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A Story of a Little Long Ago.
When I was still small, the Christophe Household was a small noble household.
Although it was a small household, it was a noble household with an ancient and honorable pedigree.
Born into such Christophe Household, I was raised without any discomfort.

My beloved cousin Houghneck Oniisama was acting as my tutor, Otousama and Okaasama were both very kind, completely different from the greedy nobles from the rumors I heard.
Otousama and Okaasama were managing many orphanages, so they were busy every day.
However, I received their love every day and Houghneck Oniisama who was like my true elder brother was with me, so I spent every day in happiness.

On a certain day, I learned that happiness could be easily crushed.

The Christophe Household was originally a small noble household.
Even if it’s a household of ancient and honorable pedigree, it can’t maintain itself without money.
The Christophe Household, in particular, needed lots of money because it managed many orphanages.
We somehow managed with the subsidy divided to nobles from the Kingdom, but the subsidy will be apparently largely reduced this year.

The busy Otousama and Okaasama strived to raise money somehow in order to maintain the orphanages, but the results weren’t so sweet.
Houghneck Oniisama also started working in the Knights Order, but the results also weren’t that good.

Otousama, Okaasama and Houghneck Oniisama didn’t tell me the true reason behind this reduction.
The reason was that I was still too young, but there were many other major reasons too.
There’s a part of me is greatly different from the other children.

But…… because it’s such me, I’m able to help everyone.
Besides…… I already knew the true reason behind the reduction, so I thought of utilizing that reason.




I got to know by coincidence, I ended up hearing the conversation of the chatty maids.

The only great dungeon existing in the Kingdom’s capital where the Christophe Household is located has been sealed years before, and a large amount of money is necessary for its maintenance costs.

The maintenance costs were certainly spent for the maintenance.
However, it now had to be maintained with the funds that ran many orphanages.
Although we would know only later if the accounting was done properly, but it seems that it had nothing to do with people who didn’t report properly.
Besides, I didn’t have much to do with it at that time. It’s something that has already happened.

I also had a secret reversal strategy, so I didn’t particularly care.

An enormous magic fragment――magic stone exist deep inside the dungeons without exception.
The larger the magic stone is the bigger the dungeon gets the quality increases and sells for more.
Although I have only a small collection of books, there’s a library in the Christophe Household and it was written in a book I read there.

I, who is partly different from the other children received authorization from Houghneck Oniisama, thought of capturing the sealed dungeon and obtaining the magic stone.




As the dungeon is sealed, the entrance is completely shut.
But, that doesn’t matter to me.
The reason why the Christophe Household existed as guardians of this dungeon for generations without being succeeded by anyone else is because of our sealing technique.
This dungeon which was sealed about 800 years ago has been sealed by the blood of the Christophe Household.
That being the case, I, who is of the pure lineage can remove this seal.

Because it has been sealed 800 years ago and the monsters aren’t overflowing, there’s no further need for guardians anymore and thus the subsidy was stopped, but that has already disappeared from my head.
What’s in my head now is capturing the dungeon, obtaining the magic stone and making money.

It’s a child’s shallow thinking without considering the consequences.

However, I easily removed the seal of 800 years.

I don’t know whether it was fortunate or not, but the huge things called monsters didn’t start overflowing.
With the exploring necessities stealthily prepared beforehand from reading books, the chatty maids, and other servants, I decided to look in the dungeon at once.

The reason why the preparations went so easily is also because Otousama, Okaasama, and Houghneck Oniisama were so busy.
It’s a state of emergency, so it can’t be helped.
They have apologized many times for not being able to look after me and the preparations were easier for me that way, so I didn’t think of it as a problem.

Ah, I, of course, sealed it again after entering. Since it can be sealed from inside too.
I wouldn’t like the monsters overflowing and causing the Christophe Household troubles after all.




I’m still a child, but while I may look like this, I learned self-defense from Houghneck Oniisama.
I’m not daunted by simple monsters, I can deal with them too.

Houghneck Oniisama taught me many things like dealing with pushy, luring men or how and when to raise my voice during a kidnapping.

Therefore, there’s nothing I’m scared of.

The dungeon has not piled up dust even though it has been sealed for 800 years, there’s even a light.
Advancing through a passage, I arrived in a large room where a person covered in hair, five times the size of me welcomed me.

His head is reaching the ceiling and he seems to have trouble moving.
He also has four arms, I’m sure he finds cooking easy.
Because Frida always said she wanted more hands when I came to play in the kitchen.

The eyes of the person covered in hair sparkled the moment he discovered me and started running towards me.
It may not be helped since he didn’t see anyone for the past 800 years, but a gentleman must not forget himself.

First, you bow while giving your name, then bow even further.
Without shaking your shoulders, with your back straight and eyes looking straight forward.
Slowly and elegantly start walking uniformly.

I tilted my head with an index finger on my chin after recalling what Houghneck Oniisama taught me, but the person covered in hair seems to be a wild person with no such tastes.

How regrettable. In that case, I have to put the method Houghneck Oniisama taught me in action.

I smoothly change the trajectory of the two approaching fists that are as big as my body with my hand.
Not going against the power’s flow while my skirt flutters are the point.

Because I guided the covered in hair person’s fists in a different trajectory than he imagined, his balance slightly crumbled.
But, he didn’t fall. He seems to have a good trunk.
I think that muscles forged with training are very beautiful.

However, he has only two legs. It’s only reasonable to fall after losing the balance in your legs.


I gracefully pinch my skirt and when I lightly kick the person covered in hair with my heel, and sure enough, he fell on his backside.
His large body made appropriately big sound and a cloud of dust whirled up.

Before that cloud of dust cleared up, I smashed his cervical vertebrae just like Houghneck Oniisama taught me.
It’s a simple job where only a little bit of power will twist the neck.

Houghneck Oniisama strictly ordered me not to use this power against people of the same race, but this person didn’t look like a person of our race in any way.

A big magic fragment remained behind the person covered in hair who disappeared in particles of light.
However, what I want is not a magic fragment. It must be the magic stone no matter what.
Since the magic fragment would be absorbed by the dungeon if left as is, I decided to smash it.
A magic fragment getting smashed to pieces accompanied by a quiet is very pretty.
I sensed a strange feeling of my body gushing with power for some reason, but I’m in a hurry so I ignored it and went on.




As the dungeon was sealed 800 years ago, it’s a very deep, deep place.
I have stopped counting after the hundredth floor, but the gentlemen waiting for me gradually increase as I descend.
As I thought, it’s very comforting when the person is a gentleman.

First, I bow and name myself, but the opponents just lightly bow while shutting their eyes.
The next moment, the gentlemen end up disappearing as if leaving, but their necks twist in a way they shouldn’t before they can even approach me, so it doesn’t matter that much.
They occasionally show never before seen speed with sorcery, but as I thought, it doesn’t have meaning once their necks, arms, legs, or trunk gets twisted.

Ah, of course, I’m the one doing the twisting. You can never use it against people of the same race, you know?

I eat meals from the food called materials the monsters leave behind.
Their appearances aren’t that good, however, they are pretty tasty.
Therefore, I have no trouble with food.
Gentlemen sometimes gather after being lured by the fragrance of meat I cook with a fire magic tool, but it only increases the food.

I think it would be better to have more modesty and humility.




I don’t know how many days has it been anymore, but I have arrived at a remarkably large door.
There were doors like this on some of the other floors too, but the people inside were all very lively people.
It’s unfortunate that their liveliness died out immediately, but it can’t be helped since I’m in a hurry.

The door in front of me is far larger than any door I encountered before.
However, I open the door the way how it was described in books just like I did until now.

I mean, it’s within my reach.

Together with a loud noise, the door disconnects from the wall and I plunge inside.
After I entered inside, the lively gentlemen inside were making funny faces just like the others after I introduced myself.

The gentleman whom I have introduced myself to this time was a very large person.

I think I read in a book that this person is called a dragon.
The person himself said so as well.

The Dragon God of Beginning, he said.

I talked with the dragon person for a while and understood that this is the deepest part of the dungeon.
Since I have come this far, I requested him if he could hand over the magic stone to me, but after the dragon person laughed loudly for a while, the other gentlemen took action all at once.

I was very sad that the hem of my skirt ended up getting torn, but both of the dragon person’s limbs were long, but his liveliness died when I smashed all six of his wings.

The dragon person told me ‘the world is vast,’ which I didn’t understand well, but he handed the magic stone over to me.

I gave my gratitude to the dragon person who passed away and left after giving a sincere bow.

Otousama and others scolded me when I returned to the mansion, but they scolded me even more after I showed them the magic stone.
But, they tightly embraced me after.

My little adventure came to an end.

A moment after I annihilated and left the dungeon, the people of the Christophe Household on-site and people of the Knights Order were busy inspecting the site.
After the inspection ended, the Christophe Household was somehow immediately bestowed a high-ranking.

I was still taking lessons from Houghneck Oniisama, so it was a bit difficult for me to understand.




The Christophe Household which obtained a high position was able to slip out of the financial difficulties.
The orphanages we managed also increased by several.

As for me, I fell in love with diving into dungeons.
Breaking magic fragments and increasing my power little by little is very fun. Just how much fun would be breaking those magic fragments as big as that magic stone?
I’m getting very excited.

Unfortunately, it has been decided that I have to keep silent about the Christophe Household’s great dungeon I captured first, but it’s what Otousama and others told me, so I have to protect it.


Today, I’m diving into a dungeon as well.

The adventures of me, Annela La Christophe, are not over yet.

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