Chapter 148

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sorcery of Magic Tool
There is a sorcery that emits light.
Intensity, scope, and sustain are general configurations of its chant.
It’s a middle rank among the 10th-grade sorcery, so although not the easiest, it’s a sorcery with a high frequency of use.
It can become an offensive sorcery by raising its grade by increasing the entries of configuration and its scope of actions can also be more specified.

When sealing this light-emitting sorcery into a magic tool, it will become a magic tool that is commonly used as a lamp.
Of course, its value changes depending on the configuration of the sealed sorcery and the place of its use will naturally change too.


But however, the sorcery I’m currently developing is not this existing light-emitting sorcery.
A tool called sealing crystal is needed in order to seal sorcery into a magic fragment, but that can be substituted with a sorcery Kuti made.
You would normally need various magic crystals that would correspond with the sorcery you are sealing, so it goes without saying that Kuti’s sorcery has a superior compatibility as it corresponds one to all.
It’s a Kuti-made sorcery so it uses the spirit power rather than magical power, so the only bottleneck would be normal races not being able to use it.
This is no problem for me who can create spirit power though.


(Intensity smallest, scope smallest, sustain medium.)


I produce my first ever magic tool while being watched over by Reki-kun who is shaking his tail in excitement and Kuti in her usual solemn pose.
The sorcery is of the 10th-grade and there are no problems with the configuration either.
I’m unable to do the [tie_tooltip text=”Magic tool absorbs a little bit of magical power in order to authenticate the user. Magic tool won’t activate if the authentication fails.” gravity=”n”]authentication[/tie_tooltip], so I chose something with a beginner’s degree of difficulty.
Even if I might know every 1st-grade sorcery in existence, this is my first time producing a magic tool. Just to be sure, I decided to try it with some simple magic first.

In a tale, the protagonist would go: “Let’s seal an incredible sorcery and create the strongest item ever!” But, that’s impossible for me.
I’m not able to do it, there’s no use in making such thing, and if it were discovered one day by someone, I wouldn’t be able to look into their eyes.
The probability is relatively low and I could somehow manage with the concealment sorcery, but that is that and this is this.

It’s not something I should do when I can’t depend on Kuti and Sani sensei.


The sealing crystal’s sorcery seals sorcery into the magic fragment.
This occurrence is that of a completed sorcery, however, it completely suspends on the verge of activation and changes in quality.
Sorceries sealed within magic tools will deteriorate without an exception.
It is a necessary phenomenon of sealing sorcery into a magic fragment that is still hazy to me.

It might be precise because I’m able to see the formulas.
Reki-kun who is continuously flapping his tail is watching with a sparkling magical power in his eyes and overflowing interest.


(I did it. Then, let’s try the activation. I think it will be all right, but I can’t help but be nervous~)



The formula has deteriorated and the sorcery has been sealed into the magic fragment and what was just a magic fragment became a magic tool.
But, this is not over.
The sorcery sealed within the magic tool has to activate with the configuration it had before sealing.
Especially this being my first magic tool, I won’t be able to feel at ease until I experiment with the activation.

Reki-kun’s ears restlessly move with never-ceasing excitement and the movements of his tail are about to explode.
Previously, when Reki-kun still had the lump of magical power inside him, wouldn’t he flew up into the skies by now? That’s impossible now though.




I set up the finished magic tool and pray for the activation.
The activation can be done by both voice and mind.
The condition being the user’s magical power and being in contact with the magic tool.
It might be with clothes, a weapon, the conditions are quite lax as a because anything is good.

By the way, [tie_tooltip text=”Magical power soaks into clothes and other things the person is in contact with for a longer period of time.” gravity=”n”]soaking[/tie_tooltip] is fine, but pure magical power is of course also not a problem.
Kuti and I who can release magical power out of our bodies are also able to activate the magic tools remotely.




Reki-kun’s voice of admiration.
The magic tool activated, the formula has deteriorated, but I can tell it unfolded beautifully.
I watch the deterioration process and I’m able to clearly see which parts of the formula were affected, so I can take a breather, but it’s not over with this.
I confirm that the sorcery developed properly with its configuration and turn it off.
Just like going on an excursion and returning home, a magic tool is a magic tool only when it safely turns off.


(Magic tool “Lantern” is complete!)



I completed my first magic tool as if offering it to Kuti who was watching over me in her solemn pose.




(Reki-kun, each magic tool is roughly named. Why do you think they are named “roughly”?)



The magic tool『Lantern』can last up to five hours and has a limited number of uses.
But, this is as intended, so there’s no problem.
Rather, it would be a problem if it were not as intended.


(Let’s see. It would be difficult to talk about them if they had no names, right? However, they are different to people who are able to use sorcery.)



(That’s right. That’s why they are named “roughly”. It’s to classify magic tools with configurations of similar range more easily. Just as Reki-kun said, it would be troublesome if they were divided by every little detail.)



I show Reki-kun the used up magic tool『Lantern』while stroking his head for answering correctly.


(Well then, Reki-kun. What do you call this used up Lantern?)



The Lantern has completely stopped and shown no reaction when trying to activate it.
Magic tools that have reached their limit of use and can’t be used anymore are called by a different name, they are not called magic tools anymore.


(Yes, correct. This Lantern is not magic tool “Lantern” anymore, but it’s called Debris instead. However, Debris is a technical term, so it’s not that common. Magic tools that lost their use are usually called Garbage and other similar terms.)


(Well, it certainly would be better to call it with its proper name, but used up magic tools basically don’t have any utility value with the exception of being material for magic fragments, so it can’t be helped.)


(Reki-kun, you are very kindhearted, aren’t you~ They might be pitiful, but that’s the reality. Reality is relentless, you know?)


(You will smash such reality? N~ You might be able to do it if you study more. But, as I said earlier, they don’t have any utility value other than a material for magic fragments. Therefore, Debris will be surely collected. It’s natural in large towns, but there will be a Debris retrieval box even in small villages without a fail, you know?)


(Don’t you think so? It’s fine then.)


I review the knowledge regarding magic tools in detail while teaching Reki-kun one thing after another.
Magic tools are existences that are close to Reki-kun so he understands them to a certain degree, but that’s not the case when it comes to technical and common sense of other races.
Of course, I haven’t seen these Debris recycling-like boxes myself.
I’m aware of it only thanks to the knowledge Sani sensei provided me with.


(Then, I will make a Lantern one more time. Let’s have Reki-kun try using it next time?)

“Wafu! Wafu!”

(Yes, yes, don’t rush me.)


I seal the sorcery while wryly smiling at Reki-kun who is impatiently hopping up and down.
Doing it for the second time, I feel no tension anymore.
After activating the completed “Lantern” and making sure there’s no problem with it, I placed it in front of Reki-kun.


(Well then Reki-kun, touch it and try activating it.)



Reki-kun who was letting out the sounds of nasal breathing with sparkles in his eyes swung down his paw at the Lantern and it shattered into small pieces like glass.


“Wa, wafu……”

(N~…… Reki-kun…… magic tools are fundamentally easy to break, you know? It’s only natural it broke when you struck it with your paw so vigorously, you know?)



It’s fortunate that Reki-kun didn’t suffer any injury to his paw, but the Lantern has been completely shattered.
Well, I still have a load of magic fragments so it’s not a problem.
But, I have to lecture Reki-kun properly.


After Reki-kun properly reflected on his mistake, I comforted him and created another Lantern. Reki-kun was paying attention to his actions this time and sucessfully activated a magic tool for the first time in his life.

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