Chapter 149

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Sorcery of Miracle
Our Solemn Pose-sama who at some point switched through a fox, cat, piglet, raccoon, woodpecker, small needlepoint designed ribbon, pumpkin, garter belt and low-risers is still in the middle of producing sorcery

It’s slightly complicated so I will pass on talking about it.
Let’s just say that I can easily see what I wasn’t supposed to see, so I’m a bit puzzled.




I turned about fifth of the large number of magic fragments I obtained into magic tools.
Most of them are secured within Reki-kun’s toy box in the Reki-kun room together with the magic tools I got from pleading Obaasama and others.
There were some dividers in the toy box, so I decided to split the items between magic fragments, magic tools, and debris.
Of course, I cast several concealment sorceries on the toy box in order to not expose the fact that I created magic tools by myself.
There’s an illusion sorcery that makes it looks like there are only magic fragments inside and there’s also a sense inducing sorcery that makes it seem just like a normal magic fragment with no sorceries sealed within when taken in hands.

The sealed sorcery and the number of remaining uses is generally displayed on the magic tool.
By combining simple materials――with debris as the main component――this indication can be displayed anywhere on a magic fragment, it’s standard to retrofit it according to the position of the magic fragment and decorations.
The magic fragments which I secured from Eliott’s workshop understandably weren’t given such treatment.
I should be able to see it too with debris as the main component, but it appears that I’m unable to see the indication because of the materials combined with the debris.
In other words, it may be easier to understand by saying the debris is a magnet and the material that does the displaying is iron.
Therefore, I will be able to see it only if the material for the display part wasn’t used. But, that would be difficult for me to make it on my own under my present conditions.
Even if securing magic tool which has been finished using, a debris, is easy, this is naturally not enough to give it the indication treatment.
I’m still a little tantalized about the material-related situations.




I have not failed at the practice of sealing sorcery into the magic fragment so far.
There were no problems until now, but the sorceries I have sealed so far didn’t exceed the 8th-grade.
The magic fragments I secured are insufficient for the magical power of 7th-grade or above sorceries. They could explode if I fail at trying to seal them forcefully, so it’s too dangerous.
The magical power of the sorcery sealed within the magic fragment is decided by the amount of magical power of the magic fragment, but it isn’t normally possible to accurately grasp the magic fragment’s magical power.
Because there is a certain law to the amount of magical power dwelling in a substance, learning how much magical power can be sealed in approximately what size of magic fragment makes it possible to safely seal the sorcery.

However, because this law isn’t perfect, there are times when you can fail with the amount of magical power that matches the size and make magical tools with more number of uses than intended.
Only the number of uses increases with a much higher amount of magical power, so there’s no problem with that.
And it doesn’t go out of control most of the time in case of a low amount of magical power thanks to the sealing crystals, so it rarely develops into a serious incident.


Incidentally, the magic fragments I received from Eliott are as expected magic fragments used by the magic tool craftsmen of the Christophe House as they are considerably equal in size and the amount of magical power they can carry.


I’m unable to turn all of the magic fragments into magic tools as I don’t have Sani sensei to progress my studies.
Kuti is wearing something resembling a deformed Reki-kun in her solemn pose today, so I’m gazing as always, but I’m considerably bored after all.

By the way, Reki-kun can’t see anything when he peeks for some reason.
As expected of Kuti, she’s a cunning one.


After reviewing what I learned so far and teaching it to Reki-kun, he began letting out big yawns as it was starting to get too difficult for him.
But, when I continued the lecture without minding the drowsy Reki-kun, he eventually fell asleep in peace and comfort.
I was a bit irritated, but it can’t be helped since my teaching methods are poor.
It made me realize just how incredible Kuti’s magical power illustrations are.
It goes without saying that without those illustrations, it would take me far longer to grasp Sani sensei’s difficult to understand lessons.

My will to study deteriorated after seeing the peacefully sleeping Reki-kun, so I dived into the soft and fluffy Reki-kun bed, but my three-year-old bodyweight is meaningless to this doggy.
Even when I clapped on his belly in retaliation, it had no effect.

Not bothering to think anymore, I buried my head into his belly which didn’t stink of a beast but had a rather refreshing scent and embarked on the nap time myself.




I can hear a clear, bell-like voice.
I know this comfortable to hear voice that makes my heart be at peace. There’s no way I could forget.
When my thoughts gradually untangled and I became clear-headed, I felt the usual feeling on my cheek.
I’m already very well-acquaintanced with this suction pad-like clinging sensation.


“Puha! Gehehehe…… it’s the flavor of the godly Liliannyum after a long time……!”


She’s clinging to my cheek like a suction pad, so I can’t see her, but I can feel the stickiness and the cheerful words that I was expecting to hear.


(Welcome back, Kuti. Have you completed the sorcery?)

“Cough! Y, you were awake, Lily? Since when have you been awake?”

(Gehehehe…… from around there, I think? Do I really have a “godly” flavor?)

“Well, that’s already a taste that far surpasses gods, you know!”


Because I have been seeing her only in the solemn pose recently, seeing her smug face makes me somewhat fraught with emotion.
It was a similar feeling to homesickness, as if my heartstrings were touched with nostalgia, tears started spontaneously dripping from my eyes and a smile floated on my face.


(I see…… may I have a taste of Kuti’s flavor as well?)

“Of course you can! Of course you can, but don’t expect me to taste like a sticky rice cake, alright!?”


After that, when I ascertained Kuti’s flavor, she indeed didn’t taste like a sticky rice cake, but I was able to properly experience the godly flavor too.




(By the way, Kuti.)

“N~~~~~ puha!”


When I showed Kuti the words of magical power while thinking that Tiny-sama who was enjoying the godly flavor should have enough soon, she slurped one last time, but she seemed satisfied.


“What is the matter, My LoVER~!”


Tiny-sama whom I have a feeling has a glossier skin than during the time her solemn pose did a thumbs up while putting emphasis on the “ver”.


(How did the sorcery go? You were able to complete it since you returned, right?)

“Of course, My Honey!”


This time, Tiny-sama made a double thumbs ups without any emphasis with a smile that made her teeth sparkle.
Of course, I’m unable to see the reflection of light, so Tiny-sama made it with magical power.


(So, what kind of sorcery did you make?)

“Fu fu fu~ well, well, calm down! You could say that this sorcery is the biggest masterpiece among the sorceries I have ever created! As if it would be possible to calm down-!”


Tiny-sama is excitedly flipping five tea tables in the air while breathing through her nose, but it seems to be a sorcery befitting of my expectations.
I understood from the motivation she had when she entered the Unconsciousness Domain, but my expectations grew even further with Tiny-sama’s elevated tension.


(And then, and then?)

“After being told something like that, this Kulestilt had no choice but to respond to your expectations~!”


Tiny-sama with a Milky Way behind her was burdened with the eyes full of expectations so she took the most solemn pose yet and when I took a peek under her skirt, I saw the deformed face of myself, Lilianne, printed over her sacred treasure. Tehe☆ she started developing the sorcery.

By the way, there was written Lilianne in a large font above the printed face…… that’s how I understood it was supposed to be me.




Detailed formulas piled up on each other as usual, joining the most daring and delicate among them, spreading little by little and tightening as if under enormous heat and extreme cold.
Still nearly the same as before――and yet, indulging in the well-desired title of geniousness――that’s the impression I received at first, but I soon received terrifying impression as goosebumps spread all over my body.
Until now, the impression from the composition of the formula represented the existence of Kuti herself.
A difficult to grasp light that demonstrated the talent of an undeniable genius.

However, the formula that is being developed right now is the complete opposite of the fairy’s light.
It’s gloomy and rough, with unshakeable belief and gloomy will with darkness deeper than the night.

I have goosebumps all over my body and cold sweat flows down my spine, but I’m unable to avert my gaze.
Because I was totally entranced by the development of the formula, I completely forgot to analyze it.


I lost control of myself for who knows how long, but the formula within the Reki-kun room that seems to be inviting demise has been finally completed.


“Now…… it’s complete!”


Simultaneously with Kuti’s voice, the huge amount of formulas compressed in one gulp.
The scene of compression shook the bottom of my heart, it was almost as if witnessing the birth of a new world.


But, I understood.
Kuti has not noticed yet.
That she is forgetting something very serious.


The flawlessly developed formula activated…… and disappeared.


“…… Hueh?”

(Kuti…… your magical power wasn’t enough……)

“…… Hueeeh~?”


Apparently, the miracluous-like formula Kuti developed has been granted her clumsy girl attribute and the dry wind carried Clumsy-sama’s lovely voice around the Reki-kun room.

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