Chapter 107

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One month has quickly passed after the tour of the magic tools workshop and the 5th Month is about to end.
I can’t practice at all because the means to secure the materials and seal crystals have not been prepared and because of that, the knowledge about magic tools production I learned from Sani sensei has become enormous.

Although the learning about sorcery and things related to that took even a lot of my spare time, the magic tools production lessons advanced at unbelievable speed.
Because I can’t basically learn anything new without the magic fragments and the materials, I can only try to understand the acquired knowledge better.
Although I say that, the composition of the magic fragments is boasting of a huge amount of knowledge.
It’s possible to combine more than ten materials in grams. Such amount is already proving murderous.


“But Lily has a matching archive with me, right~”

“Although you remember most of it, having an archive is a foul-like power.”

(It’s convenient, isn’t it~ But I do remember the basic parts properly without relying on the archive~)

“Lily’s head is amazing~ I can’t already follow in that direction~ It would be impossible without the archive~”

“Well, it would normally be like that. It’s not a problem for me though.”

(Sensei…… you have so much knowledge, the number of composition recipes is also tremendous…… you truly don’t need an archive. No…… is Sani sensei already the archive?)

“This archive!”

“Are you cursing me or……?”


Sani sensei has memorized all that enormous knowledge without the use of an archive in her brains.
I remember the majority myself, but I still can’t overtake the amount of Sensei’s knowledge and the understanding of all of it.
That’s the difference of age, but I would like to catch up with all of Sensei’s knowledge one day.

My knowledge might be increasing, but as expected, magic tools production has to be put into practice.
Especially the mixing of materials and magic fragment is a skill which is done in the units of the gram and can have different effects with delicate changes.
I don’t dislike studying various things like this, but I’d like to seal a sorcery in a container I’ve thought of.

Especially the very single magic fragment in my possession which I received as a present from Theo, I would like to carefully select and make the best magic tool out of it.




My favorite magic tools scattered around me are as one would expect magic tools made with the Christophe House’s techniques.
Just a normal illumination magic tool is full of custom functions, starting from brightness adjustments, to angle, range, and shape.

The materials to be mixed with the magic fragments are adjusted to match the magic fragment itself, or it’s produced in a shape that would allow it to envelop the magic fragment from the outside.
The latter is the type which is also used for decoration. In this case, it’s to let the magical power flow smoother. Asherah tree is the representative.

My favorite magic tools are decorated with both with splendor and simplicity, but all of them are beautiful.
It’s possible for me to see their shape because of the outer shell through which the magical power flows.

No matter how delicately made the wooden toys are, I’m unable to see them, so to me, magic tools are a great substitute for toys.
Although I say that, magic tools for studying me are not toys, but teaching materials.

I’m also not at the age to play with toys anymore.
My body is that of a two-year-old though.

I can also see the formulas in the magic tools which are the teaching materials.
I do the analysis when I’m not taking a lesson, basically in my free time while playing with Kuti.
As I grasped the composition recipes, my analysis of the magic tools favorably progresses.
But as I thought, the problem is the activation part, analyzing that is very slow…… no, it’s not progressing at all.
This is in the territory of the magic tool’s foundation part, so it appears that no matter how much I study about material recipes, it won’t be usable as a reference.

But the composition recipes lessons are continuing in great amounts, so I don’t know when I can acquire the knowledge of the foundation part.

Well, I already know the activation sorcery, so it’s not something to press necessarily. It’s just simple curiosity.
But that curiosity is my driving force and also motivation.

Magic tools and sorcery are closely related.
It’s given as sorcery is sealed within the magic tools.

It’s only natural for me who was interested in wonder-making technology in a world where no sorcery existed to be interested in magic tools.


(――that being the case, I’m opening the meeting for the Mission Plan 48 – obtaining magic fragments and materials.)


“…… It’s already the eighth time, huh…… there’s nothing I can say as we failed each time……”

(Ena is truly a formidable enemy……)

“She’s a bit overprotective, isn’t she~”


“Well, she’s the same as her child…… no, she loves Lily even more than that, so wanting her to give Lily something as dangerous as magic fragments or materials is unreasonable.”

“Magic fragment aside, can’t we do something about the materials~”

“I thought there was no danger, so we begun with gems, but who would have thought she would counterattack that Lily might swallow them.”

(Well, I’m a two-year-old after all~ Moreover, it seems my growth is slightly behind~)

“Even though you become able to speak very well~”

(I think I became able to speak quite smoothly!)

“Yeah, yeah! As expected of Lily! Tongue twisters are already an easy win, right!”



I tried doing a tongue twister with my both hands raised up, but as you could guess, Reki-kun fell on his stomach as a result.
Kuti jumped towards my cheek and started rubbing against it while spurting something out of her nose, but I quickly cast the concealment sorcery and wiped it with a handkerchief.
After washing the handkerchief which probably became deep red clean with compression washing sorcery, I dried it with warm air.


“Alright, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.”

(Yes, thank you for the confirmation, Sensei.)

“Uhohoho~ Lily’s cheek, Lily’s cheek is~”


The handkerchief was completely dry about five seconds later, and Sani sensei verified the color.
Because I can’t see the nosebleed which stuck to the handkerchief, I had Sani sensei to check.

By the way, it would be difficult to leave it as it was.
The concealment sorcery Kuti is using has a quite large range, but it’s a bit difficult to keep it going for a long period of time.
Though you may not see, it possible to find out by touching.
Therefore, it was better to handle the situation on the spot.

That washing and drying sorcery is among the highest frequency use is a bit saddening, but it’s convenient.


“However, isn’t there recently a problem with your self-respect?”

“Uhoho~ Niyuhoewa~”

“…… Are you listening to me!”

“Gyabu! T, that hurt, you know~!”

“Seriously…… Lily has to be cleaning after your mess, you know? Are you not thinking?”

“…… To wipe my buttocks…… po.”


Sani sensei was scolding Kuti with a strict gaze and hands on her waist, but Kuti in question was bashfully wriggling her body, and soon flowers started to bloom in the background.
Her eyes wet like a maiden in love, many complex emotions of a sensitive girl on her face.

While fascinated by such Kuti, the vein on Nio-sama’s forehead gradually enlargened.
When Reki-kun who was on his belly took a little distance from the Wriggling-san, I move to hide behind his tail, and Nio-sama crosses her arms in front of her face.

Ah…… that stance is a secret stance of certain karate……

The trace left by Sani sensei who took a step to slide in the air is accompanied by after images……
Lastly, she raises her fists overhead and fires two consecutive blows of level 3.

With the ‘I’m sorry’ cry of Kuti’s Otousan, her clothes of magical power got torn apart and letters K.O. emerged behind Sensei.

Her performance is wonderful as always.
While burying my head in Reki-kun’s tail and enjoying the mofumofu, the mission plan to obtain magic fragments and materials faded out in the usual relaxing scene.

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