Chapter 88

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Wolf-kun and First Sorcery
Something completely different from releasing magical power and compression emits from me.
However, I don’t feel sick, I don’t know whether it’s euphoria from using sorcery for the first time, or I’m impressed because it looks like I’m going to use sorcery.
What I clearly understand is that magical power is different from sorcery.

The fine knowledge forms one and that which became one gather more again.
The knowledge built over a short but deep time of six months composes one sorcery.
It’s almost as if the results of great effort took form…… it’s so beautiful and ferocious. But, there’s an excitement and something that excels even that.

The delicate, daring composition which makes me so absorbed I lost all interest in the surroundings.

Those delicate chunks turn into strong and flexible by gathering together…… and then it began to scatter slowly from the part that was constructed first.

Even while in a rush, it was impossible to fix the sorcery composition and I couldn’t do anything but to watch my first sorcery scatter.


“…… Shippiyai……”

“What’s wrong, Lily-chan?”


“Is that so……? But, if there’s anything Baa~ba can help you with, just tell me, okay?”



When using magic for the first time, it’s always a great success in manga or novels.
I had such feeling…… I never dreamed that I would fail simply because I thought like that.

Therefore, although the disappointment was also great, I also vaguely understood the reason immediately after seeing the countless dispersing particles before my eyes.
I’m not so simple to give up after one failure.

Rather, because I have done things with trial and error until now, I found a bright light in the disappointment.
It’s not different from the usual. Even the sorcery is not much different from what I was doing until now.


(Reki-kun. The cause of the failure is the fuel…… there wasn’t enough magical power. But, the necessary amount I analyzed shouldn’t be wrong, you know…… there, it suddenly occurred to me. Sani sensei told me to learn “spirit power” first. Fairies are life-forms from pure magical power. Optimal fuel for sorcery with no impurities, the most efficient power. That’s the spirit power. If you think about it, it’s only natural!)


(You don’t understand? This sorcery is Kuti’s product. In other words, it’s unreasonable to say she didn’t use spirit power when making this. I’m still unable to use spirit power. That’s why I made it with the necessary amount of magical power, but the necessary amount I analyzed was supposed to be the amount of spirit power! Therefore, the composition dispersed because it couldn’t get the necessary amount of quality energy. That is the reason for this time’s failure!)


(Yeah! But, even if I know the cause, it has no meaning because I can’t use the spirit power. That’s why, please don’t look at me with those full of expectations eyes……)



Right…… I can’t use the spirit power yet.
Rather, learning the opposite effect of the magic tool that converts spirit power to magical power which Kuti developed should have been my first objective.
However, I got out of luck when Sani sensei started enjoying giving me lessons began cramming knowledge into me earnestly.
The first objective of the half of year ago has completely swayed from the spirit power.

But, the deepened knowledge and the use of sorcery repeatedly shown by Sensei and Kuti during their frolicking.
And the energy used for those.
It goes without saying that it’s the spirit power. I have no doubt as it’s clearly different from the magical power I use.

That’s why I can understand it now that I’ve been able to analyze sorcery.
The difference between the spirit power and magical power.

That’s what I learned from Sensei in the beginning.

The spirit power is a magical power without any impurities.

But, what is a magical power with no impurities?
In the first place, what is an impurity?


(―― That being the case, although still at the stage of hypothesis, I’m thinking whether it wouldn’t be possible to distinguish the impurities by the shading of magical power.)


(Umm, you see……)


The tone of the study mode Reki-kun becomes polite.
I parallelly work on my confirmation while teaching Reki-kun.


(There are various things that can be done by manipulating magical power, but I think that a way to change its shading is among them. Because! When it’s thin, isn’t it so beautifully transparent you can’t see anything! But, I still understand that the magical power is there! It’s very similar to the spirit power Kuti, and Sani sensei are using! Or perhaps I should say, I have a feeling it’s the very thing itself!)

“…… Wafun.”

(Hey! You there! Don’t yawn!)


(Geez~…… I finally got to the good thing, so listen carefully~)



Reki-kun appears to be in a state in which he can’t follow me anymore.
He greatly yawned and completely lost his motivation.

Since it can’t be helped, I decided to practice.

The theory behind sorcery was analyzed and understood but failed. But, I know the cause of the failure too. Since it’s like this, there’s only one thing to do.

I thin the magical power inside my body as thinly as possible.
Actually, Kuti’s spirit power is so terrifyingly clean it boasts of transparency.
But, the thing which I can produce is far from that.

I did trial and error over and over again that before I realized, I was not in the Reki-kun room, but in the baby room wearing ear pajamas.
It appears it’s a bear-san type with round ears and short tail today.
My appearances are that of Nija No.2 but today’s personal maid is Mira.
It has been more than a month since the personal maids started changing daily.



“Is something wrong, Ojousama?”



I was making a wondering face, but after seeing the smiling Mira, I stopped caring about just when did I move to the baby room.

The current problem of spirit power’s trial and error is more important.


Right, I became able to produce the spirit power.
But, it’s unstable and little in quantity.

It’s so unstable it scatters instantly once I lose focus.
It still falls short of the amount necessary for that sorcery, but it’s a certain step ahead.




When I return to the baby room, the person to talk with the words of magical power disappears.
Kuti, Sani sensei, and Reki-kun, all of them aren’t here.

Even though Obaasama, Ena, Theo, Ellie, and Mira are here, my stress is unexpectedly not small now that I can’t hold a fluent conversation.
Although I had not felt it when Kuti and co. were here, does conversing using the words of magical power actually considerably relieve my stress?
No, is it simply stress from not being able to have a smooth conversation?


“A loud, resonating noise shakes my eardrums. However, my palpitation surpasses even that――”


I listen to Ellie who was left in charge of reading, but the thing I’m thinking about is the spirit power.
The soft feeling at the back of my head is also pleasant, helping my mind to move in the right direction.
While enjoying the softness, Ellie’s body has grown considerably into a girl’s, huh…… while having such old man thoughts, I consider the ways to produce, stabilize, and increase the spirit power.

The idea is to improve the current process.
Even if I attempt to increase the amount, the magical power I can use inside my body doesn’t amount to much.
Then, do I release and thin out? As it is, there’s not much difference from doing it inside the body.
I also thought of increasing the amount of magical power while simultaneously thinning it out, but as a result, it only dispersed faster.
It has no meaning if it has no practical use. That’s because it’s impossible to consume it from the moment of making it.

That’s why it’s necessary to be able to hold a certain amount for a certain amount of time.


Eventually, Ellie’s reading has come to an end, I got a goodnight kiss from the four people, and it was bedtime for the day.
Parents apparently can’t return because of work.

But, what I’m thinking about is the spirit power, how to use it and how to maintain it.
Just when my brain which was kept in high gear was about to doze off in the usual, soft bed which brings the sense of security, it occurred to me.


“! Ashuku……”


Kan, I widely open my eyes as if receiving a divine revelation, why have I not thought about what I have muttered before?


   (Dekita~!/I did it~!)


“!? W, what!? What is it!?”



The first one to respond to my loud voice was Obaasama even though she already left the room, following her Ena sprung up from her sleep, and lastly, Mira who was standing outside entered, her eyes wandering around.
I could not contain the excitement while the room was loudly searched for the enemy.

It was so quick it was only a flash.
I produced a stable spirit power and maintained it, and then I activated the sorcery.
There was nothing concealed inside so it had no meaning, but my first sorcery has been successful.

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