reki-kun’s pleasure begun lasting longer with no signs of a lump of magical power forming and he started letting out happy or frightened, incomprehensible cries.


(Reki-kun. I’m a Maid-san today. Maid-san takes care of her Master. Now then, I wonder who my Master is?)


(Too bad. It, unfortunately, isn’t Reki-kun.)


(But, I don’t dislike Reki-kun who immediately answered the question.)



Reki-kun continued striking the floor with a roughened nasal breathing.


(Then, let’s continue. Who is my Master?)

“U~…… wafu?”

(Obaasama, is it? N~ but, Obaasama is not my Master either?)


(Nope. It’s not Kuti either.)



Reki-kun who answered with his whole body was extremely surprised.
In the first place, I’m unable to make contact with Kuti at the moment, so taking care of her would be difficult.


(Well then, the correct answer is~)



I convey the correct answer to Reki-kun whose ears were twitching with anticipation and excitement, and tail swinging from side to side.


(It’s Ena!)



Reki-kun’s response was a bit flustered.
It appears it wasn’t within his prediction range.
Well, there’s not many people to choose from, so it can’t be helped.


(That being the case, I will work as Ena’s one-day maid today. As for the purpose for that~……)



Reki-kun who let out a strange voice in substitution for a drum roll is surely imitating what Kuti would do.
Reki-kun is smart and his memory is also good, so he immediately memorized Kuti’s and Sani sensei’s eccentric behaviors…… he learns unusual movements immediately and practices them when he’s about to forget.
I wonder if practicing that he’s about to forget is something like his rule?


(That magic stone will probably return as a normal magic stone in Sani sensei’s hands. That’s why I’m thinking of making a magic tool out of it. But, that magic stone has a tremendous amount of magical power and there’s only one. Failure is not an option. That’s why I’m going to obtain permission to play in Eliott’s workshop!)



When I make a fist and push it towards the sky, Reki-kun skillfully imitated a trumpet with an enthusiastic voice.
Reki-kun might be thinking that he must work hard while Sani sensei and Kuti aren’t available.


(However, it’s a fact that it will be difficult for me to accomplish alone. Therefore, I request Reki-kun’s assistance!)


(Yes, a good reply. Well then, let’s put this on.)


Saying such, I put a maid headdress with plenty of laces I prepared beforehand on Reki-kun’s head.



(It suits you very well~)


Reki-kun took an embarrassing pose, so I praised him.
Actually, it suits him very much and he looks truly adorable.

Because of Reki-kun’s large body, his head is naturally large too, so the small maid headdress on his head looked very lovely.
Reki-kun is a Salvarua boy, but don’t mind the details.


(The preparations are finished with this. All that’s left is to thoroughly defeat Ena! Let’s go for it!)



The fully motivated Reki-kun stared at today’s target, Ena.
The person in question was sitting together with Obaasama at a table made with magic fragments drinking from cups which were also made from magic fragments and smiling at us.
They lightly waved at me while smiling, so I pinched the skirt of the maid clothes, crossed my legs and lightly bent my knees.

I heard shrills coming out from a little afar.
I was able to do the curtsey quite well without losing balance.
Reki-kun also sat down neatly so the headdress on his head wouldn’t fall off. It had a slightly crisper feeling than usual.


(Now then, let’s depart to the front, Reki-kun!)



With the last shout of fighting spirit, together with Reki-kun who stood up, I made my way towards today’s Master, Ena.




From the beginning to the end, I called the deredere Ena Ojou~sama~ and took care of her in various ways.
Recently, a tea set made from magic fragments have been made for my exclusive use, so I had to do my best to refill Ena’s tea-cup as it was a little bit heavy for me.

Although I said that, the scope of things a three years old child like me can do is small.
It would be fine if I used sorcery, but I can’t do that.
Since that’s the case, I’m only a three years old child with slightly slower growth. It was quite difficult.

That’s where Reki-kun came in.
I’m able to pull and push the chair by borrowing Reki-kun’s power while riding on his back.
Reki-kun can manage delicate work as he’s extremely skillful at controlling his strength.
He’s not a three-year-old’s playmate for show.

With Reki-kun’s assistance, the scope of things I can do expanded and I was startled by the magical power flow of Obaasama and Ena who were watching over me with heartwarming smiles because of my perfect handling Reki-kun.
We certainly play every day, but they can rarely see us practicing.
In fact, the practicing of basic arithmetic operations is rather difficult, so Reki-kun’s practice is far more difficult than that of an ordinary pet.
Of course, I also play with him by that much more, though.


This and that happened and in the middle, we were joined by the extremely jealous Theo and Ellie who came back and I continued taking care of Ena for the day. The next day, when I requested Ena, she nodded without resistance just as I planned.

Of course, I prepared the maid outfit and asked with puppy eyes while shaking with her body.
It goes without saying that one-day maid became two-days maid.

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