Chapter 110

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The spring breeze is gently brushing my cheeks, but it carries a subtle, sweet scent of flowers.
I, who is riding Reki-kun never shakes because of his movements that care about his master and the saddle.

I’m enjoying the slow walk through the garden in which there are many things I haven’t seen yet before compared to the inside of the mansion accompanied by my siblings, Obaasama, Ena, my four personal maids, and Knights.
Of course, Kuti and Sani sensei are also here.
Kuti took a position on top of my hat, but she was sitting together with my in Reki-kun’s saddle before I noticed.
Sani sensei seems to be relaxing there as well.

Theo and Ellie are talking to me without pause and before one knows, she was tsukkoming Theo with her usual strong blow.
I’m already used to such scene, Obaasama and Ena are watching with smiles too.
It’s not like Theo is really in pain and it’s not like Ellie is seriously hitting him…… right?

With Theo’s daily training, his movements considerably improved and he became quite good at reducing the damage. But, Ellie’s movements gotten sharper from her training as well, so her offensive ability should have increased.
In other words, she’s not serious.

That’s right, it’s needless anxiety, needless anxiety I say.
It’s only my imagination that Ellie’s arm hardens with a certain amount of magical power when she inserts her tsukkomis!




Although I said walk, the weather is too nice to waste it just my merely walking.
That being the case, we have decided to spread something like a sheet and have tea. Rather, my personal maids are carrying various things, so it seems some preparations were done.
Although I don’t see what, I can tell from their actions that they are carrying something.

The sheet thing isn’t something like vinyl, but something like a soft carpet instead, it also appears to be a magic tool.
Here and there, I can see the flow of magical power in the carpet.


“Fufu…… as I thought, Lily-chan has interest in magic tools, don’t you~ It looks like she properly understands that this carpet is also a magic tool. This carpet is Christophe Household-made magic tool.”

“Ah, Obaasama! I know about it!”

“My, my, then Theo-chan, will you explain to Lily-chan?”


“Ugh~ I was too late……”

“Ellie just has to explain about something different. Here you go.”

“Ah…… yes! Thank you, Theo.”

“Ehehe. Well then, Lily――”


Theo explained about the carpet magic tool with a smile on his face, and following after him, Ellie explained about a pot-type magic tool.
Both of them explained happily.

Theo and Ellie are always very happy when Obaasama allows them to explain about magic tools in her stead.
Therefore, even if I already know about them, I properly express my thanks for teaching me and try using it a couple of times in front of them.
Doing that, Lily is a genius! They say every time while hugging me.
It’s already a standard, so getting hugged by the family is a part of the day.

My siblings, Obaasama and Ena drink tea with the fragrance of black tea prepared by Mira, and I drink fruit water prepared by Jenny.
It seems to be mandarine juice today. Of course, it’s 100% fruit juice and it had an insulation magic tool in it, so it’s moderately cold. My stomach would be in wrecks if it was too cold after all.


“Ojouasma, would you like some fruit?”

“Gib pleashe~”

“Certainly. Please wait a moment, the Rashid fruit seems to be in a good ripe condition.”


Because Lacria is carrying what I think is a basket full of fruit with a sweet scent, I presented both of my hands and gave a childish reply.
A broad smile appeared on Lacria’s face for a moment after seeing my childish behavior, but as Lilianne’s personal maid, her expression immediately tightened and she started peeling the fruit from the basket.

Incidentally, Rashid fruit is something like a Nashi pear from my previous world.
But, it’s not exactly a Nashi pear, it’s slightly different and a bit similar, so Nashi pear is the most fitting.

It’s a refreshing, sweet fruit with a crunchy texture.
I can’t see its color so I can’t be sure, but I can think only of Nashi pear because of its taste and texture, but its seeds seem to be very large.
They are the size of Kaki so they are considerably big.
I know that Nashi pear seeds were small in my previous world, so it might be a breed of a pear, but I’m not really sure.

By the way, Lacria is nimbly peeling the fruit while holding it in one hand, but it was quite big when I touched it before.
I wondered whether it isn’t the size of my head. I know that Nashi pear can become really huge, but this seems to be even bigger.

She smoothly and swiftly cuts such large Rashid fruit into easy to eat, mouthful sizes.
Even if she’s no match for Nija, it truly is what you would expect from the Christophe House and my personal maid.

Of course, our Obaasama was the one who fed me.

The small, mouthful sized Rashid was crunchy as I expected and made nice crunchy noises, and yet it filled my mouth with a plentiful amount of fruit juice.



“Fufu…… I’m glad for you~ Lily-chan.”

“Baa~ba eat too~”


“My, my, you will let Baa~ba eat too? Ahh~”


When I receive Rashid fruit from Lacria and offer it to Obaasama in return, she elegantly restrained her hair and she ate it together with my fingers.
Obaasama’s soft lips made captivating sounds and she licked off the fruit juice off my fingers.


“Fufu…… that was delicious~”

“Obaasama…… unfair.”

“…… Unfair…… me too……”

“Theo can’t~!”

“Eh!? Oooh!”

“Mu! Wait youー!”


The dumbfounded siblings opened their eyes wide at the scene and their real intentions spilled out.
But, immediately after Theo’s real intentions spilled out, he was about to be visited by Ellie’s single blow, but Theo unusually dodged and the two started chasing each other.

While watching the heartwarming scene of the two, Obaasama and Ena occasionally fed me different fruit from Rashid.

The outcome of the fun-looking game of tag in the warm sunlight was about to be decided with Theo’s frantic escaping and Ellie’s accurate feints and leaving no way to escape.




While hearing Theo’s shrieks and Ellie’s happy voice and the scent of flowers floating into my nose, a newly heard voice blended in.


“Ohh, my pure white Angel. The production of a magic tool created just for your sake is favorably progressing. Not being able to work because it takes time to get hold of a suitable magic fragment is irritating.”

“Eliott-dono…… you are the same as always, aren’t you……”

“My, my, I’m looking forward to seeing Lily-chan’s magic tool.”


The one who suddenly appeared was the nervous-looking man with long ears――Eliott, went straight to me without putting Obaasama or Ena into his eyes, and spoke while kneeling down, taking my little hand in one hand and placing the other hand on his chest.

Ena was exhausted just by seeing such Eliott and Obaasama was looking forward to the magic tool he was making for me.
There’s no problem in not returning Obaasama greetings because of his status, but because he’s employed at the Christophe House, he at least shouldn’t be able to talk to me without greeting Obaasama first.
But as Ena said, Eliott seems to be a person like that and it seems he hears only what he wants to hear.


“I’m creating a magic tool usable only by Angel using the wonderful new technology you have brought for us. I’m convinced that you will be definitely pleased with it.”

“My, my, I’m glad for you~ Lily-chan.”


Serious expression and sincere flow of magical power almost as if he was proposing.
He’s a person who works at his own pace, but I know that there isn’t a more able person than him when it comes to creating magic tools.
There’s no way that the article created with the new technology by a man like that wouldn’t be something wonderful.


“I’m looking folwawd to it~”

“Leave it to me, my Angel!”


There are still some delicate parts in my speech, the ‘my pace Eliott’ without minding took my little hand once again, kissed it with a smug on his face and left.


…… But, he fell as soon as he lifted his foot off the ground. Let’s say it wasn’t the fault of Tiny-sama who was in the middle of shaking with my hand in order to disinfect it.

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