Chapter 89

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Wolf-kun and The Usual
I have shown the cube of Kuti’s quality product concealment sorcery to Reki-kun, but even he who possesses Magic Eyes and can see magical power is unable to see it.
Magic Eyes also have strengths and weaknesses, and Reki-kun’s Magic Eyes are not as developed as mine.
Sani sensei did not seem to be able to see it as well, after all.

About those Magic Eyes, but……
They have gotten even stronger the next day after I used the sorcery for the first time. Moreover, they became so stronger that I can clearly understand the difference from before.
The difference between magical power and sorcery is clearly apparent with high precision.
Until now, I was only able to distinguish to the extent of activated magical power. Also when analyzing it, I had to spend time slowly and carefully observe.
Now, I can tell the difference at a glance.

Nearly all of the magical power in the magic tools is delicate sorcery, and I’m also able to “see” the activated sealed sorcery inside the magic tool.

The difference is so big it could be called evolution.

It’s now possible to analyze things that I would have to carefully observe just by looking at them.
It’s as if I’m skipping one or two steps of processing.
What would this rapid improvement be called if not evolution?


Because I was half-asleep when I successfully produced the spirit power and then I went to sleep in satisfaction from the first successful activation of sorcery, so I don’t know exactly when my Magic Eyes evolved.
Perhaps they transform slowly over time, but the big advancement might be because the activation of sorcery was a large critical point or a trigger. At the end of the day, I can’t be sure about the truth, so I’m thinking about asking Sani sensei when she returns.

Anyhow, the way I’m seeing the world is obviously different from yesterday. It might be a bit tough to get used to.


(Reki-kun. You…… you are always using body reinforcement sorcery on your legs, huh…… isn’t it wasteful?)


(Is that so? But, I’m thinking whether it’s necessary when you are sprawled on the ground like now…… ah, so you can move at any time?)


(Right leg…… so it’s a yes. You are a wolf to the bitter end, aren’t you? So cool.)


(Haha…… don’t lick my face~ seriously~ you aren’t holding back when Kuti is not around, huh.)



That’s right.
While Kuti and Sani sensei are on the regular report, no matter how you see it, the skinship with Reki-kun is far bigger.
He might be sensing my loneliness and trying to comfort me.
I thought so at first, but it’s getting gradually more and more unreserved.
At first, he would timidly lick as if just pecking me, but right now he beron gave a long lick.


I would like to excuse myself from the wolf juice which is turning into a dog stew.
Well, it’s fine because Jenny who is today’s personal maid immediately wiped my face.
Besides…… I can tell that a slight amount of magical power escapes from Reki-kun’s warm and rough tongue each time he licks me. That’s a proof of his warm feelings and not that he’s doing it as a mischief.


Is that because of that? Even though I dislike it, I never refuse.
Rather, as it’s making me cheerful, I might even make this fawning a daily routine.

Reki-kun is a very gentle and good child.


Even though I have become able to use sorcery, I can freely use only single concealment sorcery.
Although I can analyze, the sorceries sealed inside the magic tools have been altered, so I understand that there would be many problems using them.
I thought I could use it just like that at first.
As expected, seeing is believing. There’s a difference between knowledge and implementing it.

Then, if I analyze when someone uses sorcery, is what I thought, but sorcery is used only rarely in front of me…… no, it can be said it’s never used in front of me.
Is it the utilization of isolation sorcery during high confidentiality talk at most? But, the frequency of its use is hardly enough.
Was it about the time before Obaasama came when Ena used it last time?

It’s likely because magic tools that are substitutes for sorcery are used instead.
Things that require sorcery are mostly accomplished with magic tools, that’s the current situation.
Chanting is not necessary, and even though magic tools have a limited time of uses, this is the Christophe House. It means that there are some funds.

But, would I be even able to analyze sorcery when I see it?
Sorcery requires chanting, so I think I could analyze that, but activating sorcery is almost instantaneous unless in the state of standby.
For example, even though defensive sorcery on standby is visible, it actually keeps on feebly fluctuating.
Offensive sorcery is instantaneous believe it or not, so it’s out of the question.
No matter how much my analyzing improved, it’s not instantaneous by no means.

By the way, regarding the defensive sorcery hidden within the concealment sorcery, whether it’s an adverse effect of the evolution of the Magic Eyes or what, the formulas of the defensive and concealment sorceries are overlapping, and I don’t know why.
I already know the formula of the concealment sorcery, so I thought of simply removing it, but it appears to be a quite a difficult task. For example…… it’s almost as if tiny letters were forming many large seals around a note, filling every nook and cranny……
Anyhow, it’s on a level my motivation is destroyed just with a glance.

That’s why, what I’m currently doing is……


(Kuti formula concealment sorcery ac ti vate~!)

“…… Wafuu.”

(Hey, you there~ Don’t yawn just because you can’t see it.)

“…… Afun.”

(You have no motivation, huh~ Oh well, it doesn’t really matter~ I will work hard at the total magical power amount training by myself~)


Being able to use concealment sorcery basically means that I can do my training without Obaasama noticing.
In fact, Obaasama had not noticed even when I tried to train with concealment sorcery just a few centimeters in front of her eyes.
Is she feigning ignorance? It seems my answers had become definite because she had no reaction even when I released a huge amount of magical power.


(Stre~tch~ it thinly~…… compress~ and thi~n~ly~ again. Ara, a miracle~ The spirit power is finished~)


(A redevelopment of concealment sorcery within concealment sorcery~ The duration is 0.01~ minimal deployment time~ Theretherethe~re!)



My way of training has changed quite a lot.


I produce the spirit power and activate the sorcery.

This way has the best consumption efficiency so far.
It’s probably due to the abnormal consumption of spirit power of Kuti’s concealment sorcery.


Well, it’s an insignificant amount when considering the total amount of my magical power, so I shortened the development time and repeated activating it over and over again.
I make a few gaps in the concealment sorcery that I made into a cube, and they immediately disappear thanks to another concealment sorcery getting pushed in the center.

By the way, this concealment sorcery.
I’m able to establish the scope, development time, and position freely.
For example, I’m able to expand it to fit my body as if wrapping myself in it. But, that would make me instantly disappear, and it would become a great fuss.

Anyhow, it’s marvelous concealment sorcery even Sani sensei can’t perceive.
I’m driven by the urge to try it, but I can’t bring myself to do it because it would make Obaasama and others worry.
I’m using it exclusively for magical power training. Truly a luxury.


So many days have passed that it wouldn’t be strange for Kuti and Sani sensei to return from their regular report, but they have not come back yet.
I study, train, and play by riding on Reki-kun’s back in the Reki-kun room every day.
Because the number of times that I play by riding on Reki-kun’s back has increased, there was talk of making a saddle, and they actually ended up making.
But, because of Reki-kun’s terrifying body growth speed, the saddle didn’t fit him when it was completed.
Even Obaasama and others were astounded by the speed of his growth.


Reki-kun has recently become slightly too big.
He’s become so big it’s difficult to get on him on my own, so I recently started needing help from other people.
He’s already as big as an adult lion and he has a wonderful physique.
But, his insides haven’t changed a bit.
He’s a gentle and playful Wolf-kun.

I thought whether the collar wouldn’t get tight with his rapid growth, but apparently, this Christophe House collar is not just for show as it is expandable. But, it doesn’t come off.

It wasn’t just once or twice I have asked Obaasama to take it off, but she gently refused every time.
It can’t be helped because I’m the only one who has a mutual understanding with Reki-kun, but I often try to convey just how gentle and good child Reki-kun is.
Is the day of a normal collar still not near?


(So, you know~ Will Reki-kun stay by my side even if your collar comes off~?)



His right front leg swiftly comes out.
I’m really happy that it was without hesitation as if saying naturally.


(Because it’s Reki-kun…… you won’t be able to eat delicious meals if you run away from here, right~?)



This also was a right leg swiftly pushed forward.
I’m sad because it was even faster than my previous question.


(Mu~ Reki-kun is not going to stay because of me, I see~ I’m slightly sad~ so sad~?)

“…… Wafun.”


Averting his gaze, he claps with his left paw.
The flow of his magical power represents embarrassment. Reki-kun is a boy, so he’s as common, not good with such talk.


(Fufu~ How dishonest~ Even though if you want to stay by my side, you should just honestly say it~)

“Wafu…… wau.”

(What are you saying~ seriously~ you, you~)


His tail sways left and right, lightly hitting my face, while hitting the ground with his left paw.
Declaring his intention with not only just left and right leg but also with his tail is the recent standard.


(Hyaa~ it tickles~ you~)



When I jump at him, he falls down and sprawls on the ground showing me his belly.
Since Reki-kun became so big, something like his dignity comes out when he sprawls on the ground, but he looks extremely adorable even like that.
Washa, washa I mofumofu him while clad in compressed magical power.
The fur which is carefully combed every day is so comfortable it just makes me want to fall asleep.
The smell is also not of a beast, but rather refreshing.
It’s not a perfume or anything because he’s a wolf, but his body odor.
Reki-kun is really wonderful.


(Mufufufu~ Is it fine to mofumofu you~?)

“Wafu…… wagyagyagyagya.”


Even if he refused, I couldn’t hear his answer in the end.
He scratched the air with his left leg many times while twitching a little, but I know that you are feeling good too.
I’m going to paradise while sending Wolf-kun who’s making a strange effeminate expression to the paradise as well.

The time flowed slowly while getting along with Reki-kun today as well.

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