Chapter 98

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Ena was somewhat hesitating in front of Theo and Ellie who looked at her with sparkling eyes, but she finally surrendered.
As I was watching a little further away on Reki-kun’s back, I was pleased that the strategy was successful even though there was a sort of hesitation.


“Hooray! Then, let’s visit on our next day off! Let’s show Lily where the magic tools are made!”

“Eh!? Lily can’t! I have permitted it only for you two, you know?”



There was a pitfall as I thought.

My two siblings somehow hung on, but Ena never nodded.
Since there was no point, the two canceled the tour.
The two who returned with their shoulders dropped apologized, but seeing them this disheartened just after one failure makes me get fired up instead.

Naturally, there’s a need for another strategy, so I commence a strategy meeting while hugging the apologizing siblings.
Like the first plan, I charm the two with the attack of cute, adorable angelic, upturned eyes, and the strategy advances.

First is the trial and error.
The success rate increases drastically when doing it in large numbers rather than alone.
But, this time, Theo and Ellie who know me well and hold me dear are with me.
Effectively using the two is the first step in conquering Ena.

But, how to use the two. That’s the problem.
The strategy of tagging along with the two for a visit has failed.
But, if it’s only the two siblings, the visit is permitted. The bottleneck is as I thought, me.

Postpone the visit for a few days and mobilize Ena, Obaasama, the four personal maids, and the Knights to ensure the maximum safety, and on top of that, let Theo and Ellie visit first.
When Theo’s and Ellie’s visit succeeds, they will proceed with the knowledge obtained beforehand, so that they can show themselves as a dignified elder brother and elder sister.
In other words, by letting them guide me for a bit, Oniisama, Oneesama, you are incredible, I will induce them by praising them like that.

I successfully recover their willingness to act without getting the strategy meeting exposed.

After that, Theo and Ellie start the battle of persuasion with Ena.
Morning, Evening, Night, anyhow whenever there’s time, they would follow Ena and try to persuade her. We will properly look after Lily, they are doing their best with innocent, pleasant smiles.

When they tell her the well-reasoned measures for the safety plan, it only had the opposite effect.
Theo and Ellie certainly are excellent children, but they are still only ten and eight years old. They don’t need a theoretical way of persuading.
Children should use a child’s way of attack.

After getting refused, they change their way little by little, even though they are declined so much, they still come with the innocent persuasion.
Ena who doesn’t dote only on me, but also on my two siblings will naturally get affected after a while.

The strategy will probably shift to stage two soon.
Stage one is generally Theo and Ellie’s daily persuasion.
Ena gradually gets pushed back by the two siblings.

While my two siblings are working on Ena, I convey my great interest in magic tools to Obaasama and my personal maids.
Rather, because I really am interested in magic tools, I began asking for various safe magic tools and was in fact, able to actually try using them.
And then, I inquire where it’s used, who made it, and other magic tool related questions.
I had a hard time trying not to crumble my innocent and brimming with curiosity behavior, but there are magic tools made in the Christophe House, so I pretend that I have a great interest in their production and everyday use.

Lilianne’s favorite Christophe House-made magic tools gradually increased.

I mixed in a few magic tools made outside, so all of my favorite magic tools wouldn’t be Christophe House-made, but still, about 80% of them are made by the Christopher House.
Liking things made in my house would give a good impression.

As a result, magic tools converted to playthings started gradually appearing.
Obaasama hesitated at first because of danger, but it has reached a point where she gives me relatively simple magic tools now.
Even this much is a great harvest, but the last objective is the visit of the magic tools workshop.

Because I have been recently playing only with magic tools, Ena also realized my interest, and my siblings’ persuasion started showing effects.

Now then, the second stage commences.



“What is it, Lily?”


Although I have grown quite a bit, I’m still at the size where Ena can lift me up to her arms.


“How ae magik tools ma~de?”

“Magic tools are made by sorcerers.”

“We are making them at home, aight?”

“Yeah, nearly all of Lily’s favorite magic tools are made in the Christophe Household.”


“It is~」


There are still a few dubious places in my considerably clear speech, but I’m now able to hold a smooth conversation uncomparable to before.
I don’t speak as I do with Kuti and co., but I’m talking while aware of my own age.
And now, the main issue.


“The place whele magik tools ae made, wanna sheee.”

“…… You can’t, Lily. It’s dangerous.”

This reply is as predicted.
That’s why I made the two the vanguard, Ena.



“Nii~ni and Nee~ne can look.”

“The two are bigger than Lily, right? That’s why I specially permitted it, you know?”

“Is fine if bi~g?”

“That’s right.”


As I thought, that was the reason.
But, she has already blocked many materials for objections.
Well, it’s true that I worked, so the materials from that area won’t come up, though.
Now then, let’s have her fall.


“Why is fine if b~ig?”

“When big, you wouldn’t approach the dangerous places, right?”

“Dangewous places, won’t go?”

“Lily doesn’t know where the dangerous places are, right?”

“Baa~ba knows.”

“T, that’s true, but……”

“Baa~ba, will go whish me?”

“Yeah, it’s Lily-chan’s request, after all.”

“Baa~ba, said will go with me.”

“B, but you can’t……”

“Ni~nya will go with me too?”

“…… Yes, Ojousama..”

“Knight evewyone will go with me too?”

“”Yes, Lilianne-sama!””

“I will go too, Lily!”(Theo)

“I will naturally go as well! I won’t let Lily approach anything dangerous, so don’t worry!” (Ellie)

“…… Y, you guys……”

“Enya~ will go togethew?”

“U…… t, that’s not fair……. Lily.”


After three weeks of laying down the groundwork every single day, both Theo and Ellie, Obaasama, the personal maids, and even the knights were on my side.
Because it was such slow and steadily executed strategy, there was no other choice for Ena but to let me on the tour while watching over me.




“Well, you are something. Because of your interest, you made it seem as if the magic tools of Christophe House are your favorite and displayed it in full to the people around you. Your interest in magic tools increased and you gradually shifted the interest at the production. On the other hand, your siblings progressed with the persuasion of Ena, who ended up completely falling into the trap. You are already quite the tactician.”

“Just short of two weeks? Or was it three? After preparing that much, there’s no way she would fail~ As expected of Lily!”

“The environment surrounding you is a tough one, but it’s fun seeing you deal with it as if it weren’t that much.”

(Slowly laying the groundwork is my strong point, after all.)


I don’t forget to keep in mind that this tour is the first step of my outside activities, while excitingly looking forward to the tour of the magic tools factory which was decided to be five days from now on.
I will properly tie my success to another one.

I have to do my best not to let Ena who is my biggest barrier get in the way of my next activity.

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