Chapter 103

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Approximately 10 minutes of walking on the premises of our house.
Because the season is the long spring, the sunlight is warm and gentle, so there’s really no need for a parasol. But, the parasol is there as I thought.
Jenny holds a parasol for Ena who’s holding me in her arms because of the condition of me not separating from her today even though we are not even in the workshop yet, and Lacria seems to be holding a parasol for Obaasama as well.
Ellie seems to be holding a parasol of her own, but the two males of the group aren’t.
This seems to be similar to my previous life where men didn’t use parasols that much, so I have nothing to say.
Well, my field of vision is high because I’m held by Ena, so I can’t see Ellie who’s hidden by the parasol. Parasols naturally don’t have magical powers, so I can’t see them. If I could see them, they would probably be the cute ones with frills.
By the way, the clothes I’m wearing now are pure white goth loli dress overflowing with abundant laces of many kinds.
Ena said As I thought, white suits Lily really well and nodded in consent. But, Obaasama and Ellie also gave me words of praise as usual.
Theo stopped working as usual and then start spitting out many sugary words when he rebooted, so Ellie set him straight with a blow as always.

Kuti also drew a parasol of magical power for herself and made the sun shining brightly in rage.
It was a sun with four swelled-up, muscly legs firing countless sunlights.
Moreover, it had fishnet tights on its leggggggs.

What to say…… is that Kuti’s image of the sun?
No matter how you look, that sun is a pervert.

Kuti defended herself with the parasol from the downpour of radiation and solar flare with a face of a challenger challenging something gigantic, and she advanced towards the finishing line she drew with magical power under the sun.

Four men wearing expensive-looking robes were standing in attention just below the finishing line.
When we approach a distance at which they would be able to hear my voice normally, the four simultaneously bend their bodies at 45 degrees with hands at their sides.
It feels like a greeting from a country with over 4000 years of history.


“Thank you for coming, welcome.”

“You can be at ease. Rather than that, is Eliott-dono at it again?”

“Yes…… I certainly did let him know, but…… I’m truly sorry……”

“No, it’s fine. I understand that he’s that kind of person, after all. You are not responsible. Rather, we will be in your care today.”

“We are grateful for your words. Well then, shall we proceed with the clear explanation and demonstration to Obocchama and Ojousamas as planned?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry when you are busy, but please.”

“Not at all. We are workers working at the Christophe House’s workshop. We are truly delighted that Lord’s and Lady’s son and daughters want to witness our skills. Sorcery is not hereditary, but I’m convinced that the three children inherited Claireteal-sama’s sense to produce wonderful magic tools.”

“I don’t know what will happen in the future, but visiting a workshop that actually makes the magic tools should be a good experience.”


One of the four people waiting in front of the workshop who seems to be the representative greets Ena.
As expected, they are the employees of the Christophe House’s workshop, and we are the family of their employer, so they receive us with utmost humbleness.
Still, I can clearly see the confidence in their skills.

These four don’t seem to be the whole team, but there’s particularly no reason for all of them to come out just because of our visit.
It’s standard for employees in a place like this to be eccentric, and even if the employer’s family visits, it’s probable that there would be craftsmen who are immersed in their work.

Kuti who snapped the finishing line already struck down the sun. What she drew next was a comedic drawing of an old, bigotry man holding a crystal in his hand which exploded and made his remaining few hair into a little afro.
It was when the afro old man exploded for the second time.
Batan, I heard the sound of a door being kicked open, and then a nervous-looking man with glasses appeared.
I can see characteristically long ears attached to his nervous face. He’s not an elf, but a longear.

Which reminds me, this is my first time seeing someone from the Longears race.
Although there wasn’t one among servants, many of them seem to be living in Ovent, so it’s not unexpected.


“Eh, Eliott-san!? Elliana-sama is currently here, you know!?”

“I know that. What about…… it……”


The representative of the workers warned the man――Eliott who appeared with a considerably sharp tone, but as soon as the person in question glanced towards us, his movements stopped.

In the midst of the eyes of people who tried to figure out what’s going on, I could see strange magical power flowing from Eliott’s eyes which he opened wide in astonishment.
That flow which I have not seen before was a part formula, but it definitely wasn’t a formula.
They are similar, but by no means the same, the moment I clearly understood their difference…… Eliott blankly muttered.


“What a beautiful color……”

“E, Eliott-san……? Did you see something again?”

“What did he see, I wonder?”

“Annela-sama, Eliott-dono possesses Magic Eyes.”

“My, oh my, is that so?”


Ena promptly answers Obaasama who inquired about Eliott’s mutter.

I see. This strange flow is because of the Magic Eyes.
Because I can’t see my own Magic Eyes, this is my first time seeing them.
But, there are many kinds of Magic Eyes. Just what kind of Magic Eyes are Eliott’s Magic Eyes?


“Eliott-san’s Magic Eyes can see the color in people. With that, he can understand what sorcery the person excels at. But, because he can see it even in those with no accomplishments in sorcery……”

“Then, what color did he see, I wonder?”


All people direct their gaze towards Eliott who was still dumbstruck and not answering. No, he can’t answer because he’s dumbstruck.



“What a beauty. A pure white that could paint over everything. But, this transparency wrapped all over it. I have not seen anything so beautiful before……”


He can’t see the gazes gathered on him, but he answer’s Obaasama’s question while whispering and trembling.
But, after he started mumbling in an almost inaudible voice, he then started fidgeting and promptly walked away.
The four workers who saw Eliott like that had surprised expression on their faces. Just what was that about?
I would like someone to explain.


“Masqueriol, what happened to Eliott-dono?”

“E, Elliana-sama wait! Wait a moment please!”


The representative of the craftsmen whose name is Masqueriol interrupts Ena with grand hand gestures and stares at Eliott who walked away while mumbling to himself with a complicated expression of anxiety and expectations.


“Pure white! As if wrapped in white! Shining! That’s it, if I thin out the silver……! Masqueriol! Let’s go!”



Eliott who still has all eyes on him suddenly stops and shouts with his eyes burning.
After shouting, he charged straight towards the door he kicked open before.

Together with Masqueriol who was supposed to be our guide.


(It seems that it’s true that there are many weirdos among craftsmen.)

“Ena staring with her mouth open, I haven’t seen that in a long time~”

“Except Annela and us, everyone’s reaction might be the proper one.”




Eliott who appeared like a storm and disappeared like a storm too together with the representative of the craftsmen is apparently a craftsman with the most skill in the Christophe House magic tools workshops.
His skill in sorcery is also comparable to Claire as he’s also a 2nd class sorcerer, and because he disliked working for the country, he got employed in the Christophe House where he has abundant funds to make his beloved magic tools and gets fed three times a day.

Although he himself is wealthy enough, so there was no reason to get employed in the Christophe House, but he’s apparently a useless member of society in everything except making magic tools.
However, because he himself understood that he’s a useless member of society, he decided to make magic tools in the Christophe House where he can make them freely.

Magic tools craftsmen fundamentally have a high salary, but for that, they have to sell the produced magic tools first.
Although sale routes can be sold through the Magic Tools Craftsmen Cooperation Organization, Eliott is a useless member of society to the degree he found even that to be troublesome.

As a result, while having enough talent to be playing around for the rest of his life, he was forced to swap to a life of an ordinary sorcerer.

His contract with the Christophe House is mostly to create magic tools.
Other than that, he’s free to do whatever he wants, and the servants take care of his belonging.
Eliott leads a life that could be described as a paradise.


“――that’s how Eliott-dono does things……”

“Well, craftsmen have a lot of difficulties. There are still three people to guide us around, so I don’t really mind.”

“It’s as Ro said. We are here just on a tour, there’s no problem in particular.”

“That’s right, I want to quickly see how magic tools are made, Ena!”

“Lily also wants to see it quickly, right~”

“Wanna see~”

“Right…… let’s leave Eliott-dono’s matter aside. Well then, Agate. Could I request you to be our guide?”

“Y, yes! T, then this Agate will have the privilege of being your guide in place of Masqueriol!”


The next great person in line after Eliott and Masqueriol who he took away must be this Agate.
He’s a pitiful person who had an important role dumped upon him all of sudden, but the magic tools workshop tour finally started.

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