Chapter 109

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Watching over my brother and sister who are zealously training from under the shade of a parasol that is hiding me from spring’s mild sunlight is my duty today as well.
Waving my hand when they take a break is also my duty, but my siblings who are training regularly seem to be even more enthusiastic when I come.

Theo recently entered the junior high and his lessons increased and his training with Ellie decreased.
That’s why I don’t exactly watch their practice every day. Still, Theo trains every day.
Ellie also felt sorry for Theo, so she doesn’t force me to watch her training unless Theo is with her.

Well, I still go to see her two out of three times.
I’m also watching Theo when he trains alone after all.

Of course, even though Theo is training without Ellie, it’s not like he’s swinging his sword alone.
Someone from the Knights Order, Ojiisama or an instructor is always by his side.

More than half a year has passed since they started training.
Theo has been doing various things on his own before they started, so his stamina is above a normal child’s, and his senses are apparently exceptional too.
Ojiisama and the people from the Knights Order are praising him.
Ellie is naturally praised too, but in Ellie’s case, she’s receiving hand-to-hand combat instructions from Obaasama, and even when her target, Obaasama, praises her, she doesn’t lose focus.
Because Theo also isn’t cutting corners, the two are in the middle of growing their superfluous talent without being aware of it.




Theo is handling the sword as if it was part of his body, unlike the time when he was just swinging it.
His powerful behavior of a skilled soldier makes it hard to believe that he practices only for half a year.

You can understand the difference after hearing one of the sounds he makes.
Even though he wasn’t making sounds of cutting the air before, he now can stop it at his free will.
The sword he’s using too――a double-edged sword made from tree――is a wooden sword, will become visible in a less than a few seconds when Theo holds it.
It took a while to see it at first, but it became this fast because Theo does this every day.
As I thought, weapons have the same effect as clothes when one becomes familiar with them.

There are times when he uses a slightly heavier wooden sword, but it will take time until I will be able to see that.
But, if he uses it as much as his favorite wooden sword, I will be able to see it shortly.


“Ha! Ya!”


With a sharp voice, he pours slash attacks on a straw figure with his wooden sword.
I naturally don’t see the straw figure, but it can’t be helped that the straw figure Theo is hitting drawn by Kuti’s magical power is struck with long nails.
By the way, the face part is resembling Alek’s face.

Does it look as if Theo hated Alek from Kuti’s perspective?
It looks to me that Theo respects Alek very much though……

While thinking such, the straw figure’s torso got cut off in two equal parts and its face became Reki-kun’s.

Of course, Theo doesn’t have the skill to cut the straw figure in half yet, so that’s Kuti playing around.
The facial expression of the lump of magical power that represented Theo already turned into Kuti’s.
It isn’t a smug face, but it has my points.

The real Theo continued making complex movements.
A keen and nimble change of position and slash with a serious expression.
He’s so serious and his attacks are so sharp that I thought the straw figure surely become tattered by now.

It’s terrifying because he’s only ten years old.

As a result of the piled-up basics, Theo’s growth over half a year advanced at tremendous speed. If you didn’t see him for a while, you might think he’s a different person.

But, when we bath together, I can see that his body isn’t macho.
Rather, it’s thin with an appropriate amount of muscles for his age.

I bet he’s a possessor of pink muscles.
I’m totally envious.

Incidentally, I think that the flow of magical power is getting gradually and slowly polished. I think that might be the secret behind his sharp attacks that adults wouldn’t be embarrassed for even though he doesn’t have that much muscle.

I mean, Obaasama is like that too.
Obaasama is firm, but she’s not full of muscles. She’s femininely round with golden proportions and she shakes like jelly on touch.

Obaasama and Reki-kun are particularly remarkable at magical power strengthening, but Theo who inherited Obaasama’s blood seems to be inclining towards that as well.
Ellie is surely like that too.

That being the case, I wonder if I’m like that too.
I’m able to freely manipulate magical power, but I haven’t used it in such a manner before.
Just how do you do it?

I would like to try if I can do it.
I would be able to use it for self-defense, and above all, I might even become a superwoman like Obaasama. If I can do it, I would like to give it a try.

Theo’s and Ellie’s training has been extending little by little and now it’s more than twice longer than at the beginning.
As expected, I would get bored if I were just watching all the time, but I’m receiving Sani sensei’s lesson in the meanwhile, so there are no problems.
Because of that, I don’t return to the Reki-kun room that often when the two are practicing.

In this warm spring that would make me doze off in my previous life, the study time continued until the practice of the two siblings finished.




“Lily, the weather is nice today, let’s take a walk outside once in a while.”



Ellie who came after sweating from working hard at the practice dressed in a sleeveless one-piece dress that made me think whether the season isn’t too early for it, and gave me a wonderful proposal.

Right, a walk.

I basically go to the garden only to watch Theo’s and Ellie’s practice.
Because of the difficulty to obtain permission for the garden adventure, I couldn’t think of a simple walk.

What a blind spot.
As expected of Ellie. She spoke out what I didn’t notice myself! I’m mesmerized, I admire you!


“Wanna go~!”

“It’s decided then. Theo is going too, right?”

“Of course!”

“My, oh my, today is good weather after all~ A leisure stroll might be good once in a while~”


It seems that Theo, Obaasama, and Ellie all agree.
All that’s left is Ena, but……


“If you are going out, you have to properly put a hat on, okay?”



Unexpectedly, she simply gave her permission.
As expected, I shouldn’t start with an adventure, but a walk instead.
I’m in pain from going straight to the mansion and garden adventure and completely leaving out the concept of a walk.


“Here, Lily also needs to properly wear your hat, okay?”



When I give a cheerful reply with my hand raised, Ena smiled and put a hat on my head.
The hat she put on me is a wide, brim hat matching with Ellie’s.
The hat coupled with Ellie’s dress makes her look like summer Ojousama, it truly suits her.

By the way, Kuti is already on top of the hat, shouting ‘Home position secured~!’
After finishing shouting, Tiny-sama slowly and quietly appeared in front of me upside down. The face that peeked at from the brim hat was naturally a smug face one.
Even when upside down, that face is full of stability.

Once everyone was prepared, a saddle was put on Reki-kun and Ena placed me on top.
WIth this, the walk preparations are complete.

Because I’m on Reki-kun, the hands of the two siblings can’t reach mine, but they seem to be enjoying themselves walking right next to me.
It’s different from an adventure, but my first time walking in the garden has begun.

A walk with no decided purpose.
That’s why it’s for the first time.

The sweet fragrance from Ellie’s big flower bed immediately drifted to the tip of my nose.

It’s pitch black when I look at the sky, but I feel refreshed as if I was watching the springs’ blue sky.


“This feels so goood~”

“Yes, it’s warm and very comfortable”

“Feels good~!”


The intimate siblings raised their voices almost simultaneously, and the two people behind them continued walking slowly while watching over the heartwarming spectacle with smiles.

The fun and pleasant walk time have begun.

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