Chapter 111

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Slowly shaking side to side, following the movements of the upper half of the body and occasionally stands straight.
The bushy and fluffy thing with the first-rate softness lives up to the expectations.
If I buried my face in it, I would be able to smell the faint sweet and refreshing fragrance characteristic to her, which keeps on luring me to the paradise.

Of course, she would go to paradise with me though.


Watching Mira who is gathering Reki-kun’s toys scattered around the room in a chest while quietly humming a song, I have the impulse to embrace her with all my might and push her down.
But, I can’t. It’s not the time for that.
I have made a mistake the previous time and the time before that and it became a terrible accident.

Because of that, Reki-kun has been my guinea pig…… rather, sparring partner…… rather, sacrifice every single day, so I could learn.
Well, he has been having fun every day as well, so I guess there’s no problem in particular though…… no problem.

As I thought, Reki-kun might be different from Mira, but I plan on covering it that he’s different because of practice.
However, the technique accumulated on Reki-kun surely won’t be wasted.

That’s because I’m now able to do a technical knockout with the right adjustment and weak pleasure.
Of course, the referee is Sani sensei.
Kuti usually gives a mic performance in great excitement with her entire body trembling.

Naturally, it’s not just the weak pleasure, I have mastered medium and strong pleasure too and I’m even able to make fine changes in the flow of magical power in every possible way.
I’m convinced that the current me has graduated from the mofu and in a sense reached a place a step above, but I’m not sure whether that is the peak.

However, I’m not courageous enough to choose a partner and ran at them regardless of location and time.


The balance of self-defense always tilts to a certain direction, and I control my instincts which I can’t go against by the mofumofu in front of me…… or at least, I should.

Of course, controlling my instincts put great stress on me, but that stress is vented by experimenting on Reki-kun, so the problems aren’t unacceptable.
On the contrary, if I didn’t have this fluffy thing before me called Reki-kun, my heart might have been already pierced with a hole from stress.

However, Reki-kun doesn’t respond strongly even if he drowns in pleasure because he recognizes that he’s my pet.
Rather, he emits a heartwarming atmosphere.

However, although drowning in pleasure because of the existence of the pet Reki-kun, I conceal the dangerous parts with concealment better than the mosaic.


It’s not discharging as before.
I must use the sorcery I learned effectively.


If you use the techniques cultivated on Reki-kun and use the concealment sorcery on dangerous scenes like this, I can do things like this while pretending not to notice the fluttering Tail-sama before my eyes.
Well, dealing with the aftermath is terrible though.

Right, the aftermath is the problem.
In Reki-kun’s case, he can fundamentally hold a conversation with us so there’s no problem, but because he’s pet, he doesn’t have enough shame.

But, Tail-sama is different.
Tail-sama’s accessory――Mira has been endowed with a fully-fledged beastman personality.
And she’s my personal maid and a girl.
That’s why if I do too much of that and use high-level concealment sorcery, there will still be trouble.

I have reflected on entrusting myself to my feelings from the last time and the time before that, so I think of doing my best at preserving my reason while touching her.

That’s why I need a plan first.
The mission plan is important.

While removing obstacles in the way of my objective, without forgetting to discharge poison to the moat within the castle walls, using the starvation tactics to win, I will mix even more poison in the supplies.

Well, what I want to say is――



“Yes, what is it, Ojousama?”


“Wawa, what’s the matter, Ojousama?”



I will get her used to it first.
So that even embracing her isn’t a problem.




The circumstances behind Mira’s selection as my personal maid was different than the others.
Obaasama selected Mira because she was my favorite.
Of course, she properly has minimal skills as the Christophe Household’s maid, and her workload isn’t restricted to the work of the lowest-class maid.
She’s a capable child.

But, to be called an excellent maid within the Christophe Household, that alone is naturally not enough.
Nija is first on the list, Lacria and Jenny also have excellent battle skills which aren’t really necessary for maids.
Especially Nija, I do not doubt that she has the skills to annihilate the entire Knights Order easily.

Although I haven’t witnessed Nija’s ability outside of the spar with the Knights during the inspection, I can see the magical power and posses the Magic Eyes.
They have already deviated from Magic Eyes in terms of function, but they are Magic Eyes.

By seeing the flow of magical power with Magic Eyes, I can tell the target’s strength to a certain degree.
There are naturally things that can’t be seen without seeing the actual combat. I’m unable to judge it’s a style that uses magic tools to fight instead of using one’s body, but Mira doesn’t look like that type.

If Nija is the expert class, then Mira would be a step short of class 1 martial artist?
As expected, she’s able of that much as she’s the maid of the Christophe Household.
But, I can’t usually sense that from her at all.
I wouldn’t notice at all if I couldn’t see the flow of magical power.

By the way, Jenny and Lacria aren’t as skilled as Nija, but they far exceed Mira for certain.
As expected of the powerful personal maids.


That being the case, such easy-looking Mira should be my first capture target, but no matter how many times I say it, she had the previous time and the time before that.
Although some time has passed, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were still wary even though she seems like an airhead.


Well, as a personal maid, it’s only given she would be on alert around her master.
Although her master is out of the norm in various ways, I’m still just a two-year-old little girl.
It would be better for her to be alert if she were to be attacked by her master in a sexual way though.
Well, there’s no helping it that I’m trying to do something similar.
Let’s think that it’s better since it’s not direct.


Now then, returning to the story, it’s not the time to not restrain my power like the last time and before last time.
I’m able to move around Reki-kun’s room to a certain extent freely, and I can approach the personal maids who always keep a fixed distance between me without a problem.
But, because I’m always by Reki-kun’s side, I haven’t taken such actions yet.

First, I have to remove the obstacles in the way of my objective.
I’m going to work on filling the poison.


Hugging Mira without any magical power feels extremely soft.
Enough to make me lose to the mofumofu.


I can’t say she has rockets like Obaasama, but it seems that this child is hiding weapons of mass destruction.
I feel like there’s more since she’s so slender looking in clothes.
It’s possible that Nija is concealing something behind her flatness too, but she will be probably the last one I will carry my plan on, so the clarification is a long way off.


Anyhow, it’s Mira now.
Although I say removing obstacles, it’s just clinging to her for a long time.
This is an operation of shallow depth, so that it wouldn’t get exposed.
That’s why I’m prepared to take it slowly and carefully.

When I released her after clinging to her for a while, Mira had a staggeringly nice smile on her face, but her magical power was slightly different.


This is a shame?
Is this possibly and by any chance?
Eh, Mira-san. Are you possibly, perhaps?


I thought it was necessary to remove the obstacles carefully, but I think I seriously need to revise my plan a little early.

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