Chapter 101

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A few days before the tour of the Christophe House’s magic tools workshop.
Ena is giving instructions to the Knights and servants and doing the final checks today as well.
Although I say that, she’s also by my side now, so it’s not like she’s always on-site. The safety confirmation of the workshop tour is a matter of priority, but that’s apparently that.


“Ena is seriously overprotective…… it’s not to that degree with Theo and Ellie, but it’s somewhat terrible for some reason when it comes to Lily.”

“I understand that Lily is cute, but she shouldn’t be restricted~ I think that Lily should have freedom!”

(Well, I think it’s quite troublesome, but…… she’s doing that because she’s worried about me, so……)

“Well, I don’t mind if the person in question says, so……”

“Lily is kind, after all~ But, this is what’s going to happen if it gets too terrible!”


Tiny-sama puts up her index finger on her right hand, the magical power behind her takes a form of Reki-kun and…… explodes.


“…… You……”

“…… Wafu……”

(…… Kuti…… you can’t do that……)



The exploded magical power-made Reki-kun grotesquely scattered and left behind only its limbs. I should say as expected of Kuti, that was extremely realistic drawing.
As one would expect, that explosion made Reki-kun let out a miserable cry and curl up next to me.

The explosion person herself lightly knocks on her head, sticks out her tongue and winks. Truly adorable.
Therefore, I will forgive her. Even though magical power Reki-kun exploded and scattered, I can only forgive her.


(I will forgive you, Kuti! You are way too adorable, Kuti!)

“Lily is too cute as well! You are the best, Lily!”

“…… This bacouple.”

“…… Wafuun.”


While rolling around on top of Reki-kun’s belly, I had a good time with Kuti.




“Tie that and it’s done.”

“Yes, Elliana-sama. Is this all right?”

“Hmm…… let’s see. It seems slightly different from horse’s, but there doesn’t seem to be any problems. This time, it has been made more variable, so it shouldn’t fail as it did before…… as long as he doesn’t suddenly grow up……”

“Elliana-san, are you done?”

“Ah, yes, Annela-sama. We safely finished.”

“That is very good. Now then, Lily-chan.”



A saddle has been attached to the four-legged Reki-kun who’s recently gotten as big as an adult.
Right, a saddle.
Previously defeated by Reki-kun’s sudden growth, Reki-kun kept on sneering in ridicule over his triumph against the saddle.
This saddle has been completed by the craftsmen who already were defeated x-times, but this saddle can match Reki-kun’s growth to a certain degree.
It’s a gem finished by the stubbornness and willpower of craftsmen.





Reki-kun gets down the moment I gave him a command, but it doesn’t seem like his new equipment is getting in his way.
It fully corresponds to Reki-kun’s quick actions. You can clearly see the skill of the craftsmen who made it.

By the way, I became able to see the saddle on Reki-kun’s back after a short while. I wonder if they are considered as clothes?
But, it took a considerable amount of time until it became visible, so I guess it’s slightly different from clothes?
It’s probably like an armor to Reki-kun. I wonder if it would be like that when the Knights put on their armor? I would like to see them putting it on next time.


“Here, Lily.”

“Thank you, Enya~



Ena lightly lifts me up and places me on Reki-kun’s saddle.
I think that the growth of my speech is as amazing as Reki-kun’s growth rate. Apart from some pronunciation, I can speak relatively smoothly.
As I thought, actually talking is important.

Well, there’s still some way to go.
It was unavoidable that my speech now gives off quite a cute, childish feeling.
It also probably can’t be helped that everyone around me is letting high-pitched shouts of joy. Un. It can’t be helped.
I noticed the four personal maids doing their best to hold their voices in. Sweetly smiling at that time to finish them off is lately my joy.

But Kuti is as expected Kuti as she rolls around in the air. Of course, she rolls around without holding her voice back as she strangely shouts and rattles on and on about my cuteness.
She is dexterous Tiny-sama in various ways.

A storm of cherry blossoms made out of magical power keeps showering me while she rolls around and shouts. Really dexterous.
As usual, Sani sensei decided to completely ignore that.


“Lily, how is the comfort? When Reki begins to run, a magic tool will automatically activate and soften the impact of the wind.”



As expected of the Christophe House’s craftsmen. The riding comfort is truly outstanding, and the surface below my bottom is soft and absorbs the shocks.
Under normal circumstances, Reki-kun is able to move while considering my comfort, so the impacts and shaking are few, so isn’t this saddle already no different from a soft chair?

Moreover, the impact of the wind is reduced when Reki-kun runs. Couldn’t Reki-kun run as fast as possible now?
I have not experienced Reki-kun’s full power yet, so I would like to experience it by all means.
It would surely be faster than Alek Coaster. I’m looking forward to it.

Since it’s a saddle, there are stirrups with adjustable length. But, as my feet can’t reach them at all, there’s a dedicated place for feet in place of the stirrups.
Of course, these can also be adjusted to a certain extent.
In addition, there’s a string similar to rubber in a place of reins for balance. There’s no need to worry for it to entangle as it’s a type that will automatically return to normal when released.

It has more user-friendly features than a normal saddle, but since it was made for me, safety devices were indispensable.
My waist is firmly fixed with something like a belt which prevents me from falling down.
Until now, my personal maids or Obaasama accompanied me in order to catch me if I fell down, but it has become even safer than before.
Well, even if there are safety devices attached, they will keep on staying within a hand’s reach as before, though.

Incidentally, as I give Reki-kun commands with my voice, there’s no need for reins.


“Reki-kun, ‘Forward’.”



When Reki-kun advances as usual, I don’t feel any impacts nor shaking.
Even though there would normally be low vibrations when Reki-kun stands up, I have not felt it at all, so the saddle is doing a good job. Truly a wonderful craft.


“Reki-kun, ‘Run’.”



Reki-kun who is slowly trotting obeys my command and starts running.
Slowly at first, but he gradually increases the speed.
Of course, Reki-kun is tied with chains, so he can’t run in a straight line.
Because he has to run in a range in a circle, the Gs become slightly heavy when he turns, but a magic tool activated and alleviated it.
It appears that a magic tool takes effect even around there. Truly wonderful. Just how many magic tools are installed in this saddle?

Thanks to the magic tools, the speed which couldn’t normally be endured is no problem.


“Reki-kun, ‘Walk’.”


Because Reki-kun could run as much as he wants I told him to reduce the speed, but it appears that he can’t hear me at this speed.
But, if my voice can’t reach him, the words of magical power will.

I form words of magical power in Reki-kun’s field of vision, and he who confirmed them slowed down.
It was fine because I have words of magical power, but isn’t it a problem that my voice can’t reach him?
Well, no one but myself actually rides on Reki-kun, so it’s not really a problem, but we should make some improvements around there.


“How was it, Lily?”

“N, you see~ When Reki-kun wuns fast, he can’t heaw anyamowe~”

“I see…… that’s a problem. We have to resolve that quickly…… but, Reki is admirable for properly stopping. As expected of Lily’s pet.”

“Reki-kun, admiyable~”



When I pat Reki-kun’s head and neck with a hand slightly charged with magical power, he comfortably closes his eyes.
Because Reki-kun’s head also became bigger with his growth, I could only barely reach when I thought about patting both his head and neck.
Therefore, it was inevitable to start clinging to him.

This much only tickles Tiny-sama’s jealousy meter, so it’s fine.
I skillfully mofumofu Reki-kun while paying attention to the jealousy meter.

Even though he became big, Reki-kun is Reki-kun.
This wonderful fur hasn’t changed, or rather, it’s powerful mofumofu level increased even further. Truly wonderful.
Reki-kun is truly a lump of wonderfulness.

As I’m not using enough magical power to make him end up twitching on the ground, the pleasant time continued for a little longer with Reki-kun not ending up exhausted.

As I thought, the craftsmen of the Christophe House are amazing.
It appears that a new magic tool was installed in the saddle on the very day I said that my voice wouldn’t reach Reki-kun when he runs fast.

I thought it would surely take at least a few days, so I was surprised.
The Christophe House’s craftsmen are not to be sneered at.

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