Chapter 104

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Atelier Part 1
We are guided through the entrance to the workshop where nothing but illumination magic tools are visible.
This magic tools workshop is superior even among other Christophe House workshops, so they probably have air-con like magic tool too, but because it’s nice and warm spring, it probably isn’t necessary right now.
The windows are opened as a pleasant wind is stroking my cheeks.

After walking for a while in Ena’s embrace, the man――Agate, who became our guide in the stead of Masqueriol opens a double door.


“T, this is the manufacturing room used for mass production of magic tools. T, today, we will show you how magic tools are made in here.”


Agate somehow manages to continue his explanation while making actions of wiping off his sweat many times over.
But, rather than the talk of the pitiable Agate, my eyes were nailed on the many magic tools the moment the door was opened.

Magic fragments can be processed in various shapes with special processing methods.
That, in other words, means that it’s possible to adjust their appearances.
Even my Magic Eyes which are able to see magical power see the shapes of great variety all around.
I have never seen so many things at once before.
What I can see are only people who possess magical power and magic tools. I was somewhat able to see the weapons the Knights were handling during the exploration once, but it’s definitely not something I see every day.

It’s impossible for me who can see only magical power in my everyday life not to be excited.


“Fufu…… it’s my first time seeing Lily-chan be this excited.”

“Yeah, Lily was looking forward to this as well after all.”

“Ena, quickly show Lily how magic tools are made!”

“Ena, quickly!”

“Yes, yes, you don’t have to dump it on Lily just because you guys can’t also endure anymore.”

“”That’s not true!””

“My, my, you are on the same wavelength.”


Ellie is stealthily elbowing Theo’s side under the supervision of Obaasama’s gentle smile.
However, because there are other people’s eyes today, Theo takes a distance from the stealthy elbow without the need of fainting in agony.
As I thought, it seems that Ellie feigns friendliness in front of anyone but family.
But, it appears she’s the type that takes action as long as she isn’t discovered. As expected of her.


“T, then, Bocchama, Ojousamas, let’s show you long-awaited magic tool production!”


Because he entered the field of his expertise, Agate made up his mind, and his words overflowed with confidence.


“However before that, do you know what is most needed for making magic tools, Theodore Bocchama?”

“Is it…… magic fragment?”

“That’s correct. However, it’s not just that. Magic tool container is just as necessary as the magic fragment. It does not matter what kind of substance the container is made of. However, the quality and effectiveness of magic fragments can be enhanced depending on what they have been sealed into.”

“Like the Asherah tree, right?”

“It’s just as you said. The Asherah tree Bocchama is nurturing is the most extreme case. As the plan is to show you the basics of the magic tool production, I think of showing you the difference between a state of a simple processing method and an unprocessed state.”

“Is there such a difference?”

“Yes, it makes such a difference that it can be said that they are already different things. Seeing is believing, is what I would like to say, so let’s show you at once. First, I will seal sorcery in an unprocessed magic fragment. This time, I will be making the simplest illumination magic tool.”


Agate who changed his class for Guide to Moderator finished his explanation and picked materials that were prepared on a nearby desk in his hands.


“This is a magic fragment. This little magic fragment is more than enough for this time, so I will be using it.”


The magic fragment in Agate’s hand is about the size of the magic fragment Theo has gifted me.
Because he’s using unprocessed one first, there are no other special features.


“And, this is another necessary thing for sealing――a sealing crystal. Every magic tool craftsmen possess them, however today, I won’t be using the 1st-grade sealing crystal which the Christophe House’s usually supplies, but I will be using a 4th-grade sealing crystal which is used in regular workshops.”

“Why are you not going to use the 1st-grade one?”


Ellie tilts her head to the side and asks the question I also had.
Since they are graded, there will be a difference in the performance, right? Then, even though this is just a tour, this is the Christophe House after all, wouldn’t using a 1st-grade one be better?


“When using the 1st-grade sealing crystal, the quality of the sorcery would be too high. Because the quality is too much for such small magic fragment, the process would fail instead. By using sealing crystals of lower grade, you can control the quality of magic tools by using matching magic fragments.”

“I see, I understand.”

In order to make a magic tool, you have to seal sorcery in a magic fragment.
Sorcery is sealed with the use of a sealing crystal and these crystals also have ranks.
When using a good one, the quality of the sorcery increases. For example, if you seal sorcery that creates a small dose of water with 1st-grade sealing crystal, you will get a clear, pure water.
On the contrary, if you use 10th-grade sealing crystal, the water will be full of impurities.
However, with the increased quality, you will want to use a magic fragment of an appropriate size or use a higher quality magic fragment, so the magic tools craftsmen use sealing crystals as necessary.
Occasionally, in some cases, 10th-grade sealing crystal might be more beneficial to use than a 1st-grade one.


“Well then, I will begin.”


Agate declares and starts performing a chant to activate the sealing crystal.
Sealing crystal is not a magic tool, it’s a thing made with a special process and materials, and it’s possible to establish various configurations just like in sorcery.

In the next moment, he starts chanting illumination sorcery.
Chanting is the establishment of the configurations of the sorcery. It also encrypts the configurations, so others wouldn’t be able to read it.
But because there’s nothing to hide this time, it was a very simple chant with no encryption.

The sorcery used with the sealing crystal was really simple as the formula lasted only for a few seconds.
The formula flows into the sealing crystal, receives part of the configurations established in the 4th-grade sealing crystal, and freezes at the time it was supposed to activate.

This is the state before sealing.
You can keep this state by moving it into the magic fragment, it can be then activated at an arbitrary time.

Agate touches the magic fragment with the sealing crystal and performs a chant to move the formula into the magic fragment.
That lasted only a moment, and although it was a very simple formula, it was really over just in an instant.


“It’s complete.”


The illumination magic tool has been completed in a blink of an eye.
It was indeed finished in no time, and it certainly is something different from before the sealing.


“Well then, I will now seal identical sorcery in a processed magic fragment.”


Saying such, Agate picked up a magic fragment of the same size.
The thing he picked together with the magic fragment doesn’t have magical power, so I don’t know what it is.


“This is a piece of topaz. Various things can be inserted into magic fragments, but gems, in particular, tend to increase stability. This is only a tiny piece of topaz, but it’s plenty to show the effect.”


Theo and Ellie were already drawn in by Agate’s explanation.
Because I have already been taught this in Sani sensei’s lessons, furthermore, even far beyond this point, so I can’t say that I’m too drawn by the explanation.

Agate put the piece of topaz and the magic fragment on top of machinery I can’t see, and made grabbing gestures and poured.
It’s probably a general solution used for processing. When it touched the magic fragment, the liquid solution dissolved a part of the magic fragment.
By putting materials in, the magic fragment will naturally capture the substances.

The magic fragment is completely dissolved and then molded.
It seems that Agate is not worried about the shape because only a piece of topaz is going to be used this time.
The dissolved materials are hot and can’t be touched barehanded, so he’s using some utensils that are not visible to me again.
When it’s cooled and solidified, Ju such sound resounds, and the magic fragment process is finished when the piece of topaz is incorporated.

I can see a faint, foreign substance in the magical flow of the magic fragment.
That must be the piece of the topaz.


How does this look in normal eyes, I wonder?
It’s regrettable, but I can’t see it, I’m aware that it’s in there, though.



“Yes, small sparkles are fluttering inside the magic fragment…… it’s beautiful.”


While imagining the spectacle from Theo’s and Ellie’s words, Kuti draws a crystal with a starry sky inside.


As expected of Kuti. She understands and responds to my thoughts without being told anything.


(Thank you, Kuti. It’s really beautiful.)

“Lily is far more beautiful though!”


A smile floats on the gentle Smugface, increasing her loveliness even further.
While fascinated by such Smugface-sama, the processing of magic fragment into the magic tool finished.


When did that happen……
Isn’t this far beyond being fast at your job!?


“Well then, two identical sorceries are sealed in these magic tools. The only difference is the process. Let’s take a look at once.”


Saying such, he held the two magic tools in his hands and activated them simultaneously.
The formulas get activated by the magical power, the sorceries were revealed, but I couldn’t understand the difference in effect.


“Amazing! It gets this bright!”

“My, my, just doing that increased the effect by this much.”

“Then, will it get even brighter if you mix it with more things?”

“Ellistina Ojousama, mixing too many things is not a good thing. The effect varies deeply depending on the ratio of the magic fragment and the blend.”

“Is that so?”


It seems the brightness has been greatly increased, but even though I can’t see it myself, I can imagine it from everyone’s impression.

Well, Kuti has comically drawn the moment the magic tools were activated, so I don’t think I missed that much.

After that, Agate made several magic tools and showed us the different effects of different combination of materials, and our tour of the magic tools workshop smoothly progressed.

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