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Reki’s Days
A bone-like thing is thrown.
It slowly draws a parabola, I catch it when it reaches the peak and immediately bring it to My Master.

   (Yoku dekimashita/Well done)

I put the bone not only next to My Master’s, but I make sure it touches her foot and lower my head.
Master immediately rustles my head with her little hand gently.
These hands feel good.
There are times when they feel too good and I lose my consciousness, but she’s going easy on me now, so I’m able to maintain my consciousness.

She fumbles around for the bone touching her feet and picks it up, she throws it again with her flabby arms and I catch it in the same way and bring it back.

My Master is little.
I think that Master became considerably smaller than when I saw her for the first time.
Originally, she was about the same as me and yet she became so small, what a weird Master.
But, the other people from Master’s race are also becoming smaller.
I wonder what is this about?

Well, I don’t care so much about it as there’s no serious problem.
Playing with Master is my everything at the moment.

Now then, My Master, again!




The first time I opened my eyes, I was getting worked up because I thought I would be trapped in that narrow cage endlessly.
It made me even more exhausted.
While something in that narrow cage was suppressing my power, sealing it, the surrounding scenery was warping.

I was startled when I suddenly saw a little body so clearly even though the other things seemed so faint.
I was startled even more by the existences calmly floating beside her.

The supreme existences from fairy tales called fairies.
An expressionless, intelligent-looking fairy with half-closed eyes on one side.
A beauty overflowing with an unimaginable majestic aura on the other side.

That beauty said something before I noticed, but I was stunned by the letters I saw afterward.
They were words drawn with magical power.
It can’t be helped that I leaked out a little voice from surprise.
My eyes are able to see the magical power which others can’t. This is called Magic Eyes, but us, the noble Salvarua are endowed with them at birth.

However, it shouldn’t be possible for the magical power seen by my Magic Eyes to be manipulated yet.
I who is still young understands that. That’s because I’m unable to manipulate magical power consciously.

While thinking such, the scenery got cut off again and the power which was pinning me down returned.

The little body became blurry again.
Later, My Master.
In a world where I could see only her, I quietly closed my eyes.




It was the next day that I saw Master.

As I thought, she’s able to manipulate magical power and draw words.
You could call this talent of hers an innate ability.

She tried many times to communicate with me, but I’m the noble Salvarua.
I mustn’t yield so easily. Don’t take me lightly, little being.

However, thinking that I don’t understand their words is rude.
But, writing words with magical power isn’t my specialty.
Because it couldn’t be helped, I decided to move my right and left forepaws forward just like they suggested.

Fu…… something like this is no trouble for me.

The beautiful fairy was teasing me a bit, but that much isn’t enough to offend me.
That’s because I’m the noble Salvarua!

When our introductions finished, the little person tried to say my name out loud, but it didn’t go well.
I see, that’s why the words in magical power.

While grasping the situation, the others were calling my name.
Umu, my name has the ferociousness suitable for the noble Salvarua!

But, it might be losing to the splendid name of Kuti-san.

After that, the little person was communicating with me every day.
I also think that this little person is beautiful.
She’s still very young, but the presence and beauty of this little person are breathtaking.

That’s why it can’t be helped that I gradually lowered my guard around her.
One of the reasons I feel relaxed around her is because she doesn’t touch me.

I’m the noble Salvarua.
A high-class existence.

But, as I thought, she’s a child of people.
She has difficulty going against her desire to touch my noble fur.
However, I understand that as well.
I continue to avoid her who’s slowly trying to shorten the distance.
I said it many times already, but I’m the noble Salvarua.
You may not touch me so easily.

However, her elder brother that fellow, he ended up casually touching me.
I was dumbfounded, but my attention was attracted by the terrific whirlpool of magical power that was escaping from the little person.

And I came to a realization.
She is such a little person, but she holds an ability beyond that of humans……


She has been endowed with exceptional talent.
I can’t forget what I felt that day.

That…… pleasant feeling……




From after that day, I came to fear her.
I also fear those pleasant feelings.
No, it’s comfortable.
It’s way too comfortable.

That’s not good.

That’s…… not good……

I’m having a contest of strength with the bunny girl by pulling the chains attached to me today as well.
But, as I thought, I’m still inferior.
Anyone would shrink in front of that pleasant feeling.

You will know once you experience it.
You may call it tyranny.
Your consciousness will instantly fade and everything will be painted pink.
It’s too impossible. Too impossible. Afun.

There was a slight change in today’s contest of strength.
The chain which gradually pulled me everyday snapped under my power today.

And flew towards the little person……
But before that happened, a person stood in the way and the bunny girl defended.

I don’t remember what happened after.
I feel like having seen a dreadful wall of regret and repentance.
Thus, the little amount of pride that remained within me has been thoroughly pulverized.

I think.
What was it that little thing about?
My pride is lower than garbage in front of my little master.

I’m Salvarua.
Not a noble existence.

I’m Reki.
A Salvarua serving My Master, Lilianne.




“――I’m sure Reki had thoughts like that!”

“What was all that exaggeration of your parts about?”

“Eh~ I mean, it’s me, you know~?”

(It can’t be helped that I’m little, but I might prefer if you didn’t call me little that, little this that much……)

“Aan! I’m sorry, Lily! Lily is not little! Little but not little! You’re adorable!”

“No, no, it can’t be helped that you are little, right?”

(Well, that’s true, but……)

“Little Lily prpr! Prpr!”

(Kyaa, Kuti…… that’s ticklishhh.)

“You will get sticky all over again……”

(I have a handkerchief this time, so everything’s all right!)


“The preparations are perfect, huh.”

(There’s still Reki-kun’s tail if it won’t be enough.)


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