Chapter 99

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In fact, there’s Obaasama’s birthday before the day of the magic tools workshop visit.
Theo and Ellie told me, keeping it secret from Obaasama.


“And you see. We are thinking of giving flower decoration to Obaasama as a present.”

“But, we think the problem is that normal flowers wither after a few days.”

“Fufu…… but we have already resolved that. There’s a magic tool that can preserve the state of flowers for over a half year.”

“That’s why we asked Okaasama to request the royal sorcerer Wariselond-sama who specializes in that. But still, he said it works only for flower arrangements the size of a hand’s hold.”

“But that’s enough for us, you see. They will wither after a half year, but with this, we will be able to give Obaasama lovely flowers that she could enjoy for half of a year!”

“Wawa, Ellie calm down. Your voice is too loud.”

“Ah, sorry. That’s the case, will you help us out, Lily?”


“Thank you, Lily. We would like to ask Lily to take on the duty of presenting the flowers to Obaasama.”

“Could you do that?”

“Ai. But, will help with making flower.”

“Really? Then, let’s make it together.”

“We will help you make it, so feel relieved.”

“Ai, pleash take cawe of me.”


I’m going to participate in the two’s handmade present plan, and it has been decided that I will also help by handing over the present.
Recently, my teeth have been rapidly growing. Even though my lines remarkably improved, I’m not used to it yet, so I end up biting myself when talking fast. It appears I’m still not concentrating enough.

My siblings apparently asked Ena for cooperation in advance, and it seems she will take out Obaasama somewhere.
In the meantime, Ellie carefully selected flowers from her flower bed, and Theo processed the still young Asherah tree into a mic-like shape.

What we are making is apparently something like a wedding bouquet.
But this world doesn’t do something like bouquet toss at the wedding ceremonies.
It appears the reason my siblings wanted me to hand over the present from the beginning is because of the nature of the magic tool and its current shape.

I wouldn’t be able to hold a bouquet as big as the one Alek gave Claire for her birthday, and a small bouquet would be too dull.
So it seems they studied using the school’s library to find a good shape beforehand.
What they found is this wedding bouquet shape.

First of all, the handle part and the latticed shape of the tip of the bouquet stand in the shape of a microphone are made with Asherah tree, so I’m able to see it.
A refreshing and cool magical power smoothly flows through it.
It’s a straightforward flow that is suitable as a material for magic tools. If it’s like this, everything will flow steadily without stagnating.
Even if you use magic fragment which has been processed into a magic crystal, there would be more or less of a loss.
That’s why you also improve the nature of the magic tool by processing materials suitable for it to eliminate that loss.
Asherah tree is a suitable material for magic tools because it’s far from causing a loss, it has rather a positive effect.

The Asherah tree bouquet stand is inserted into the magic tool prepared by a royal court sorcerer.
Since it’s enveloped by the Asherah tree, it provides the permanence effect.
Asherah tree itself can bring a wide variety of positive effects, but they all depend on the processing method.
The processing method used this time was a compression process for the permanence effect.
Because Asherah tree itself is soft, the method is to forcefully stretch it and consolidate the permanence effect of the magic tool.
Actually, there are a few more complicated processes involved, but because Sensei’s talk was prolonged, it was left for another time.
Of course, that was not in the lesson, but during a chat.

A bouquet stand made of Asherah tree made by Theo and flowers prepared by Ellie.
All that’s left is to arrange and decorate the flowers and activate the magic tool.
But as I thought, the problem is the decoration.

It appears the book that described the wedding bouquet was described in the text, not pictures.
Even though Ellie has talked with florists she’s acquaintanced with, the servants, and the gardeners helping Theo with raising of the trees, they didn’t know of wedding bouquets, so they are having quite a hard time.

But still, Theo and Ellie not being called Oujisama and Ohimesama in the school for nothing have quite the sense around here.
They use top quality products every day. It seems their sensibility is nourished more than ordinary people.
I don’t quite understand it myself.

Asherah tree has magical power so I can see it, but I naturally don’t see the flowers.
Naturally, I don’t know the colors as well, I just arrange the flowers as Ellie says.

At first, we attached stalks with leaves to spread out from the oasis――the microphone’s head sponge-like thing――at a slight angle and installed the slightly larger, main flowers.
From there, we arranged the sub-flowers diagonally, so it would seem round from side and tied it.

Why I know that is because of our Tiny-sama.
She has precisely reproduced the arranged flowers in the oasis with a thin magical power.
As expected, I couldn’t understand the colors, but thanks to that, I was able to understand the flowers, stalks, and leaves and the shape of their arrangement.
This would be actually really difficult if I weren’t able to see it. I wouldn’t be able to do the same thing just by myself.
However, this seems to be extremely tiring, even our Tiny-sama can do it only for a short amount of time.
The wedding bouquet is extremely small because it’s in the size of my hold.
This can’t be compared with the simplicity of the room’s furnishing or the room itself.


After arranging the flowers and the flower material, we move next on completely filling it.
It appears that flower arrangement is not done with the flowers with leaves and stalk as we did at first. I don’t understand it well, but Ellie was fussing about it.
This color is better, Obaasama likes this color, Theo and Ellie continued noisily working.

After finishing arranging the flowers and the flower materials, next is the ribbon.
This was apparently ready-made and they were also taught the method, so it was done quickly.
Because Tiny-sama is already totally exhausted, I can’t see the flowers anymore.

After the two confirmed one last time that there are no problems, that it came out prettily, and that the color scheme is perfect, we have arrived at the activation of the magic tool stage.


“Now, Lily. Let’s activate the magic tool and confirm the condition of the bouquet.”

“We will leave this important task to Lily!”



The somewhat heavy bouquet was handed over to me with sparkling eyes. I pour magical power inside the crystal part installed at the lower part of the Asherah tree stand, while imagining the activation just as I was instructed.

Activating magic tool is done by directly touching the magic fragment or magic crystal part on the main body and pouring magical power inside while imagining activation.
Since this is a custom-made magic tool, it naturally requires authorization which starts while pouring magical power inside and imagining it. The authentication request comes to my head, and I complete it as I was taught and prepare to start up the magic tool.

Magic tools frequently used in everyday life and combat magic tools mostly don’t have such lengthy activation preparations.
However, this magic tool is a custom-made item.
It has several complex sorceries sealed inside, and it takes a short while to activate.
After waiting for a few for the magic tool to activate, the magical power inside the Asherah tree got stimulated, expanded, amplifying the effect of the magic tool and spreading out, wrapping all of the flowers on the oasis.

I can now faintly see the wedding bouquet wrapped in magical power, but the sorcery formula is clearly visible so I can’t really say that it looks beautiful.


“It’s complete, Lily! As expected of you! It’s perfect!”

“Thank you, Lily! We wouldn’t be able to complete it without you!”

“Nii~ni, Nee~ne. That’s gweat.”


I’m already used to Theo’s and Ellie’s exaggerated fool siblings’ manner of speaking, so I ignore them.
But it doesn’t end with this.

The important task of handing over this splendid sorcery formula…… this wedding bouquet to Obaasama still remains.




Obaasama’s birthday was grandly held two days after completing the bouquet.
It was this grand during Ojiisama’s birthday, but the problem this time must be due to Obaasama’s popularity.
Many people I didn’t know were invited.
I thought that hundred would arrive because of Obaasama’s popularity, but it seems that only several were carefully handpicked.
It appears it was done for my sake. Obaasama and others did an investigation who knows how long ago and invited only those who were completely “white.”
It appears those that had even the slightest speck of doubt were declined even if they were in high social positions.
Well, several nobles were also deprived of their position as a result of the investigation, but that’s a different story.

Instead, a tremendous number of gifts arrived from people who were not invited.
Even if they weren’t invited, because Obaasama’s popularity is so terrific, many people sent gifts in hopes to establish connections.

The leading actress today is Obaasama, but I was constantly in her arms, so my introduction took place while she was receiving blessings from the several invited people.
Even though Obaasama should be the protagonist today, I acted the part of an obedient child while Obaasama and Ojiisama proudly introduced me with happy smiles on their faces.

Obaasama has informed me beforehand that she wanted me to have an attitude appropriate for my age, not the proper attitude like the one I had while greeting the Knights and personal maids for the first time.
Because I had no objections to an embarrassing degree, I wasn’t reluctant to act for self-protection.
Rather, I was surprised that Obaasama made such a request.

She was asking only a two years old girl to act childishly, after all.

Well, I understand very well what Obaasama meant. Although my innocence is proven, she doesn’t need to be obedient.

After greetings and introductions, the family presents time followed.
First, it seems she received a dress from both of my parents. I can’t naturally see it, so I will ask later. I should be able to see it then.
Following that, Ojiisama kneeled and presented her with a ring.
His actions had the feeling of proposing and his words were also fitting.
Because such affectionate words were unexpected from Ojiisama who is the muscle daruma, I ended staring in blank amazement and forgot that the order has changed.

By the way, as for why the order has changed, it appears that they conceded to the cute, adorable grandchildren.

I somehow noticed when Ojiisama who finished giving Obaasama the present gave me a wink that didn’t suit him.

Finally, it was the turn of the grandchildren, Theo, Ellie, and me.

I got ferried across to Theo and Ellie in my specially ordered dress for today that doesn’t look like something a two years old child would wear. It’s an adult-like cocktail dress, maybe even an afternoon dress with a chic feeling with the bouquet the three of us made in my hands.

When we slowly approached Obaasama, she covered her mouth with both hands, and swaying magical power was escaping from her eyes.

At the distance of about five steps, Obaasama hurried to us and kneeled down in front of us.


“Baa~ba. Happy biwthday.”

“”Happy birthday, Obaasama!””

“Thank you, Lily-chan, Theo-chan, Ellie-chan. Fufu…… it’s very beautiful.”

Obaasma who received the bouquet showed her best smiling face yet.

“I made the stand myself from the Asherah tree, and the flowers are Ellie’s! Lily also helped us to make it and it was her who activated the magic tool!”

“My, my, oh my, oh my, you had a very important role then. As expected of Lily-chan, right~ Fufufu…… It’s a very wonderful present full of everyone’s feelings. This is my best birthday ever.”


I have a feeling that activating a magic tool isn’t such an important task, but disagreeing would be boorish because both Obaasama and siblings said the same thing, so I won’t say anything.

After enjoying the bouquet, she held the ten and eight years old grandchildren in one hand, and the bouquet and the two-year-old grandchild in the other.
As expected of our Obaasama.
She wrapped us with a delicate, soft touch that didn’t suit the visually hearty power.
The surroundings Ooh made a huge commotion when Obaasama held us, but there were many people who knew Obaasama’ strength very well.
The commotion soon settled and the party hall was wrapped in warm clapping.

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