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The Phantasmal Bad Ending of Volume 8
(Reki-kun, endure! It will be fine, if it’s Reki-kun…… Reki-kun can endure it!)



The sorcery that is completely restricting Reki-kun’s abnormally strengthened limbs is about to break.
Despite developing the 2nd-grade restriction sorcery already twice, I will have to recast it again.


(Sorry…… I’m really sorry…… Reki-kun…… sorry!)



I added an additional restriction sorcery and forcibly bound Reki-kun’s limbs.
If I didn’t do this, Reki-kun would struggle until exhausting all of his strength.
The current Reki-kun would wreck even this enormous Reki-kun room in an instant.
The surroundings are perfectly protected with concealment and barrier sorceries, but Reki-kun would immediately destroy them were I to remove the restriction.

The present Reki-kun is in a state in which I am not able to go easy on him.
His mental condition is in a state where he would bare fangs even at me who is his master without hesitation.




Reki-kun’s cries which were neither yelps nor howls filled up the concealed space.
These cries were filled with abnormal magical power that would cause harm to the spirit were it not for the barrier.
Reki-kun is now in the worst state possible in which all of his actions involve destruction.




This event dates back to the time we have just finished removing the lump of magical power.


“Well then, I will take this to the research institute at once and examine it.”

(I will leave it to you, Sensei.)

“Yeah, leave it to me. Kuti, you have to complete the sorcery in question by the time I come back.”

“Leave it to me, I will have it done at once!”

(Do your best, Kuti.)

“Leave it to me!”


The thing Sani sensei is taking to the research institute in the Forest next to the world is naturally the magic stone (temporary) that fell off Reki-kun’s forehead.
Unlike the common magic stones found in dungeons, this magic stone (temporary) has a tremendous amount of my very own magical power.
And the biggest problem is that it surpasses the sealing properties of common magic stones by far, absorbing the magical power of nearby sorceries and thus deconstructing them.
This absorption property is so violent that it destroyed even the severed space it was in.

Because the absorption until destruction took some time, I developed a three-layer barrier sorcery around it together with Kuti, making it carryable at last.

Sani sensei who lived for four digits of years hasn’t seen anything like this magic stone and because there was a limit of what she could find out here, she decided to take it to the research institute where she can examine it with proper equipment.
Understandably, my lessons were canceled.
In the meanwhile, Kuti is going to create the sorcery Sani sensei asked of her.
The sorcery she’s going to create will be a dedicated sorcery for safely removing the lumps of magical power.
This time, Kuti used life support sorcery a lot and I, who is able to see the present amount of magical power went hand in hand with danger. Rather, there was no other method.

But, just a slight mistake in the absorption of magical power could have cost me my life.
However, Kuti will be able to create a safer and more efficient sorcery.
The necessary theory and formulation seem to be already completed, so all that’s left is just to construct it.
But, even Kuti isn’t able to construct sorcery in a short time.

Kuti will devote herself to sorcery construction while Sani sensei examines the magic stone (temporary).
As for me, I decided to stop my daily mofumofu of Reki-kun and follow-up on the withdrawal symptoms that are going to accompany it.
I believe it will be harsh on Reki-kun, but it will take time for Kuti to complete the sorcery, and if something irregular like the lump of magical power resurfaces again, it might be a matter of life or death.


“Well then, I’m off.”

(Take care, Sensei. Thank you in advance!)



They have already contacted the other side with Kuti’s dimensional communication sorcery, but the doorway to the Forest next to the world can be opened only at the discretion of the other side.
This doorway’s location is also restricted, so it’s not possible to open it here either.

After seeing Sani sensei off, I had plenty skinship with Kuti because I won’t be able to see her for a while and then she entered her Unconscious Domain in order to create the sorcery.
Wiping my sticky face with a handkerchief I usually have on me, I explained what will be happening from now on to the anxious Reki-kun.

Reki-kun who heard the explanation tilted his head as didn’t understand the severeness of withdrawal symptoms.




Reki-kun’s mofumofu-less life has begun.

Day 1.
Reki-kun was able to spend the day peacefully with his state of mind and physical condition as usual.
He wasn’t showing demand for mofumofu on the first day.
With my study and magic time lost, I was able to end the day by playing with Reki-kun to full satisfaction.
By the way, Reki-kun’s lessons were canceled as well.
This day, I stayed at the Reki-kun room, we had a meal together and we were together even during the bath and toilet time.

Day 2.
Just as the noon passed, Reki-kun’s tone started becoming strange.
He would hectically stand up and sit down, and he also started moving about.
He seemed irritated when I called out to him as he immediately looked the other way.
Even so, I managed to calm him down by playing and exercising with him.

Day 3.
The situation was similar to Day 2, but the exercises started becoming ineffective.
He lost appetite and his irritation got terrible.
But, it seemed to be on the level where he could suppress it with his own will.

Day 4.
He was irritated so he destroyed all of his playthings.
The flow of his magical power also stagnated, making it difficult to confirm his health.
Although he didn’t groan or bark, his eyes were full of anger when I called out to him.

Day 5.
He was able to destroy many parts of the floor.
The damages were to a degree they still could be fixed with sorcery, so I managed to avoid further problems.
I understood Reki-kun’s terrible state just by looking at him.
There was nothing but anger in his eyes and he wouldn’t stop trembling.
It’s difficult for me just to look at him.

Day 6.
Reki-kun destroyed one of the defensive barriers I set up beforehand.
At that time, Reki-kun wasn’t able to control himself anymore.
I restrained Reki-kun while crying, but he destroyed my restriction sorcery by fighting against it with his full strength.

After destroying all of the defensive barriers, Reki-kun directed his sorcery strengthened fangs towards me, but he fainted as soon as Kuti’s automatic defensive barrier activated.
It was the result of Kuti who temporarily suspended the sorcery construction on behalf of me who couldn’t do anything, and attacked Reki-kun with unbelievable power.

Day 7.
Reki-kun received damage that injured even his internal organs, but Kuti immediately healed him, so his life wasn’t in danger.
But, from that day, Kuti didn’t speak a word and began monitoring Reki-kun while creating the sorcery at the same time.
As I couldn’t do anything against Reki-kun who was seriously trying to kill me, I couldn’t say anything.


Day 8.
Reki-kun destroyed all of the surroundings while overflowing hostility and killing intent.
Reki-kun wasn’t moving with all his might at speeds I couldn’t follow, but Kuti’s suppression far surpassed that, pulverizing Reki-kun each time before he could harm somebody.
The floor was repaired immediately, but Reki-kun’s injuries weren’t as bad as yesterday.
Kut immediately healed those injuries, but I was doubting my eyes at the sorcery she used afterward.
Kuti has completely frozen Reki-kun up.
I stopped her in a panic because Kuti was seriously intending to freeze Reki-kun to the state of asphyxiation.

Day 9.
I made up my mind.
I restricted Reki-kun with the strongest restriction sorcery I could use.
I received the eyes of anger, hostility and killing intent of the rampaging Reki-kun.
I developed several more layers of the restricting sorcery with my vision blurred from the tears flowing from my eyes.

I forcibly pinned down Reki-kun who continued resisting and I continued developing layer upon layer of restriction sorcery in order to completely restrain him.
Reki-kun is now trying to break through the restraints even at the cost of damaging his own body.


He will try to kill me once he breaks through and will ultimately get killed by Kuti.




Day 14.
Kuti’s sorcery was completed.
This sorcery was totally different from the sorcery that was first planned.
It was different from the initial configuration of completely and safely removing the magical power from the target as it left a small portion of my magical power within the target.

When Kuti began exercising that sorcery without explaining anything, I was able to analyze the results.


(Kuti…… why……)

“Reki is no good anymore. He will eventually end up harming you. I will kill him if this doesn’t work.”

(Kuti…… I beg you…… stop it!)

“If this sorcery goes well, Reki will return back to normal.”


Indeed, Reki-kun will return back to normal if this sorcery goes well.
Because he’s under the influence of my mofumofu――withdrawal symptoms caused by my magical power, the withdrawal symptoms won’t occur if their cause is removed.

But, this sorcery leaves just a little bit of magical power behind while removing everything else.
It extends not only to the magical power, but the body as well.
There are few places in Reki-kun’s body that weren’t influenced by my magical power.
In other words, Reki-kun will eventually die even if he returns back to normal.


Kuti has been creating the sorcery, monitoring and suppressing Reki-kun without listening to me these past few days.
Kuti can take the life of anyone except myself without any hesitation.
Even if it’s Reki-kun, he has been already delineated in Kuti’s mind when he bared his fangs against me.


What do I do?
What’s the best thing to do?


Kuti’s sorcery will be developed soon.

Despair started moving in my thoughts.


My field of vision changed completely.
Formulas floated over my head, it was a space full of floors.

When I grasped as if to seize one of the formulas floating over my head, a window with the details of the formula opened before my eyes.
I don’t remember how many times I repeated that action anymore.
But, I was done just a moment before Kuti’s sorcery completed.


My field of vision changed completely, the constructed formula before me was daringly repainted with my beautiful formula and the sorcery activated.

Kuti opened her eyes wide in surprise.
The sorcery used on Reki-kun should have completely removed my magical power for the target and left only a small portion behind.

But, the sorcery which was the first one I ever created changed the effect.


The formula spread through Reki-kun’s body and…… removed all of the permeated magical power.


In this world――Auriol, entities with no magical power don’t exist.
Creatures who don’t possess magical power are proved to not being able to live.

That is the difference between this and my previous world.


Reki-kun who’s all magical power disappeared will naturally die.
But, this overwritten sorcery won’t end here.


Instead of the magical power that vanished, a new magical power based on Reki-kun’s physical information will be generated.


The world is filled with magical power.
With my Cloudy Eyes, I’m able to see the fine particles overflowing within the magical power.
Although they are overflowing, it’s necessary to take several steps to utilize them.
There was not enough time to go through such a process.


That’s why I had to use my magical power which I could use easily.
However, using my magical power to generate magical powers in others is completely different from the act of giving magical power to others.
Sharing my magical power would be the same as usual.
Therefore, I couldn’t use that hand.

That’s why, I decided to… create magical power anew.
Even if it was necessary to use all of my magic power to generate a minimum necessary magic power.


I was convinced as my vision was turning dark.
Reki-kun can be saved like this.


I felt like I heard Kuti’s voice from afar.

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