Chapter 87

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolf-kun and Analysis
There are always two things floating diagonally behind me.
To be accurate, they will move in front of me when I stand with my back against the wall, but they are fundamentally located diagonally behind my back.
Apart from the high judgment ability to avoid obstacles automatically, it’s endowed with several more abilities.

First, a concealment ability that even an expert like Obaasama is unable to sense.
Moreover, even Sani sensei have not noticed it.
I understand that this was set up by Kuti. But, this is something that even Sani sensei who’s well-versed in Kuti’s carefully produced, high precision concealment sorcery didn’t notice.
Is Kuti hiding this from Sani sensei or did she just simply make it?

Anyhow, it appears that only I and Kuti who made it are aware of this thing’s existence.

Although I could understand it by analyzing, this thing far exceeds Kuti’s concealment sorcery which Sani sensei raised as my present objective.
As for how amazing it is, the concealment sorcery of my objective is a complex of existing sorceries, while this feels dozens of times more precise than that?

In short, if I could grasp this, I will be able to achieve the present objective.

Now then, the problem is the result of the analysis, but it’s surprisingly difficult.
No, it’s something that Kuti made, so although it’s not surprising, it doesn’t seem it will be easy to analyze it.
Since I know that it’s fundamentally a concealment sorcery, I understand the precision and the abilities accompanying it to a certain extent, but the problem now is how do I make a use of it.


As expected of Kuti. She’s not called the world’s strongest sorceress for nothing.
But, when it’s difficult, it makes me get fired up instead.
Anyhow, it’s not like it’s impossible to analyze it.


(Reki-kun. I will now begin analyzing this, so…… come over here.)


(Oh yeah, right there. Yes, ‘Down’. Well done.)


Since it’s positioned diagonally behind me, my neck would get tired, so I adjust Reki-kun’s position to a place where it’s easy to look at.
I fall down posun on Reki-kun’s belly pillow and start analyzing at once.



(It’s fine to sleep if you are sleepy~)



I could see his right front leg only slightly, but Reki-kun who has dropped his jaw on the floor seems to have fallen asleep.
Well, to be frank, all the analyzing is done in my head, so I wouldn’t have spare time for Reki-kun, so there’s no problem.


“My, oh my, Lily-chan, you don’t want to talk anymore?”


“I see…… ah, but Jii~ji is going to come soon, so play with him for a little when he comes, okay?”

“U~…… Ai.”

“Fufu…… I’m sorry. But just a little is fine, please?”



I have wanted to analyze slowly, but I can’t decline Obaasama’s request to keep Ojiisama company.
Besides, Ojiisama has been recently drowned by a pile of documents in his fief, and we couldn’t play much, so I will endure and play until the limit of my endurance.

For now, I decided to start digging up the surface portion of that thing while assorting information to their respective data blocks.




“Ooh…… Lilianne…… Ojiichan doesn’t want to go back anymore……”

“Jii~ji. Oshigoo ganbatte.”
   (Jii~ji. Oshigoto ganbatte/Do your best at work)

“Ooh…… Lilianne…… but, I don’t want to return……”

“Jii~ji. Me.”
   (Jii~ji. No)

“Don’t wanna~ don’t wanna~ I don’t want to return to that mountain of documents.”

“Jii~ji. Iai.”
   (Jii~ji. Kirai/Hate)

“Ooh…… sorry……”

“Iiko, iiko.”
   (Good boy)

“Ooh…… you will forgive this me, thank you…… Lilianne……”


When he arrived, he approached me at tremendous speed, embraced me and rubbed his cheeks against mine.
And then, Ojiisama started complaining.
I felt something lukewarm from the gaze of the usual nonchalantly smiling Obaasama, so I tried to encourage Ojiisama, it seems he got quite overwhelmed.


Just how many documents got amassed?
Even though you are reaping what you sow……


But I’m not able to say that even if my mouth is torn, so I will stroke that still abundantly bushy head.
It has a crude feeling incomparable to Reki-kun or Mira, but well, that can’t be helped.


“Fufu…… do your best, Dear. It’s something I’m unable to help you with. I can’t have you not doing your best.”

“Uu…… but you see…… as expected, I think it’s unreasonable to do that amount by myself…… at least if somebody were to assist me.”

“Even if you say that. Rashigant, Yule, Hingeille, everyone is having their hands full back in the fief.”

“No, yeah…… well that’s true, but…… can’t something be done?”

“I would like to help if I could.”

“N, no! It’s fine! It’s not something you have to worry about! Everything is all right!”


From the desperate Ojiisama with cramped cheeks, it must be that Obaasama can’t do it as she’s probably the type that would cause an explosion while cooking. When doing official duties, would she blow away the fief?

I wonder if it’s because it’s Obaasama that I can easily imagine it?
What’s scary is that our Obaasama would be really capable of doing it.



“T, that’s right! There were some fellows among the butlers we have sent here capable of doing routine tasks! Let’s use them!”

“Ro…… it’s too late now.”

“Ugh! I, I’m cornered like this just by the sight of that pile of documents!”

“Well, it may not be helped after seeing that.”


Just how long were you collecting the documents……
Probably too much…… seriously.


“Haa…… that’s why, right now, Jii~ji has to greatly replenish the Lilianne Element. Ahh…… Lilianne is an angel…… I want to bring her home……”

“You can’t do that. Lily-chan is very busy today.”

“…… You are busy…… then, it can’t be helped…… but, will you talk with Jii~ji for a little bit more?”




I spend a little while comforting Ojiisama who’s personality got little strange due to the accumulated documents.
After that, he kept on complaining and refused to let me go until some robust people took him away.




I understood from analyzing for a little, but as I thought, analyzing Kuti’s carefully produced sorcery is difficult.
I have done my best while getting healed by Reki-kun for the whole day, but the results weren’t that sweet.
This terrific sorcery made by Kuti left me really thinking whether it was made by that delicate, slim, daring…… and occasionally perfunctory Smugface-sama.


I see, it’s indeed Kuti. This is completely Kuti’s product.
Especially, the suitable common parts are so amazingly daring.
But this has an important role in supporting the areas around it…….

Incredible…… that’s the only word to describe it.


(Reki-kun…… As I thought, Kuti is a genius…… I can’t make something like this.)

“Wafuuun…… kuaaaaaaa.”

(Is this the difference in talent…… I might be envious of Kuti for the first time.)


(Fufu…… that tickles. Are you trying to console me?)



I wonder if I got tired from analyzing as fast as I could in my head all this time? I feel like I’ve said something very weak-kneed. Well, they were words of magical power, though.
Reki-kun who saw that licked my face which he doesn’t usually do.
He who has a high pride rarely does something like this…… no, he has never done this before.


(Thank you, I will do my best, okay?)



Being encouraged by Reki-kun, I recalled the difference between heaven and earth in my heart.
Although I may not be able to catch up now, I will get closer if I keep on making a great effort.
I have not noticed it before taking Sani sensei’s lessons. Currently, I will plunge forward to the wonderful objective called Kuti.




As a result, the analysis took me four days.
Although it was just one sorcery, it was Kuti who made it, and the wonderful technique used left me speechless.
Alterations incorporated into the magic tools――techniques that don’t require activation tools have been analyzed.
In other words, that basically means it’s possible to use sorcery without an activation tool, that’s the hypothesis.


(Now then, Reki-kun. The time to show the results of trying hard for the past four days has come!)



I, who is filled with motivation and excitement is probably releasing magical power.
I’m so excited that I can’t even control my emotions.

I mean, it’s the first sorcery in my life.

Moreover, these four days. It’s sorcery invented by my beloved Kuti I admire.

It would be impossible not to get excited.


“Fuu…… suu…… fuu…… suu……”


I repeat taking deep breaths several times, and open both of my eyes which were closed when my heart settled sufficiently.


(Well then, the first round of Kuti-made concealment sorcery practice has begun!)



Simultaneously with Reki-kun’s great roar, I stare in a slightly far away place and develop a sorcery composition for the first time in my life.

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