Chapter 130

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The third week of the 12th Month, the day of Bonin white-eye.
So to speak, Day 20 of 12th Month, my birthday.

Today is the last day of Eliott’s parade, the parades performed in the morning and afternoon will be the last.
The main street which is the spot of the final parade is said to be decorated with many decorations and people like on festival days.
The street stalls and small shops are frantic to seize the festival-sized customer traffic.
It’s regrettable that I can’t go to see it, but there wouldn’t be much meaning because I wouldn’t be able to see it even if I went.
I might be able to appreciate the atmosphere of the festival just by hearing the bustling crowd of people, but as expected, just hearing the sound would be unsatisfactory.
Besides, I haven’t walked among such a large group of people in these three years yet, so those who understand and care for me are worried whether I would get scared of the unfamiliar large crowd.


…… Even though it seems like I’m making up excuses, it’s not like I want to go or anything.
It would be difficult for a three years old child to enjoy the festival to the fullest after all. It’s not an excuse, you know?




The people around me considerably increased in the past year.
The personal maids and the Knights of the White Crystals.
He’s not a person, but especially Reki-kun.

They are people who are with me every day, but they are fundamentally a battle potential.
The personal maids have an advantage as pure bodyguards, but the Knights Order which excels in numbers keeps watch over the surroundings.
In addition, the strongest person is always by my side.

My third birthday isn’t only for family members.
I’m wearing the already standard brand new clothes, a dress with many ribbons matching the wedding-like thin bouquet emphasizing a large colorful ribbon on my head.
It’s completely covering my feet so I have to drag it behind me while walking, but it doesn’t change the fact that I spend most of the time in Obaasama’s bosom.

The plan is for my parents to join up with us once Eliott’s parade is over.
Since it’s the last day, they should be attending the dance party which will be carried out afterward, but it would mean that they wouldn’t be able to be with me on my birthday, so they will stay only for the parade.
They were grumbling about the parade as well, but it seems it wasn’t possible as they have to attend no matter what because of their high social status.
When I sent them off with a smile, Even though it’s your own birthday, how admirable you are, Lily-chan! they ended up crying.

Well, it goes without saying that it went mostly as I expected.


That being the case, I’m currently in the midst of my birthday party.
This time, it’s not a party for our relatives or servants only, several people from outside have been invited as well.
Several people who passed through a thorough check of my grandparents have been invited this time, but I understood that there were some people whose appearances I didn’t recognize among the people that were invited the last time.

There are various races living on the Lizwald Continent.
Among them, Ovent is known for being a human country, but many races live here in considerable numbers.
However, whether being a custom or etiquette of the nobility, in case you are invited to such party, you are attending as an official representative of the race you belong to.

Apparently, half of the people invited this time aren’t of the human race, there are one Beastman and one Devil among them.
There are several people with Kirin ears among our servants so I wasn’t surprised, but the devil person has two small horns growing out of his/her forehead, with little bat wings on his/her back.

But, that person seems to be disguised, so s/he looks like a human.
Disguise magic tool has no effect in front of my Magic Eyes, so I could see his/her original appearances.
Incidentally, as for the way I see him/her, the surface of the formula that is supposed to be covering him/her is widely opened, it feels like the parts concealed with the formula are overturned.

It’s different from the magic tool used to disguise the surroundings.


I’m being carried by Obaasama while Ojiisama leads the way.
Both are basically celebrities, but Obaasama is overwhelmingly more famous than Ojiisama, so if I’m pushed to say, then Ojiisama looks like being Obaasama’s back-up.
Acting as a contact person or a negotiator, Obaasama deals with the people coming in succession to us quickly in order to not burden me.
The presents were given beforehand and they are piled-up in the center of the room, is what I’m told.

As expected, even though the magic tool furniture has increased, it’s not like every single one was exchanged.
Besides, I can’t have expectations for the presents that were given to me.
The contents of the presents will be carefully inspected to confirm their safety.


This morning’s light debut party has finished and exchanged with a luncheon party. When that ended, those who were invited left to attend the final parade and the dance party that comes afterward.
It will become a party for relatives only from now on.

The great majority of servants chose to stay here instead of going to see the parade or rather, everyone is here.
Rather than Eliott being unpopular, I strongly feel that it’s the effect of the said mikoshi pilgrimage.
They are expecting cosplay of their young Ojousama more than the country’s promotion celebration of a 1st-grade sorcerer. Truly wicked.


Therefore, I would like you to stop looking at me with such expectant eyes.
Theo and Ellie too, even Ena have expectations.
Since there’s no helping it and the numbers are still small, I reluctantly decided to use the sets Ena is keeping.


Making other people happy even though it’s my birthday, how sorrowful the life of an entertainer is.


It goes without saying that the Christophe House’s great hall has been filled with high-pitched storm and the phenomenon of the first aid room overflowing reoccurred that day.




The ears, tails, and wings which were moving with abundant emotions in the contrast to my expressionless face weren’t that many in numbers, they quickly ran out of stock and the normal birthday party reopened.


Well, the servants certainly tried to hold back some kind of liquid in addition to their high-pitched screams or they collapsed and were carried out on a stretcher, so it can be said that the birthday party was normal.


In the first place, in what kind of a birthday party are people carried out on stretchers one after another……


In the great hall which has started to calm down, a dance party has begun with a light music.
This was also an idea of Eliott who hasn’t returned from the palace’s dance party yet.
It was aimed towards me, my grandparents and servants who couldn’t participate.

By the way, Theo and Ellie can dance.
They properly do the difficult steps of the dance and each flexibly responds to various tunes.
Theo and Ellie are unable to dance with adults because of their heights, so the two close siblings are dancing with their hands joined.

Ellie who is beautifully spinning round and round.
And Theo who is elegantly leading and following her.


(Theo and Ellie can dance, huh…… and so skillfully at that! I wonder why the dance of a pretty boy and a pretty girl is so beautiful?)

“When Lily grows up, you will be able to hog the entire hall with your dancing for yourself without a doubt! Rather, if you go dance now, they will all fall in love!”

“Well, aside from training, Theo and Ellie have been practicing dancing as well after all. Nevertheless, they are good. The dance movements can transfer to hand to hand combat as well. As I thought, their talent is tremendous.”


They apparently learn dancing at home, not in school.
I wonder if I’m going to take lessons before long as well. No, I can’t see, so I might not get taught.
But, I can see the magical power, so……
Well, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


(Both are so pretty……)

“Lily is much prettier! Your princess dress is so wonderful it was a really close call, you know! The cosplay equipment was far more dangerous though!”

(I think it would be better to bury it as a dark history……)

“Cosplay Lily prprpr!”


Tiny-sama is running wild more or less, but regardless of that, the song slowly came to an end.
My siblings who elegantly bowed to each other magnificently returned were dazzling.
And after a short pause, people switched places and a new song started playing.

Music flowed and beautiful dancing continued in the great hall without stopping.

After Obaasama’s and Ojiisama’s passionate and intense dance, I danced for the first time together with the two and Theo and Ellie.

Kuti was happily dancing in the air with hundreds of animals she drew with magical power.
Obaasama, Ojiisama, Theo, and Ellie too, everyone was showing emotional magical power, so I fully covered it with my own warm magical power.


When the song ended while wrapped in the falling like snow, but warm at touch magical power and everyone bowed to each other, the hall broke into applause and we slowly returned to the seats.


The food was carried in after the dancing finished and the party completely changed into a buffet party.
The personal maids brought us light meals that the siblings and grandparents let me eat.

Our parents joined us at the buffet party and the party slowly came to an end.
As expected, I have been participating since the morning, so I’m quite tired.
The cosplay was especially tiring.

Indeed, cosplay is tiring.
No matter what you say, cosplay is tiring.


While thinking such thing, the boisterous servants who were scattered around the hall eating food and resting suddenly split up and made a way for me from my main guest seat till the door almost as if recreating Moses’ miracle.


What waited over there was――

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