Chapter 97

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The amount of sorcery I can use increases little by little every day.
But, all of them are of the lowest rank, so any sorcerer can use them.
This numerous lowest rank sorcery quite doesn’t end. It might be because other technical lessons are in a higher ratio compared to the sorcery lessons.

It appears that the contents of the current lessons are important for low-rank sorcery.
I wanted to ask what royal court etiquette is necessary for in life sorcery, but Sani sensei turned around without hearing me out.
I’m sure there must be deeper thoughts than what I’m thinking. Rather than having a duty of teaching me sorcery, I think she’s trying to rear a successor to her knowledge instead, but I must not meddle in that area.

She’s having so much fun teaching me that she wanted to abandon her position as the director of the research institute, is what slipped from Kuti’s mouth when I interrogated her, but I must not meddle in that area as well.

In any case, Sani sensei needs me, and I also need her. Since it’s a win-win situation, there’s no problem.
Of course, Kuti and I are a single body, so there’s no need to speak about that.


“Lily…… It seems Theo will have a field trip in a Dungeon next month.”


“Yes, Dungeon is a monster that is called the Mother of Monsters. It creates monsters. I know that Otousama subjugates monsters in Dungeons many times as a part of his job, but Otousama is strong…… We are training together, so I know he’s strong, I also know that people from the school and guards will go together with him, but I can’t help but to worry.”

“Nee~ne, cheer up. Nii~ni is shtwong, you know!”

“Yes…… but, I know…… that Ena’s important person died at an early layer of a Dungeon……”



Although I feel that my speech has become smoother recently, apart from that, the expression of Ellie who’s muttering so that no one but I would hear, is painted with anxiety.
Her condition is not that good recently because of a lack of sleep. Some kind of signal will surface in her flow of magical power soon as well.
It’s difficult to tell at first glance because of Ellie’s daily training, and because Ellie pretends to be brave so she wouldn’t cause everyone to worry, her magical power is camouflaged as well.

Ellie usually doesn’t hold back against Theo, but they are definitely not on bad terms. On the contrary, I think they get along quite well.
She doesn’t hold back because she knows her opponent well.
As her own elder brother, Ellie properly looks up to Theo. But, she’s also embarrassed of her innermost feelings. Thus she’s taking such actions.
It makes me want to cry that she’s only eight years old and already has a promising future as a tsundere, but it appears to be limited to Theo.
In school, if Theo is Oujisama, then Ellie would be Ohimesama with graceful behavior, who is also a mediator with attentiveness to details.

The children of this world mature quite early.
Well, it could be said to be natural for children that start working at ten years old.
It would be unreasonable to start working at ten years old for nobles like the Christophe House, but Ellie who’s familiar with people like that in her school properly understands.
Rather, she understands way too much. She’s too intelligent for an eight-year-old.

In school, her name always appears beside excellent grades, and even though it might be appropriate for her age, she also trains every day with the Knights Order.
The words ‘gifted woman’ perfectly suits Ellie, but that’s also why she’s worried.


“Nee~ne, it will be fine~”



When I tightly wrap the face of Ellie who is sitting down in an embrace, she embraces me back.
The trembling hands on my back soon calm down, and when we separated, the usual radiantly cute Oneesama with a gentle smile was sitting there.




The 4th Month set in, and Theo energetically departed to the Dungeon regardless of Ellie’s worries.
Expect souvenirs, okay~ He, who said such and kissed me on the cheek when leaving, safely returned.


“And then! I have repelled the kobold who came at us from the right with my sword! Because everyone else was running away in great haste, they weren’t able to strike back, but that wasn’t the case for me! It’s only natural because I have been practicing every day to become Lily’s Knight!”

“I hope you weren’t acting recklessly.”

“I wasn’t. I did it calmly, and there was a Knight Guard behind me. That person also praised me, he said as expected of Captain Aleksander’s child! This is a magic fragment from that time. It’s Lily’s souvenir! It came out from the first monster I have defeated with my own hands.”


What he handed me is a few cm large lump of magical power.
It’s a rare stone found only from monsters inside a monster called Dungeon.
Although rare, they will drop without exception after defeating a monster inside a Dungeon.


“Aren’t you happy, Lily. Magic fragment from the first monster people defeat is often called a good luck charm.”

“Ahh! That’s not fair, Ellie! Even though I wanted to say that~!”

“Fufun, I won’t let you look cool all by yourself!”



Even the few cm large magic fragment was big in my hands, and the stagnant lump of magical power was very pretty.
Magic fragments from the first subjugation are often kept for yourself, to give me something like that as a present, it has the feeling of as expected of Theo.


“Nii~ni, ariato~”
   (Arigato/Thank you)

“Ahh, Lily…… how adorable you are…… my present made you show such angelic smile, mmm. To think you would reward me with a smile beyond that of an angel! I’m such a fortunate person! I love you, Lily……”


When I wrap the good luck charm importantly in my hands and thank him with a first-rate smile, the magical power on Theo’s face immediately starts melting.
To make matters worse, I got a little of chills when he hugged me and muttered close to my ear.

Even without looking closely, I can tell that Theo has a promising future of Candidate-kun for an ikemen.
Even if he’s my blood-related brother, I would be troubled if such Ikemen-kun whispered words of love to my ear.
He’s usually more direct, so I can cope with it, but this is…… umm…… troubling.

I mean, Tiny-sama behind Theo is chewing on a handkerchief she made with magical power, she’s mukii~ tearing it apart.
Her jealousy meter has not exploded yet, but Theo’s actions of this time are quite dangerous.




“Ah, sorry. Was it painful?”

“N~n. I’m fine.”

“Seriously, when will you learn how to hold back, Theo?”

“Ah, eh, uh…… b, but I think I was properly holding back this time, though……”

“You musn’t. Lily is soft, squishy, springy, and jellylike, so you have to be more gentle! More carefully! More! Rather, let her go already!”

“U, uu…… I’m sorry.”

“Nii~ni, Nee~ne. E~kidayo.”
   (Heki da yo/I’m all right)

“Really? Were you not suffering? You have to tell me right away, okay? I will knock Theo down in one hit!”

“That’s right, Lily. You have to tell immediately, okay? Lily is important to me. But, don’t go telling on me to Ellie, okay? She’s scary when angry……”

“Theo, did you say anything?”

“N, nothing at all!?”


The two are the same as usual, but Ellie has finally returned back to normal, so it’s a matter of celebration.
Because Theo got away from me when Ellie got angry at him, Tiny-sama’s sour stomach calmed down a bit, so I’m relieved about that as well.


“Seriously, entrust it to Theo’s momentum! Even though Lily is mine!”

“No, Lily is not anyone’s, right?”

(I wouldn’t mind being Kuti’s~)

“Lily! I’m also fine with being Lily’s! No, it’s no good if it’s not Lily~!”



“By the way, have we already talked about sealing sorceries in magic fragments? Would you like to try making a magic tool?”


While being hugged close by Ellie’s small head, assaulted by Kuti who’s gently rubbing her cheeks against mine, Sani sensei said something I couldn’t miss.


(Is that fine!?)

“Yeah, but it’s only not great sorceries of the Tenth Grade. It’s a magic fragment obtained by your Ani-kun. If we are to seal something, you should choose carefully.”

“Then, then, if we are going to make a magic tool, we better visit a workshop, right~”

“Oh yeah, which reminds me, there was a workshop on the premises.”

(It seem so.)

“Let’s go for a stroll while at it!”

(It’s not an exploration, just a visit, so it should be fine, right? That’s right, if Theo and Ellie go with us!)

“Good idea, Lily! As expected of my Lily!”

(I have to persuade them right away!)


Exploring outside the mansion would be difficult, but wouldn’t be visiting a workshop safe?
If it’s visiting a workshop, Ena and others could go with me, and if Theo and Ellie are mixed in…… rather, Theo and Ellie should be my vanguard……

With an evil smile in my heart, I begin making plans.
Although it did not come up on my perfectly controlled expression, I quickly came up with a detailed plan for my siblings.


“Nii~ni, Nee~ne. Anyone――”
   (Lisped ‘Anone’/You see)


I decided to carry out the plan right away.

Then, a cute, adorable angel with slightly moist upturned eyes looked at them――

My siblings who immediately lost, went to persuade Ena and Obaasama with sparkling eyes.

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