Chapter 150

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“Alrigthy then~”


The second attempt of the newly created sorcery Kuti made herself has a terrifyingly reduced development time than the first attempt.
Even though she tried it before, it was only one attempt, so she still has to be careful about developing this sorcery that resembles a world’s creation.
Especially since it’s sorcery created by Kuti, it would be a far bigger disaster than existing sorcery if she were to fail.

Although I say that, she’s the strongest sorceress of the Forest next to the world.
She simulated the development step-by-step in her Unconscious Domain over and over again, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that her knowledge and experience are already deep as an abyss.


The newly made formula can naturally be fueled by the spirit power of another person just like the Dimensional Communication sorcery, therefore, the supplement of spirit power was quickly finished.
While the first attempt took a considerable amount of time to complete, this time’s attempt ended in a few seconds, so I felt a bit disheartened that I couldn’t see the development of that miraculous world creation-like formula for longer again.
But, sorcery is only sorcery when the formula finishes developing, so it can’t be helped.


The sphere of compressed formula floats on top of Kuti’s little palm.
Normally, the sorcery wouldn’t exhibit such behavior at this stage, but this sorcery isn’t a normal sorcery so it’s on the standby state even now.

As I was overwhelmed by the construction method of the first attempt, I couldn’t analyze the formula at all.
The last time, I only understood that the magical power was barely enough.
Therefore, I have no idea what’s going to happen after this standby state. But, the formula in the shape of a sphere is packed with other difficult to see formulas, granting it a stable and complete form.

This sorcery required about thirty times the amount of my spirit power the Dimensional Communication sorcery needed, so I’m really curious about what kind of sorcery this is.



“Yes. Reki!”



When the sorcery moved from the top of Kuti’s palm above Reki-kun’s head, he looked up at the sorcery in wonder.
This sorcery was made for Reki-kun’s sake, so naturally, the target of its utilization is Reki-kun himself.
It’s a new sorcery, the formula is already completed and it’s waiting to be activated, so she intends to show the effects in practice.


(Reki-kun, it will be fine. Kuti made this sorcery for your sake, so you don’t need to worry.)


(…… That’s right, isn’t it…… it’s as Reki-kun says. You trust Kuti, so you don’t have anything to worry about.)


This was the answer Reki-kun gave me when I told him there’s no need to be anxious about the new sorcery.
That’s right. Reki-kun also trusts Kuti.


“Then, here ay go~”



Come at me anytime, with Reki-kun’s signal, the sorcery that was on standby slowly descended towards Reki-kun and entered his body.


(Re, Reki-kun, does it hurt? Are you okay?)

“It’s fine, it’s fine. There’s no physical effect at all until it permeates throughout the body.”

(I see……)



The in-depth flow of Reki-kun’s magical power didn’t show any changes.
No, it wasn’t without a change.
Once Kuti’s sorcery slightly below Reki-kun’s heart, it disassembled and slowly started disappearing.

Reki-kun let out a relaxed voice almost as if he was taking a bath, it was absurd of me being worried about the world-first use of this sorcery.
It took only a blink of an eye for such thought in the corner of my mind to completely disappear together with the sorcery.


“Alright, looks like it properly permeated. But, the real thing starts here!”

(It does not end with this?)


“Of course! Try caressing Reki-kun to your heart’s content next! You may use as much compression as possible too!”

(Y, yes. I got it.)

“Wa, wafuu?”


Thinking about it again, the sorcery Kuti made is a measure against the formation of the lump of magical power, so it can’t be over with this.
We have to properly experiment and ascertain the results.

When I coated my hand with compressed magical power, Reki-kun instantly became happy, but he immediately turned tense and let out a feeble voice.
Does it have to be now? When I shook my head at this question of his, he gave up the idea and showed me his belly in the submission pose.


Kuti told me to compress as much magical power as possible, but I’m nervous myself so I can’t go that far.
It’s not like I don’t trust Kuti, it’s just that an accident or irregularity could appear from anywhere.
If some kind of defect appears in Reki-kun, it will be that much sorrowful. I trust Kuti, but Reki-kun is also my important family.


(Here I go~)

“Wa, wafufuhi!”


I begin the mofumofu with my hand clad in a moderate amount of compressed magical power.
Reki-kun’s quality of fur is always the best.
It’s feeling of the finest quality that makes me want to enjoy it regardless of the lump of magical power, but now’s not the time.

The place of touch got permeated with my magical power, but it was considerably different from the usual way of permeation.
It’s almost as if it was guided to gather at a single place.
Until now, it was sucked into and unified with the nearest flow of magical power, but it’s currently gathering somewhere through a completely different flow.
Of course, it wasn’t all of it. A portion got absorbed by Reki-kun’s flow of magical power in the same manner as before.

But, Reki-kun has the usual reaction.
It seems that touching with a moderate compression has a permissible amount.

I wonder if it induces his magical power to suppress and alternate mine into his while leaving the pleasure from the caressing intact?
But, doesn’t it look rather like I’m trying to make a lump of magical power on purpose?

The place the compressed magical power is being guided to is Reki-kun’s forehead.
The same place where the magic stone was ejected from.


(Ku, Kuti…… surely not.)

“Mufufufufufu. Looks like it’s going smoothly! It’s precisely that ‘surely not’! Now, caress Reki even more and more, Lily!”


Kuti’s aim――the effect of her sorcery, I got a gist of it.
I increase the compression little by little and continue touching him while making sure that I’m not causing him any harm.
Unfortunately, in the current state of experimenting with the sorcery, I can’t become absent-minded.

Making Reki-kun convulse many times is also for the sake of experimenting, it can’t be helped.


I slowly and carefully increase the compression.
Reki-kun has been already completely boiled like an octopus in the whirlpool of pleasure.

When a considerable amount of magical power gathered in Reki-kun’s forehead, I heard Kuti’s voice to stop.
It seems that just a fixed amount will do.
I was sure that something would happen on its own, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


“Yup, yup, a sufficient amount has accumulated. As expected of Lily. To amass such amount in such a short time, as expected of my partner!”

(Thank you. What will you do from now on? It seems safe, but this is a lump of magical power, isn’t it?)

“Exactly~! It’s an artificially made lump of magical power! But, it’s safe. I made sure that this lump of magical power won’t have any effect on the interior of Reki’s body! That’s why it took me so long to construct the formula!”


The sorcery Kuti created had relation to the lump of magical power as I thought, but to think it would be to artificially produce them.
Naturally, she removed all the bad influences it had on Reki-kun’s body, but I can’t entirely assess just how she has done that from the analysis.
I think I will have to analyze the formula when I have time, but as expected of Kuti.
The theoretical stuff was most likely put together by Sani sensei. That person is capable of anything.
But, to create a sorcery just from hearing that theory shows Kuti’s skill as the best sorceress.


“Now, the real value of this guy is still about to come! ‘Status Open!’.”



I feel like I heard some familiar words while going over Kuti’s awesomeness.

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