Chapter 105

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Atelier Part 2
The differences of the container, the magic fragment seems to be extremely varied and wide-ranging by combining it with various materials.
Although I knew about it, actually seeing it is quite interesting.

For example, when mixing a sapphire powder with a fragment of the same size, the effect will be different.
The effect also changes depending on the sealed sorcery.

There’s a difference in the number of sorceries, number of materials, and ratio of the blend.
Of course, since there are big changes, there are also small ones. Among them, there are several materials that don’t incur any changes.

Magic tools craftsmen have to select from the numerous combinations suitable to the concept of the magic tool to produce it.
In addition, they require enormous knowledge of sorcery.
On top of that, even more knowledge is required to become a magic tool craftsmen.


“That’s amazing…… I wouldn’t be able to learn that much.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do that too……”

“Really. As expected of sorcerers employed by the Christophe House, they are indeed different.”

“Thank you very much for your praise. However, these are only the fundamentals. Because an infinite number of materials and their processing methods exist, as one would expect, we can’t learn everything. That room over there is for safekeeping the documents of combined materials we have discovered. It’s already filled to the brink.”


Agate who safely accomplished producing the magic tools points with his left hand and a refreshing smile on his face.
There is surely a warehouse where he’s pointing at, but I can’t, unfortunately, see it. But, as the room is filled to the brink, there must be quite a lot.
There must be also things that other people discovered, and the materials are probably stored in a different place.
There is really a terrific amount of combining materials.

The magic tools production is really profound.


“Regarding the magic tools production they are developed to the extent it can be compared to the Forest next to the world. Moreover, there are quite a lot of skilled craftsmen gathering here, it can be said that they are at the highest peak.”

“Magic tools are outside of my expertise~”


Sani sensei shakes her neck vertically while looking over the proud craftsmen.
However, Kuti is obviously not being too interested in magic tools as she’s figure skating in the air.
I’m certain she must have come with this idea after the last magic tool Agate made since it’s was an ice one.
The moment she cut the edge and jumped into the air, a high-speed rotation began, and she continued spinning so fast I couldn’t keep the count of her spins.
Doesn’t she feel dizzy? As expected of Kuti.


“Well then, next is.”


Because there wasn’t anyone besides me who could see the high-speed spinning Kuti, it was when Agate whom I have ignored tried to progress his explanation.
The door further inside was kicked open and Eliott with a smile on his entire face and Masquelior chasing after him appeared.


“Behold! It’s only a temporary article, but it’s completed!”

“Gentlemen, the capacity expansion formula has been completed!”

Completely disregarding the Christophe’s family’s inspection, the two raised their voices in excitement.

“Are you for real!? Even though you said we have reached the limit so many times, just how did you do it!?”

“That’s right! Just how did you adjust something that was stagnated for five months!?”

“Sensei! Masqueriol-dono! Please tell us!”


The other two guides who were with Agate completely disappeared from my head until now, and all three went towards the two trespassers.
While we were staring in dumbfounded, Eliott who hasn’t noticed us until now broadly grinned and thrust his finger towards us.


“I got the idea from the color of my angel! That engulfing pure white…… ahh, so wonderful. I have never seen such wonderful color overflowing with transparency before!”


Everyone’s eyes gathered at the direction of the fingertip, specifically Ena and me.
Eliott who talked about colors with ecstatic expression and his finger pointed, suddenly starts talking with a serious expression as if his expression from a while ago was just an illusion.


“My angel! I thank you! Thanks to you, our research can advance by a step again!”


Clapping arises from the five magic tools craftsmen after hearing Eliott’s words.
But, we who were completely left behind could only stare while being dumbstruck.


“In other words, the research for the fuel consumption reduction of the barrier enclosing the mansion has advanced?”

“That’s correct. But, this technique could also be surely used for the number of use limit for other magic tools. Well, the cost would be considerable though.”


“Specifically, how much more will it be reduced?”

“Let’s see…… it should be possible to reduce the current consumption from one quarter to about one-sixth, Annela-sama.”

“That is a very progressive technique, isn’t it?”

“Yes, however, before my Angel swooped down upon us, we were wandering in total darkness. I thank you once again, my Angel!”


Eliott who grasped his fists snapped again and started his fervent speech while looking towards us.
And as I thought, by Angel he doesn’t mean Ena, but me.

Following Theo, another person who calls me angel appeared. I would seriously like him to spare me.
He who has Magic Eyes that can see colors apparently sees my magical power as pure white, but he can’t tell the amount.
If he could see even that, it might have become pretty serious.
Those who possess Magic Eyes are rare and those with Magic Eyes that can see magical power is just a handful…… no, his level might just be too low at the moment.
But, even if I talk about ‘might’ it would be better to take some precautions.


“Ooh, that’s right! I would like to express my gratitude for being able to meet my Angel who granted me a magnificent revelation, I would like to make a magic tool using my best technique!”

“That’s wonderful! Elliana-sama, Eliott-dono hasn’t shown such eagerness to make something for anyone ever before! Please give your permission by all means!”



The excited Eliott and the other craftsmen simultaneously lower their heads to Ena.
It was very impressive that even the high strung Eliott with high pride readily lowered his head. Different from his appearances, is he perhaps a person who doesn’t worry about such things?



“Isn’t that fine, Elliana-san. Eliott is the best magic tools craftsman, isn’t he? A magic tool made by such person will surely be something wonderful.”

“If Annela-sama says so…… then, I will leave it to you. However, since it’s something for Lily, anything that is dangerous is naturally prohibited.”

“Ooh…… I thank you, Elliana-dono! Then, I will make a supreme magic tool for my Angel right away! My Angel, the next time we meet, I will be sure to give you a splendid magic tool that will make you smile. Until then!”


I feel like my first impressions of Eliott who is now treating me with a gracious attitude like a fragile object is gradually getting replaced.
But, he’s still the same magic tools fool.
I was able to clearly see Eliott’s magical power while he kicked the door open and went inside with a cheerful expression




“That was incredible, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah…… I was really surprised by Eliott-dono……”

“He has completely taken to Lily, didn’t he! As expected of Lily! She made that eccentric man her captive.”

“Lily is certainly an angel, but…… somewhat……”

“My, oh my, are you jealous, Theo-chan? Fufufu……”

“Theo, train hard so you don’t lose, okay?”

“Yeah, because I can’t make magic tools, I will do my best in my own way in order for Lily to recognize me!”

“That’s the spirit, Theo-chan. If it’s you, you will surely become Lily-chan’s wonderful Knight. I guarantee it.”

“Umu. If it’s Theodore, you will surely become a splendid Knight just like me.”

“Oh my…… if he becomes like Ro, he will be stuck with abnormal strength and nothing else.”

“Being able to take a hit is a good thing, isn’t it! This steel body of mine that can take one blow from An is the subject of envy of others Knights, you know!?”

“My, my…… I don’t hate Ro’s body, but I don’t have that much interest in muscles.”

“W, wait! I’m not just muscles, you know! L, look that! My paperwork skills are also the envy of other Knights!”

“Ojiisama…… I don’t think paperwork is something to envy.”

“E, Ellistina’s tsukkomi is painful! What should I do~!”


Leaving behind the crouching, troubled Ojiisama, we have slowly walked from the Christophe House workshop tour back to the mansion under the bright, spring sunlight.

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