Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Item
Magic tool craftsmen are sorcerers without exception.
By sealing sorcery into special materials called magic fragments, they are able to omit the time to chant the sorceries, reduce the consumption of magical power, and make magic tools that can be used by anyone.

Sorceries sealed in magic tools are sealed with predetermined configurations.
Therefore, no matter who uses it, the effect will always be the same. Conversely speaking, it’s also possible to reproduce the same effect without fail.
However, there are limitations on the number of uses.
It’s not like everyone can cast powerful sorceries without any demerits.
Even life sorceries that are used in everyday life are no different.
Magic tools have a limited number of times they can be used without exception.

But, this limit changes depending on the skill of the one who sealed the sorcery and on the sorcery sealed itself.
Of course, the configurations of the sorcery change greatly.
In addition, it also changes depending on the quality and size of the magic fragment.

Due to various factors, magic tools are delicately similar objects.

That being said, even if they are not exactly the same thing, it’s possible to create something very similar. Therefore, magic tools with life sorcery sealed in them are largely produced, and that’s the reason why everyone in the Ovent Kingdom use them in their daily lives.
For example, the illuminating magic tool.
An indispensable magic tool used to illuminate the indoors, streets, or used as lanterns.
When the sun rises, the people get up and go to sleep when the sun descends, and just like in my previous life, there are many people who are productive during the night time.
Also, because this light doesn’t emit heat, it doesn’t start a fire even if used throughout the night, so it’s very convenient.
The brightness of the cheap ones can’t be adjusted, and they can be only used for around five hours per week, but better ones can last for over a month, and it’s possible to adjust their brightness. Of course, the more intensive the brightness, the larger the consumption is.
It’s spoken of as a limit of the number of uses, but it really depends on the way the magic tool is used.

Furthermore, cooking stoves, washing machines, and refrigerators which were necessities in my previous life also exist as magic tools.
Cooking stoves with simple, low power fire life sorcery are the most mainstream, but there are also large ones that have comparable firepower to offensive sorcery.
The kind where you put dirty laundry in a deep bucket is the most mainstream among the washing machines.
It appears there’s nothing like the box-shaped one from my previous life.
Nevertheless, it makes clothes clean in a reasonable time. Of course, the expensive ones, have features such as selecting the washing processes.
There’s apparently a huge one that comes with a dryer in the Christophe House.
I would like to see it once by all means.

Refrigerators are not widely spread.
The ice sorcery which is used has a problem of an outbreak of water and the development is apparently not progressing.
However, because the convenience is high, it can still be bought by those who can afford a drainage system which is by no means cheap.
Well, the Christophe House naturally has installed a huge refrigerator and several smaller sized ones.
Since it has appearances of a box that doesn’t release magical power, I have not been able to discover it yet.

Like this, magic tools and the people of this world――Auriol, have an inseparable relationship.

And our Christophe House has a magic tools workshop in its premises.

That’s because the Christophe House earns huge profits by developing and selling magic tools.
My Mother Claire, a royal court sorcerer, is a 2nd class sorceress.
Claire who’s a sorceress can naturally make magic tools.
Moreover, being a 2nd class sorcerer means being a rare existence at the apex of sorcerers.
Of course, there’s 1st class and a Special class above that.
But, even in this vast Ovent, 1st class sorcerers can be counted with one hand.
They are so rare, that on the entire Lizwald continent, they can be counted on both hands and feet.

A Special class sorcerer doesn’t exist in Ovent.
This is a different Special class from the Special class Kuti is searching for.
Therefore, even if I’m a candidate, it won’t become a problem.

By the way, there’s a barrier that covers the extensive area of the Christophe House’s plot.
According to Kuti, she would be able to destroy it in two seconds, but it’s Kuti we are talking about.
Far from two seconds, I was told that the barrier is so strong it would take a year to take it down.
Of course, spending so much time in disabling the barrier, the servants of the Christophe House who patrol around every day would get rid of them as they are literally watchdogs.

It’s an extraordinary tough barrier, but according to Kuti, this is also a magic tool.
I heard this only from Kuti, but the Christophe house boasts of a vast plot with which the mansions in the city can’t compare.
It’s hard to believe that a barrier covers all of that plot.

After being taught about 2nd class barriers in Sani sensei’s lesson, I reached a conclusion that many small barriers connected with a magic tool to create a huge barrier.
I came to this conclusion after hearing from Kuti that there’s no way that the Christophe Household’s possesses a magic tool that’s able to create such a barrier by itself.

But, that means that the funds to maintain it must be extraordinary.
It’s quite doubtful whether it’s necessary to cover the entire premises with a barrier. If they were to do it, then go all out, I guess?
Still, I think the costs must be ridiculous.

Right, you would normally think that.

But, the Christophe House has a few not normal people.
A human who is able to antagonize a Demon King or a Hero exists in here.
There’s no way such Christophe House would resort to ordinary means.


“Fufu…… how nostalgic. Was it quite a long time before I met with Jii~ji? I enjoyed playing in Dungeons, so I visited quite a few of them.”


Called the Mother of monsters, Dungeons literally birth monsters.
And by defeating monsters in the Dungeons, you will obtain magic fragments. Magic fragments are not obtainable outside of the Dungeons.
I’ve held the magic fragment Theo brought me as a present from the Dungeon field trip, but it appears that Obaasama was playing in Dungeons even before that.


“You must have been playing quite a lot. If I’m not mistaken, it was reported that over 40 Great Dungeons all over the Lizwald Continent went extinct……”


Sani sensei mutters while looking at the distant sky.


“Dungeons are monsters, after all~ They all have magic fragments of their own according to their sizes, but the magic fragments of the Great Dungeons are so big they can’t be called magic fragments anymore. Calling them magic stones would be suitable, but…… magic tools made from those would have different use limits, and the quality of the sealed sorcery would be really high, wouldn’t it~”

(That means……)

“It must be the outcome of narrowing the quality of duration and control range. That thing.”



In other words, the magic stones acquired through Obaasama’s playing are used to maintain the Christophe House’s barrier.

Obaasama, just how many magic stones have you obtained……
It must be quite a lot as it made Sani sensei melancholic and Kuti amazed. I want to see it for a bit.


“Fufu…… once Lily-chan grows up a little bit more, okay?”


Her usual nonchalant smile became slightly impish.

Such Obaasama…… first time……
Just what kind of magic stones are they……

It was a day when I reaffirmed Obaasama’s frightfulness through her impish smile that caused a chill to crawl up my spine.




The next day after Sani sensei and Kuti reviewed the magic tool and recognized Obaasama’s frightfulness.
It’s finally the day of the workshop tour.

The Christophe House has a magic tools workshop.
They have, but they actually have five of them.

Right, not one.

Five of those magic tools workshops that big cities have only one of.
Moreover, three of the Christophe House magic tools workshops are larger than Ovent Kingdom’s official workshops.
The facilities are larger and the product quality is naturally greater as well.
In this case, quality equals to sorcerers.

The quality of sorcerers basically means the class they possess.
Claire is 2nd class.
It’s a level where she as the royal court sorceress can employ 3rd class sorcerers.
In the Christophe House, there’s a total of 45 sorcerers employed as craftsmen.
All of them are sorcerers of 5th class or above.

5th class sorcerers are referred to as intermediate level sorcerers.
This means that as an intermediate sorcerer, you are already like a superman to ordinary people.
They can naturally handle offensive sorcery as well as life sorcery, and hold enough power to instantly kill a completely armored knight in one blow.
Intermediate sorcerers go up to the 7th class, but 5th class sorcerers are one step away from becoming advanced sorcerers.

The reasons behind the precious advanced sorcerers getting employed at the workshops in the Christophe House are the abundant funds and the existence of the 2nd class sorceress, Claire.

The reason why Claire is famous even among the royal court sorcerers and 1st class sorcerers is naturally because of her active role in the Magic Battles, and because she’s the manufacturer of the magic tool that creates the huge barrier.

The workshop we are visiting today is the workshop where these advanced class sorcerers work.

Obaasama, Ojiisama, Theo, and Ellie.
All four personal maids and three Knights. Other members are already keeping watch around the workshop.

As for Ena who objected to this tour the most.


“Now, Lily. You must not leave from my side today, okay!”



Ena who was opposing to the last moment finally gave in when presented with the condition of me not getting away from her side.

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