Chapter 96

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I study various knowledge and learn sorcery every day according to Sani sensei’s lesson.
The days pass in the blink of an eye, the 2nd Month has also ended and the 3rd Month arrived.

Alek’s birthday is in the 3rd Month.
Contrary to the expectations of being monopolized for the entire day, it was as expected of a father of three children. He not only monopolized just me, but also Theo and Ellie.

This year’s birthday was held in the party room with only the servants, but it doesn’t mean that the party wasn’t grand, since there are many servants in the Christophe House.
Sitting on a large chair, Alek who placed me on his lap and sandwiched himself between Theo and Ellie on both sides was smiling the whole time.

The next day, Kuti hid her face with both hands, shouting a fourth person~ and plunged her head into the bed. She wouldn’t listen with only her buttocks exposed.
I’m sure she must have been watching throughout the night. I will not ask. I won’t ask, I don’t want to hear it.




Other grade sorceries can’t be compared in numbers to the Tenth Grade sorcery.
I learned at a rate of at least 4, 5 per day, tried them out repeatedly within the concealment sorcery until I have perfectly mastered them, and then I stored them in the archive of my Base Domain.
After I had entered the Base Domain on the day Kuti taught me, the archive became immediately available.

This is extremely convenient. No wonder Kuti bragged about it.
I have to enter the Base Domain if I want to store something in the archive, but if it’s retrieving, then it can be done easily without the need of entering the Base Domain.

By the way, the official name is Unconsciousness Domain, but because Kuti and Sani sensei were calling it Base Domain all the time, I decided to call it like that as well.

When it comes to storing in the archive, anything goes, it’s not limited just to sorcery.
Because it’s possible to store memories as movies in the Base Domain, I can make Kuti smile videos, strange face compilations, or smug face collections and store them in separate folders.
There doesn’t seem to be storing capacity, and Kuti seems to be already storing a massive amount.
What is amazing about this archive is that it’s possible to retrieve anything you want easily from among the tremendous quantity.

By the way, the external storage[ Referring to Chapter 59 – Fairies and Resolution] Sani sensei was talking about before is a super-degraded version of the archive.
It’s a storage medium that represents an archive of a magic tool. But, it’s a degraded version, the capacity insignificant compared to the archive, and memories can’t be naturally stored as videos……

And in regards to the video memories, as a matter of fact, Kuti can’t pull out video memories in her Base Domain.
Incidentally, she can’t also access the domain’s speed settings.

Instead, it seems the characters floating overhead are overflowing in numbers.
As it was like that from the beginning, not everything is the same within the Base Domain, so it’s different for every person.


“Haa…… I want to watch videos too…… Lily’s lovely face, her actions, words of magical power, I want to hear her voice, I want to lick her.”

“I’m really glad that you can’t watch videos. If you could, you would definitely not come back.”

“That’s not true~ The real thing is naturally better than images! The genuine Lily prpr!”

(Kuti…… stop licking me……)

“Ha!? I’m sorry! I will surisuri you instead!”

“Yeah…… your saliva is stretching, it looks really gross……”

“Ahh…… this stickiness complements the softness of Lily.”

(Yes, Kuti get away from me for a bit~)


Stickiness is a bit no good, so I temporarily remove Kuti who is rubbing her cheeks against mine, and wipe her face into Reki-kun’s tail.
All the stickiness was wiped clean with the well-kept, bushy, smooth, and glossy tail fur.

The tail became sticky instead, though.




It’s inevitable that Reki-kun looked at his tail with a sad expression.
I will prepare a handkerchief starting next time. So I can endure the sticky play.

“Are you ready?”

“OK, it’s fine to put the water in~”

(Then, here I go!)


Kuti creates sorcery that catches overflowing water inside the concealment sorcery and immediately sets it up.
Simultaneously with the signal, I complete existing sorcery created just with imagination――the chantless substitution sorcery for an activation tool.
It takes no more than a second before the existing sorcery, and its settings are pulled from the World Archive.
Even though it’s very simple sorcery falling under the Tenth Grade, it takes at least two seconds to draw it out from the World Archive and cast the usual way.
This sorcery that eliminates the almost non-existent two seconds deserves a word of admiration, but I already got used to it.


“Alright, there’s no problem.”

“Then, I’m erasing it, okay~”


The water was drawn out by sorcery into a something similar to a magical container which Kuti instantly erased.
It was too fast, so I wasn’t able to analyze it. I have no idea what kind of sorcery she used to do that.


(You’re amazing, Kuti…… I have completely no idea what kind of sorcery you just used.)

“This is, you see~ It makes the container jump to a selected place~ I have teleported it to a rather far away place, so it’s all right~”

“Incidentally, material teleporting doesn’t exist in the existing sorcery. It’s currently possible only thanks to the sorcery this fellow made.”

(Haa~…… As I thought, Kuti is incredible, isn’t she? But, with such teleport sorcery, wouldn’t you be able to go where you please?)

“It’s not like that~ If teleporting living beings, they become guchagucha, you see~”

“When we teleported a monster before, its skin got turned upside down.”

(T, that’s……)

“But, at that time, it lived even though its skin got turned over, didn’t it~ Nothing happened aside from its skin being turning upside down, well, it soon died, though.”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s dangerous to use on living beings. By the way, what we use to get in and out of the Forest next to the world is not sorcery, so there’s no problem.”

(Haa, is that so? Teleporting is dangerous, huh.)

“Alright, go store it into the archive.”

“Save it quickly~”



After learning the sorcery, Kuti and Sani sensei give me permission to store it in the archive. It’s being taken out of the World Archive, but I’m storing it because I don’t know if or when I will use it to create new sorcery.
By the way, I have decided not to store without permission from either of the two.
Of course, I repeat the sorcery until I have mastered it and received permission from both.
Kuti won’t compromise only at a time like this.
That demonic teacher setting of hers is sweet as it shows her unusual strictness.

Because each sorcery has its own settings, I’m learning it with the settings Kuti and Sani sensei thought up beforehand.
Because I will fail if I’m just slightly off with the settings, their judgment is considerably strict.
Nevertheless, there’s no problem because it’s mostly a one-shot success. But, as expected, even though I have the special grounds of being a Variation type Two, even though I can use Kuti’s sorcery, even though I have an abnormal Magic Eyes, humans will inevitably make mistakes.

But, mistakes while using Kuti’s sorcery aren’t permitted.
There has been no damage yet because I’m learning simple Tenth Grade sorcery, but it would be a different story when talking about advanced level sorcery with a tremendous amount of settings, or Kuti’s brutal sorcery.
The advantage of chanting is that you can select the settings with words and thus avoid making mistakes, but Kuti’s substitute sorcery for the activation tool has a disadvantage of not being able to do that.

That’s why Kuti hardened her heart to guide me strictly.
Of course, every time after we finish, she would start apologizing to me with teary-eyed magical power.


(Kuti, it’s okay. I understand that Kuti is doing this for my sake, so please don’t apologize……)

“Butbut, shouting at Lily…… ahh…… Please forgive me, God! Please forgive me for shouting at the adorable angel, rather at the cuteness which has reached divinity that is Lily! Rather, God is no match for Lily, so you think I need your forgiveness, oy~!”

“I think you will receive a Divine punishment one of these days……”

(I think that Kuti’s vigor would beat even a god, though~)

“Being capable of anything is really frightening, isn’t it……”

“With a flicker of a finger, I’ll knock a god do-[Lyrics from Hokuto no Ken – Ai wo Torimodose].”

“Any more than that is bad.”

(Someone from JA○RAC[Jasrac – Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers] would come.)

“You occasionally use some strange vocabulary. How do you read that?”


(Yes, Kuti you can’t~ more than this is not good, okay~)



When I wrapped my fingers around Kuti’s cheeks and closed her mouth, she slightly violently thrashed her arms, but she soon became calm.
Well, after that, we shifted to fooling around, though.


“Seriously…… this bacouple……”


I think I heard Sensei’s exhausted voice from somewhere, but I was wrapped over and over again in Kuti’s soft, small feeling of inseparable happiness.

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