Chapter 108

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Two and half years have passed since I started my second life on this world called Auriol.
There’s always someone by my side.
That’s appropriate because I’m still just a toddler, and furthermore, I’m suffering from an illness called Cloudy Eyes.
Because my body is growing at a slower than average rate, it will take plenty of time to find a solution for this problem.
However, there’s no treatment for Cloudy Eyes on Auriol, it’s classified as an incurable illness. Even fairies like Kuti and Sani sensei who live in a different world in this different world called Forest next to the world don’t know the treatment for this illness.

There’s no way my family members would leave a visually impaired toddler all alone.
The Christophe House is unprecedentedly wealthy and I alone have four personal maids.
To the extent that a knights order called the Knights of the White Crystals was formed just for my sake.

And, my nanny Ena is more fond of me than my own mother Claire and it’s not an exaggeration to say that her overprotectiveness reached the pinnacle.
My grandmother, Annela Obaasama, isn’t on Ena’s level, but she’s always by my side.

I spend my time while watched over by everyone’s gentle smiles and warm thoughts.
Recently, I also got Reki-kun as an adorable pet.

There’s nothing to be dissatisfied with…… I can’t say that.

No matter how gentle and warm my surroundings are, it’s human nature to be dissatisfied about something.

Right…… I’m dissatisfied…… no, I was.

Are you, the wise ladies and gentlemen aware of the words ‘private space’?
That’s a space where you are free to enjoy yourself without anyone getting in your way, a place where you get a moment of peace.

Certain people pursued after that and certain people were able to obtain it at the very last moment.

But, I’m aware.
That this private space I yearn for existed unexpectedly close to me.


“Lily, tell us with a loud voice when you are finished, alright?”


“If you become lonely, immediately let us know okay? We will be close by okay?”

“Is fine~”

“I, isn’t it still too early after all, Annela-sama……”

“Elliana-san. Lily-chan said many times that she can do it alone, weren’t we doing it over and over again with the door open?”

“T, that’s right, but…… isn’t it fine with the door open?”

“Lily-chan is saying that she can do it, let’s leave it to her?”

“…… Lily…… if you get scared, tell us immediately okay?”

“Will be fine~”

“Now, now Elliana-san. Lily-chan can’t do her business if we stay here forever.”

“Y, yes……”


Ena reluctantly closed the door.
Patan, with such light noise, I have obtained a perfect private room just for myself.

Then, I relax my body and release that thing that has been collecting until a while ago.

There’s no sound.
There’s no smell too.

The only thing that drifts about is a refreshing fragrance of citrus.

After my legs finished trembling and I released the last drop, I activated the magic tool that was next to me.

“Front” Weak” “Start”.

I smoothly realize the actions I have practiced many times.
The next moment, a weak stream of warm water gushed at my sensitive place and I immediately became clean.

“Warm Air” “Medium” Start”.

I activate the magic tools one after another and the wet part was immediately dried.




This feeling is so nostalgic.
I have received this favor many times during my previous life too.

Right…… this is a washlet.
He’s Nice Guy who washes you with warm water and gets you dry without the use of toilet paper.
Moreover, because it has the same magic tools as the potty, there’s no sound or smell during the process.
I haven’t seen a warm air dryer on washlet with high level, is it perhaps because the smell would come flying when drying? I don’t know whether there could be any countermeasures.

However, with this magic tool deodorization effect, there’s no need to worry about something like that.
It’s possible to dry the warm water with a warm breeze.

You are too wonderful, Nice Guy!

But, that’s not all of it. It’s not!

When the door is closed, only I am here.
Even Ena or Obaasama who are constantly by my side aren’t here, an unimaginable private space.
Kuti is also refraining herself.
There’s no need to talk about the common-sense Sani sensei.

Kuti was on the verge of blooming flowers when on the potty road, but she somehow endured and didn’t let out even a voice. I’m truly glad.



The restroom is a completely airtight private space, a place where I reveal my shame.
I think I was saying the same when receiving favor from potty, but that’s that.

I spend my time practicing removing obstacles over and over again, and this is the fruit of the labor.
A repayment for my great effort. There’s no way I wouldn’t be happy.


There’s a time where anyone would want to be alone, right?
Well, in my case, I can just use the base domain, but that’s that as expected.

I finally obtained a place of my own.
Even if this is a poor place, there’s no problem.

I will say it many times. The smell is a refreshing fragrance of citrus.
It doesn’t have an odor of ammonia and I don’t need to avert my head from the smell.

This restroom is spacious, a wonderful, refreshing space.
Viva Christophe House’s restrooms.


“Lily, are you about to finish by now?”


The reserved knock and calling voice don’t stop my excitement.
Even though I have obtained a private space, it’s not like I particularly don’t want to separate.
I just wanted to immerse myself for a bit, so I immediately answer and Ena who opened the door walked inside.
I’m not locked for various reasons.

It was a short private time, but it was slightly fun so let’s deem it acceptable.

I have ‘that’ wiped with a soft thing just in case and I pull my pumpkin panties up.
I wash my hands, dry them with a warm air magic tool and wipe them with a soft towel. Of course, the soft thing I was wiped with is something different.

The embroidery on the pumpkin today is an adorable embroidery of Salvarua puppy. Were they making it after Reki-kun, I wonder?

The Reki-kun embroidery gets immediately concealed with an easy to move in one-piece dress, but this dress is comfortable and feels nice.


Well, there weren’t any clothes that felt uncomfortable when wearing.
At most, the dresses felt just a bit tight. It’s not that the size didn’t fit, I just wasn’t used to it.


“Yes, very well done. Lily is admirable.”


“Fufu…… Lily-chan has already graduated from the potty, didn’t you…… you are really good child, aren’t you?”


While being patted and doted on by Obaasama, we walk to the Reki-kun room next door.
I organized this event while playing with Reki-kun.


The result was splendid graduation from the potty.

I’m slightly proud of my favorable growth.
I wouldn’t say that I can do it all alone yet, but thanks to the washlet, I’m able to use the toilet by myself.


“Lily~ How was it~”


“As expected~ With this, you are joining the rank of adults, aren’t you~ Kuuu~! Your growth is dazzling!”

(Ehehe~ It’s thanks to the washlet~)

“If the waste clinging to you wasn’t washed off with warm water, no matter how many Kashio leaves you would have, it wouldn’t be enough after all.”


After Kuti glided and smoothly landed on my head, Sani sensei who slowly approached next added.
Kashio leaves are soft leaves that are used instead of toilet paper.
Toilet paper naturally doesn’t exist in this world where a paper is precious. But, there naturally are substitutes.

This Kashio leaves are very gentle on the skin and are an exceptional item with a deodorization effect.
Above all, it’s a plant that grows anywhere, so anyone can obtain them whether you are rich or poor.

By the way, it seems that the washlet magic tool is considerably expensive, so only the rich are using them.
Sewers seem to be popular even in small villages, so it can be installed nearly anywhere, but it’s difficult to maintain.
It’s a magic tool with a limited number of uses after all.


Anyhow, I was able to safely graduate from the potty today, I can proudly throw out my chest and say that I have cleared the baby stage.


I’m not a baby!
I’m a little girl!


It must be just my imagination that it doesn’t sound any better…… it was an event on a bright, spring day.

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