Chapter 106

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I’m taking Sani sensei’s lesson in the Reki-kun room as usual.
But the lesson is a little different today. It’s a lesson that responds to my spark of interest in magic tools creation which I witnessed the other day.

Specifically, it’s a lesson about magic tool techniques around the Lizwald Continent.
The contents of the lesson are planned to progress to magic tool techniques of the Forest next to the world which are far more advanced than the techniques of the Lizwald Continent.
But since we have just started, the techniques of the Forest next to the world seem to be still far ahead.

The other day, I was able to see the magic tool production even with my eyes which can see only magical power.
There were several things I learned and I also realized that there are many things about magic tools production that I have no knowledge of.
But in my case, I can’t practice immediately just because I realized it.
Even in the tour of the magic tools workshop, they had to go through many measures and I eventually had to be brought in while holding hands.

For that reason, I’m taking Sani sensei’s lesson today in order to attain new knowledge.


“――In other words, there is a fixed rule for the number of materials that can be combined with the magic fragment, and it will only show its effect within that range. It means that too much and too few won’t work. In addition, although the discovered combinations on the Lizwald Continent are many, it’s still insufficient. The Forest next to the world has a great amount of high-efficiency techniques. But in order to learn the basics first, the techniques of this continent――”


The proper amount of materials and the quality of the magic fragment can be controlled with the magic tool’s container.
But according to Sani sensei’s lesson, that amount can’t be too large or too low. There’s a certain range of measurement error, but the error range for quality steadily narrows.
This is similar to scientific experiments in my previous life, so it’s pretty fun.
The problem is the enormous quantity of techniques, but because I have a personal use archive just like Kuti, I won’t have a problem if I store them there. I will learn them though.

The archive is like data, so I won’t be able to see without retrieving it.
Therefore, as I thought, it’s necessary to remember it myself.
Weak points exist even in convenient functions. In order to cover for that weakness, effective practical use on a routine basis with great effort is necessary.

Putting in an effort is one of my best points, so there’s no problem at all.




Kuti’s magical power which draws a blend of several materials into a largish magic fragment changes according to Sani sensei’s lesson.
They occasionally explode, but that’s just for entertainment.

I don’t know whether they actually explode, but this also has a meaning to serve as a warning when the difficulty level is high, or the compounding amount is wrong.
Kuti loves to fool around, but she doesn’t make meaningless actions in the lessons.
But it’s charming when she draws something unrelated to the lesson with her magical power though.


There’s no problem. She’s cute, so I will allow it. I will allow it even if it’s not permitted.
Even if the world turns against me, I will allow it. Kuti banzai.


However, as my knowledge continues to steadily increase, just like during the time of sorcery, it’s becoming harder to practice.
While hammering complicated composition recipes into my head, I begin considering just how am I going actually to make the magic tools.
I think I would be able to make a magic tool if I had the materials, sealing crystal, and magic fragment, but gathering those three will be extremely difficult.
I have the one magic fragment I have received from Theo, but Obaasama is currently holding on it, and she will show it to me when I ask.
I have no idea at all how am I going to get my hands on materials and a sealing crystal.
The best way as I thought would be going to the workshop. I will be able to get some right away.

I can’t see the materials myself, but if Kuti and others help me, I will be clear to a certain degree.
Before that, the problem is whether I will be able to revisit the magic tools workshop……

At any rate, the journey ahead looks to be full of troubles.

For now, I will increase my knowledge so that I’m ready to put it into practice whenever an opportunity arises.
So that I won’t have to avert my eyes once the chance comes because of insufficient knowledge.

With my motivation renewed, Sani sensei’s composition recipes lecture got even more profound and complex.


(Reki-kun. What would be a good magic tool to produce first?)

“…… Wafun.”

(A typical Reki-kun air resistance controlling magic tool, huh. Fumufumu.)

“Wahiyun, bufuu.”

(Oopsy, I have tickled your interest, didn’t I? Sorry, sorry. But Reki-kun really did become big, didn’t you…… if I grew as fast as you, I could have an easier time negotiating, right~)


(Hiyaa. Geez, that tickles. I will comb your tail in return, okay~)


Because Reki-kun’s tail counterattacked while I was patting his head, I wanted to catch it in order to comb his tail this time.
Totetote I chase after Reki-kun’s tail, but because Reki-kun’s tail is freely running about, I quite can’t catch it.


(Muu…… don’t escape me, Reki-kun~)





Because Reki-kun finally gave up after I snapped and mofumofued his tail, so I slowly combed his tail with one hand.
Because the people in charge of Reki-kun massage and brush him every day with a special comb, I can enjoy his smooth flowing fur without getting caught in it even once.
Because Kuti intruded and cried out comb my tail as well~ while I was combing Reki-kun’s tail, I showed her plenty of love.

I can’t touch the tail Kuti has drawn with magical power, but Kuti’s hair is of Reki-kun grade, no even further beyond that.
I rustle Kuti’s hair while pretending to be combing Reki-kun’s tail.


(Kuti’s hair feels comfortable as expected…… they are the world’s number one.)

“Ehehe~ I also love touching Lily’s hair, you know~ I feel like touching them until you go bald~ Ehehehehehe~”

(I wouldn’t go as far as making you go bald, if it’s Kuti’s hair, I want to touch it every day~)

“I also would be like to be touched by Lily on daily basis~”



In the end, our voices came together to signal our mutual happiness.
Such happiness infused magical power releasing me moved further inside the Reki-kun room, but Obaasama and my personal maids are still there and I, of course, don’t need to look to know what expressions they are making.

While watched over by many gazes full of warm affection, I also spend my day today while enjoying plenty of happy time with Kuti.




By the way, Sani sensei goes hastily to study by herself when our happy love time begins.
She seems to have brought many things from her last homecoming, and she’s reading a book when not teaching me.
About that book, I can surprisingly see it too.

It feels like a profound, bulky book with leather-like cover. There are complex patterns and no title on the front cover.
I was curious, so I asked Sensei once to show it to me, but I was refused.
It might have been the first book I could be able to read on my own, so it was painful to leave it, but I was reluctant to obstinate.

As there’s no way Sani sensei did it out of maliciousness, there surely must be some kind of reason.


Prohibited book, for example. Sale prohibited maybe. Or perhaps an adult picture book.


I don’t think it’s an arousing kind of book from Sani sensei’s indifferent reaction while reading, but Sensei’s expression is entirely serious, so I could argue.


Well, there are many times when Sensei is expressionless with her half-closed eyes, so she might be just masking it very well.
I would like to say that I can see through her as the expressionless specialist, but that’s not the case. It’s quite difficult.
Her flow of magical power is working normally, so I might be wrong after all.

I don’t know at all because the book has no title, but since it’s a book Sensei with the extensive knowledge is reading, it must be a befittingly difficult book.
I would like her to let me read it sometime.

Because of that, Sani sensei isn’t recently inserting her tsukkomis during the happy love time, but quietly reading her book.

It’s good that she’s not disturbing Kuti’s and mine lovey-dovey time, but I wonder why I find it somehow unsatisfactory.
I wonder if it’s because Sensei’s tsukkomi was a daily routine?

Kuti also readies herself when she does something tsukkomi worthy, but because nothing comes, she starts pouting while looking at Sani sensei’s direction.
Her mood immediately turns for better when I poke her puffed out cheeks with a finger, so there were no problems so far though.

It’s just, as I thought Sani sensei was part of the happy love time, so I can’t help to dislike the slight difference.

When Kuti can’t endure anymore, she would assault the reading Sensei and forcibly drag her along, but Sani sensei doesn’t seem to dislike it as she gets properly on board when that happens.

On the other hand, I feel that her usual blows triple in power though.
Is that book perhaps a book about battling techniques?
I feel it doesn’t fit the lab working Sensei though.


Today as well, Kuti who couldn’t endure received a body blow from Sensei, but the fist was launched after amassing the power from twisting her hips and back.
Her entire body which burned like in flames with rapid rotations in succession glided a barrage of 16 hits of level 1.
While drawing a flame spirals with her burning-like body, her fingers as if they were gliding, she got exactly a barrage of 16 hits of level 1 in.


No matter what, it’s not possible to get more than 16 hits on level one, I recalled a similar memory from a long time ago.

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