Chapter 100

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Special Extra Chapter – Aschenputtel/Cinderella
Annela: “Once upon a time, in a certain place, a girl? Ara, ara…… Ash Girl, who always wore an ash covered one piece lived? Since when did Theo-chan become a girl?”

Theo “Obaasama, this is a play, you know? Ah, no good. It has already started. I, I’m Ash Girl! U, umm……”

Ellie: “It’s ‘There’s a party in the palace today.’ Theo.”

Theo: “T, thank you, Ellie. There’s a party in the palageha-!”

Ellie: “O~ho ho ho. There’s no way that a dirty, ash-covered girl like you can enter the palace! O~ho ho ho.”

Theo: “That hurt…… Ellie somewhat seems to be having a lot of fun……”

Ellie: “Theo…… your lines.”

Theo: “Ah, so, sorry! Umm…… yoyoyo…… I’m a pitiful Cinderella. I’m called The Ash Girl because I’m always wearing a gray one piece dress, but that’s actually not my real name.”

Ellie: “Ash Girl! You are not allowed to go to the castle, but we will enjoy ourselves dancing with the prince! O~ho ho ho.”

Theo: “Ellie’s loud laughter is terribly suitable, isn’t it…… quite amazing.”

Ellie: “I’m surprised as well. This might become a habit…… ah, lines, lines!”

Theo: “Ah! Umm…… no, notes, notes……”

Ellie: “It’s ‘Yoyoyo, so sad~'”

Theo: “Thank you, Ellie. Yoyoyo, so sad~”

Annela: “While her stepsisters departure in beautiful dresses for Oujisama’s party, The Ash Girl Theo-chan was crying next to the ash covered fireplace.”

Ena: “Annela-sama, the lines are a bit different……”

Annela: “But Elliana-san. This is too cruel~ To make my cute Theo-chan cry…… but, the one who made him cry is Ellie-chan, isn’t it…… hrmm……”

Claire: “Well, well, it’s just a play, Okaasama. Please, continue.”

Annela: “Fuu…… alright. It was then, that a shining light appeared before the eyes of the Ash Girl.”

Theo: “W, what a wonderful light. I have never seen such wonderful light before! Who might you be?”

Alek: “I’m a magician! Now, Theo! Kittens who keep on crying are bad! Swing your sword! Run! Towards the setting sun!”

Claire: “Dear…… your lines are completely wrong.”

Alek: “Owowowow! C, Claire! My side is going to get torn off! It’s coming off!”

Ellie: “Wawawa, Okaasama. T, the play! Continue the play!”

Claire: “You are truly a helpless person, Alek…… since this is the special extra chapter in celebration of 100 chapters, please do it properly.”

Alek: “Uu…… I’m sorry…… it was my turn after a long time so I just……”

Claire: “I’m the same. But that’s that. This is this. I won’t allow mixing up official business with personal affairs.”

Alek: “Yeah, I’m sorry. I will be a proper magician from now on! Watch me, Claire! I’m going to do it!”

Claire: “Yes! Please do your best, Dear!”

Alek: “Leave it to me! I have stayed up all night hammering everything into my head after all!”

Claire: “As expected of my husband. I have high expectations.”

Alek: “Of course! Look forward toguha-”

Ena: “Niisan, quickly continue please.”

Alek: “T, that was heartless, Ena!”

Ena: “Quickly.”

Alek: “I, I got it so don’t glare at me like that……”

Claire: “Fufu…… Alek is really weak against Ena.”

Alek: “Uu…… my little sister is scary. Why is it just me all the time……”

Ena: “Qui・ck・ly!”

Alek: “Y, yes! Ash Girl! Do you want to attend the party~!?”

Theo: “Yes! Otousama! Or not, Magician-san!”

Alek: “Very well! In that case, changiyaaa!”

Theo: “Wawawawauwaa~…… amazi……ng……”

Annela: “My, oh my, there was such production? It was written in the script, Elliana-san.”

Ena: “That’s weird, I didn’t hear of such thing…… but, everyone is happy, it’s the 100 Special Extra Chapter, isn’t it fine, Annela-sama?”

Annela: “Let’s leave it at that since Elliana-san says so.”

Sani: “…… Oi, haven’t you overdone it, Kuti?”

Kuti: “Eh~ you think~ I mean, Lily asked me to cooperate, so I thought I have to make it grand~”

Lily: (Ahaha. But, Obaasama and others let it go because of the celebration, so it’s fine?)

Kuti: “It’s fine~ it’s fine~ it will somehow work out~”

Sani: “Is it fine to leave it like that?”

Kuti: “Rather than that, Lily’s prgubeha-”

Sani: “It has not progressed that far yet, so don’t spoil it! This worthless fairy!”

Lily: (Sensei, everyone will find out soon anyhow.)

Sani: “No, that’s not good. It’s important to keep a secret even though it was exposed!”

Kuti: “E, even though I leaked it, to give me a low-sky dash aerial combo was terrible…… gaku.”

Lily: (Kuti, live~!)

Sani: “Seriously…… now then, let’s continue.”


Theo: “Thank you for the wonderful dress, Magician-san!”

Alek: “I still have more! Haa! Hii! Fuu!”

Theo: “A, amazing, Otousama. How are you doing that!?”

Alek: “I also don’t know! That’s some extraordinary production! You have to ask Ena or Obaasama about that! I don’t know anything! There are many things that society shouldn’t know, Theo!”

Theo: “Otousama~!? Incredible, a pumpkin carriage with a horse made out of steel for unknown reasons and no matter how you look at it a rat monster coachman!”

Alek: “I leave the rest to you…… The…… Ash Girl…… the time limit is until the bell of the 24th hour.”

Theo: “Yes, Otou…… Magician-san…… I will show you that I can do it! I will show you that I can dance with my beloved Oujisama by the 24th hour’s bell!”

Annela: “In this way, Theo-chan obtained all necessary equipment to attend Oujisama’s party. The adventure is not over yet. Don’t lose your focus. Now, Theo-chan. If you display the power, you always display during the practice, the road ahead will surely open to you.”

Theo: “Yes, Obaasama! I meant Narrator-san!”

Annela: “Fufu…… do your best, Theo.”

Theo: “Yes, Okaasama! I meant Fireplace-san who always gives me warmth!”


Sani: “Is that fine? Your Obaasama started considerably ignoring the script……”

Kuti: “Eh~ but the outline fits, so isn’t it fine~?”

Lily: (I, it’s still okay…… Obaasama is an incredible person after all! Surely!)

Sani: “That would be good, but……”

Kuti: “Look, look, it’s Lily’s turn soon~”

Lily: (Ah, that’s right. Thank you, Kuti. I will do my best, okay!)

Kuti: “Lily will be fine~ If you are the usual adorable Lily, something like priguaa.”

Sani: “I told you not to spoil it~!”

Lily: (Let’s continue.)


Theo: “This is the party hall…… it’s very pretty, but our mansion’s party hall is way bigger. Is it normally something like this……? Ah, Ellie is there…… or not, Stepsister-san! Even though she’s the younger sister!”

Annela: “Theo-chan who arrived at Ouji-sama’s party moves stealthily not to be discovered by Ellie-chan while looking forward to the appearance of Oujisama.”

Theo: “Still not yet, I wonder…… won’t Li…… I meant, won’t Oujisama appear soon?”

Roland: “Lilianne Ouji has arrived…… huh, isn’t it too cruel to leave me only with that one line?”

Annela: “My, oh my, I’m something like a narrator you know, Ro?”

Roland: “No, no, Ann has many lines, right?”

Annela: “But, it’s not a person, right? The narrator.”

Roland: “No, no, the lines……”

Annela: “N・o・t・a・p・e・r・s・o・n?”

Roland: “I, I understand, I’m sorry. It was my fault. Please continue……”

Annela: “Fufu…… Ro still has it good as Claire doesn’t play a person and has no dialogue, right?”

Roland: “First of all, isn’t there a mistake in the program……?”


Annela: “Lily-chan fell in love at first sight with Theo-chan and the two danced happily for a long time. Ara, ara, Lily-chan fell in love with Theo-chan, huh…… what a disappointing love……”

Theo: “Lily…… I also love Lily! W, won’t you marrgyaboo~!”

Kuti: “Oh my, Cinderella~ Your time’s up~!”

Lily: (Kuti…… It’s Theo so it’s bad if you send him flying with sorcery~)

Kuti: “But, he was about to dance with Lily for a long time, you know! There’s no need to dance for that long! What is that person up there thinking! Who decided for Lily to be Oujisama!? My meter is going to overflow! No, it already did! I won’t separate from Lily tomorrow!”

Lily: (It’s a play so it can’t be helped~ But, you won’t separate again? I’m happy, but properly talk with me, okay? I would be too lonely if you don’t.)

Kuti: “Of course! If it’s for Lily, I will talk even with my throat split open! I will heal my ripped throat with recovery sorcery, and keep on shouting while tortured from pain!”

Lily: (Kuti…… so cool.)

Sani: “Oi, oi……”


Theo: “Owowowow. Ah, no good! It’s already almost 24 o’clock! The magic will be dispelled!”

Ellie: “……? Lily? It’s Lily’s turn, have you forgot your lines? It’s ‘Wait wonderful person, at least your name.’ Should I say it instead of you?”

Lily: “Is fine~ Just absentminded.”

Ellie: “Is that so……? Don’t overdo it, okay?”

Lily: “Ai. Wait, wandelful pewshon. At least youw name~”

Theo: “Ahh! How smart Lily is! And that voice is too adorable! No matter how many times I hear it! IIIIIIIhuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.”

Annela: “Theo-chan runs to the staircase leading to the entrance and trips, he rolled fives times until he stopped and nearly died from the impact. My, my, when did you learn to roll like that? As expected of Theo-chan.”

Lily: “Who this glass shoe fits, is that person.”

Annela: “Yes, well done, as expected of Lily-chan. Thus, Lily-chan decided to search for the person whom the glass shoe will perfectly fit.”

Ellie: “I’m the owner of that shoe! O~ho ho ho! Huh!? It doesn’t fit…… even though I was supposed to marry with Lily…… Theo! I will show you later!”

Theo: “Ehh!? That’s terrible!?”

Annela: “Many people gathered to put on the shoe, but the shoe didn’t fit a single person. And then, it finally became the turn of Theo-chan who was wearing the usual gray one-piece dress.”

Ena: “Oujisama is giving a chance to everyone, even a dirty person like yourself. Now, try it on.”

Theo: “Yes!”

Annela: “The lines of the soldier Ena have ended with that, but Theo-chan’s glass shoe splendidly fitted on his foot.”

Lily: “You are the wandewful pershon, alen’t you? Pleashe mawwy me.”

Theo: “Of course I will, Lily! I will make you happy!”

Annela: “After that, Theo-chan and Lily-chan lived happily ever after.”

Ellie: “Even though it’s just Theo~!”

Alek: “As expected! My prided children!”

Annela: “Fufu…… Theo-chan, Lily-chan, congratulations.”

Roland: “You did it, Theodore, Lilianne!”

Theo: “Thank you. Stepsister! Magician-san! Fireplace-san! The person in charge of calling names in party-san!”


Claire: “A fireplace and a callboy, what terrible roles, right~”

Roland: “Well, it can’t be helped since it was a play with a small cast.”

Kuti: “I wonder why we did Cinderella~”

Lily: (The author apparently wanted to try Cinderella at least once.)


The end.

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