Idle Talk 14

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Personal Maids – 2nd Secret Talk
A dressing table with a finely decorated frame. Many multicolored cosmetics enshrined before it.
Many of them are already used up and their amount decreases little by little.
The bottle with a beautiful, light crimson color is decreasing especially fast.

Tilt the bottle, let few drops fall in the palms and rub it in.
Spread it slowly on the entire face while drawing circles from cheeks to the center until the light crimson color becomes transparent and slowly fixes to the skin.


“Jenny’s grooming is always so thorough~”

“…… Money loser.”

“Oh my~ how rude~ skincare is indispensable for women, you know~?”

“I wonder if the supplies are enough.”

“…… Unnecessary.”

“Nija’s~ skin is unfairly pretty, isn’t it~”


The slow-talking fox-eared woman――Jenny continued by spreading a creamy, dense liquid from a thick and short light green bottle.
The bear-eared woman with unfairly glossy skin――Nija, slightly grinned with her eyes still half-closed.


“I too~ want to have unfair skin like Nija~……”

“…… Gift of training.”

“Is that so~ I think that Nija is natural though~”


The woman moving her bunny ears in a blipblop manner――Lacria, was laying on top of a bed that looked very plain compared to the dressing table without minding that her long skirt was turned over, and threw in almost unrelated words.


“…… Rather than that, Mira is late.”

“What do you mean~ by rather than that~? Skin is very important for women, you know~?”

“Just to Jenny, right~? Stuffed toys…… no, I’m fine as long as I have Ojousama.”

“…… Super agreement.”

“Well~ some things will be blown away by staying near Ojousama~ but this is this~ that is that~”

“…… Irritated.””

“Jenny has been serving Ojousama today after all~ But, can you say the same tomorrow? Can you?”

“T, that’s~”

“Sorry for being late!”


The wolf-eared woman who barged into the three’s conversation by vigorously opening the door――Mira, was catching the breath with her hands on her knees.


“You’re la~te.”

“…… Late.”

“You’ve worked hard, Mira.”

“Haa…… haa…… I, I’m sorry…… I came late…… haa…… haa……”

“Were you~ hurrying that much~?”

“…… Insufficient training.”

“Here, drink this and calm down, okay~?”


Lacria took out a cup and filled it with water from a jug and handed it to the considerably unstable Mira.
Mira who drank the cup in one go breathed out, feeling refreshed.
Mira’s breathing has already returned to normal, but here, among the Christophe House’s servants, she got back on her feet considerably slowly.


“There, there~ then, since everyone has gathered~?”

“…… Yes.”




The four personal maids of the Christophe House’s youngest daughter began today’s Ojousama report meeting.




“By the way, seniors, just how much is Reki going to grow?”



As usual, the four were slowly moistening their throats with tea after talking about how cute, beautiful, and lovely Lilianne is, but the movements of the other three stopped with Mira’s question.


“H, huh? Did I say something strange……?”


The other three slowly drank the tea while Mira’s eyes swam nervously all over the place.


“That child is~…… Salvarua~”

“…… Because he’s Salvarua.”

“He’s Salvarua after all~”


The three presented their answers and Mira tilted her head.


“You~ you haven’t properly read the materials~?”

“I, I did read them…… b, but Reki should be still in the child stage, right? If that’s the case, isn’t he just a quarter the size he will become……”



“…… Fuah-”


Jenny and Lacria were of the same opinion while Nija yawned.
But, the three continue talking without minding as usual.


“Salvarua~ are originally~ an unknown species after all~”

“Right, right, Reki is full of unknowns so it’s fine. Besides, he’s receiving the favor of that Ojousama every day, so no matter what happens, it won’t be strange!”

“…… Ultra agreement.”

“That’s right, isn’t it…… every day……”

“Right, right, that thing Mira finds so difficult, every single day!”

“If that was done to Mira~ her body wouldn’t be able to hold up~”

“…… Disabled.”

“It would be scary if that really happened………… but……”


Mira had an expression nobody could figure out and she was looking down, but she fiddled with her index fingers and started muttering about something in a low voice.


“Is this~ the thing of those who experienced it~?”

“It’s unfair that she’s the only one who Ojousama made feel good, isn’t it~”

“…… Special agreement.”

“I, I didn’t mean it…… b, but…… that is…… umm……”

“But well, to undergo something in public that would require me to change my underwear immediately after would be a bit scary, wouldn’t it~”

“Wh, wh, wh, wh, why do you know about it~!?”

“Oh myy~ there’s nothing we don’t know about~”

“…… Wet.”

“Kyaaaa! Please stop itttttttt!”


The wolf-eared Mira plunged forward to close Nija’s mouth with her face bright red, but Nija kept on easily dodging Mira’s hands.


“Nevertheless, I’m certainly curious just how much Reki will keep on growing.”

“That’s right~ Ojousama~ can’t get on his back by herself anymore~”

“Ojousama straddling on top of the big, fluffy Salvarua is also wonderful, right~”

“Yeah, yeah~ Ojousama~ is wonderful no matter what she does~”


The two broadly smiled in excitement after recalling their very young master’s appearances while Nija ran and Mira chased.
This continued for the rest of the break, the only break of the day where the four personal maids can gather together and ended with Mira laying on top of a bed restricted by Nija’s technique.

The secret talk of the four maids about Lilianne La Christophe was noisy today as well.

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