Chapter 147

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sorcery of Eliott
“Welcome, My beloved Angel! First of all, please take this……”

“Thank youu~”


The gift Eliott presented me while respectfully kneeling on his knee was an adorned necklace in a big box larger than both of his hands.
The delicate decorations on the necklace were beautiful with in some respects cute, but a solemn-looking wolf in the center.
The box the necklace was placed in was also beautifully decorated with many animals carved in it.



“Yes, it’s a necklace modeled after the Salvarua My Angel plays with almost every day. Do you like it?”



The box itself is a magic tool, as you can see from the fact that I am able to hold the box with a relatively largish necklace myself.
I can tell the necklace is the same because I am able to see it.


“My Angel, Healing of the Earth has been sealed within this necklace. It’s just in the worst-case scenario, but please use it in case of injury.”


“…… E, Eliott-dono…… I would like to talk with you later……”

“I refuse.”

“Y, you, again……!”


Ena began quarreling with Eliott again.
Well, there’s a proper reason for that so it can’t be helped.
A sorcery called Healing of the Earth is sealed within this necklace Eliott gave me as a gift.
As you know about Eliott, the Healing of the Earth is the most difficult among the most difficult 1st-grade sorceries――because it’s a recovery sorcery.
It goes without saying that this 1st-grade recovery sorcery in Ovent is a rarity among rare sorceries.
That’s because only one person, an elder at an advanced age at that, was able to use it until now.

Eliott has been officially recognized as the Ovent Kingdom’s 1st-grade sorcerer, but his connections to the royal palace are as good as nonexistent.
It goes without saying that people without personal connections won’t be able to meet that person who can use 1st-grade recovery sorcery because he’s basically considered a living national treasure.
Even if they meet and have him seal recovery sorcery into a magic tool, it will take various procedures over a period of several months during which they would have to keep adjusting their physical condition.

When that happens, it will become a matter of who has sealed the Healing of the Earth into this necklace.
It’s not like Kuti and Sani sensei could cooperate.
Of course, I can’t say I asked for it myself. I got to know about it only after it was handed to me after all.

If you think about Eliott’s actions so far, the answer will come out naturally.
He has learned the rarest sorcery on the Lizwald Continent. Most likely, only so he could hand this necklace to His Angel.

I’m saying that Eliott has learned another 1st-grade sorcery just for my sake.
Even though other sorcerers usually learn only one 1st-grade sorcery throughout their lives, he learned another one.
It goes without saying that I understand why Ena held her aching head and raised a roughened voice.
Moreover, he used the most demanded 1st-grade sorcery there is in such a superfluous way.


Well, rather than the sorcery the person in question used, I’m more interested in the delicate work modeled after Reki-kun. I can use sorcery myself, so I don’t really think much of it.
Eliott’s choice of cosplay sets, animal parade, and Reki-kun necklace are accurately poking my weak spots.




When you tilt the box, delicate carvings of various animals surround the dignified carving of Reki-kun.
I don’t think I would be this enthralled if it were only these animals.
As expected, it’s most likely because of Reki-kun.

The quarreling Ena and Eliott had their breaths taken away by my mutter and the natural smile that floated on my face, but I wasn’t able to pay attention to them now.


I continued gazing at the Reki-kun necklace for a while.




“Thank youu, okay~ Eliotto~”

“I will prepare as many as My Angel wants!”


After sufficiently gazing at the necklace and returning to the main subject of acquiring a magic fragment, I noticed Ena who was shedding tears like waterfalls and Eliott who was kneeling on one knee.

After I immediately called Jenny to somehow calm down the two, we arrived at Eliott’s main workshop.
When I told him that I want a magic fragment, he immediately prepared a large number of magic fragments.

I thought Ena would try to obstruct, but a magic fragment without sorcery is no different from a piece of ore.
It seems to be nothing for me who substitutes magic tools for toys.
Still, the sharp-edged and poor magic fragments were removed, so all magic fragments left were relatively safe.
Ena was satisfied with Eliott’s consideration in this regard.


I was able to obtain magic fragments unexpectedly easily, so I thought of obtaining materials in which I would embed them, but as expected, that might not be that simple.
I have seen the materials the magic fragments are embedded into with my siblings so it wouldn’t be strange if I showed interest in them, but they are accompanied by certain dangers.
It goes without saying that they are not things toddlers should be playing with.
Therefore, different from magic fragments, Ena would surely show disapproval concerning the materials.
Rather, I think it would be absolutely impossible.


However, if I can’t embed the materials myself, I should just ask Eliott to do it for me.
Eliott would do so happily and because I observed them in the past, Ena also wouldn’t say no.



“My Angel……”


I’m not sure whether might have Eliott misunderstood something when I called out to him as he stared at me with sparkles in his eyes.





“Lily, you mustn’t approach Eliott too much.”


It was just for a moment, but when I locked my eyes with Eliott’s, Ena thrust herself between us and stood in the way.
It was quite the high-quality reaction.
Eliott’s dissatisfied voice and my little applauding hands and surprised voice made Ena overflow with a sense of duty. She felt almost like she was a member of the Knights of the White Crystals.


Well, leaving that aside.


“Eliotto~ miks the matewials~”

“What materials do you prefer, My Angel?”


Ena’s face cramped because of Eliott who showed his face from the side and presented both of his hands almost as if Ena wasn’t there.
Materials don’t have magical power, so I can’t see them, but I can tell there are at least eight things in Eliott’s hands. They are most likely all different.
I will have him combine them in various ways since there are many magic fragments.


“Maaaa~ny please~”

“Aye understood. This Eliott will construct the greatest magic fragment for My Angel’s sake!”

“Do youu best~”

“…… Geez, Lily…… Hahh.”


Ena’s sigh was an extreme contrast to Eliott’s burning passion and total willingness.




Eliott’s subordinate craftsmen who gathered worked under Eliott’s command and manufactured the materials into various shapes.
I can’t see them myself, but I understand their shapes to an extent thanks to Eliott’s instructions.
Not to be outdone by his subordinates, Eliott himself embedded the magic fragments.
It appears he wouldn’t let anyone steal that duty from him.

I who moved to Ena’s lap waited for the completion while observing the work.

It was also while giving instructions, but Eliott and the craftsmen looked pretty cool while working with the materials and magic fragments.
It wasn’t to the point of fascination, but he looked regrettably handsome, in a different meaning from his neat appearances during the birthday party.
Well, that has nothing to do with me though.


“My Angel! How about this one!”

“Thank youu~”

“Oooh~…… I’m honored! Then, next one!”


Eliott brought me magic fragments one after another from the craftsmen whose faces changed to that of Reki-kun when he wants to get praised.
When I gave thanks, Eliott trembled with deep emotions and brought another magic fragment.

This exchange repeated several times and Eliott kept trembling with deep emotions until there were no more magic fragments.

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