Chapter 86

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolf-kun and Knowledge
Magic tools.
Tools with sorcery sealed in them.
It allows convenient use of powerful attacks or strong defensive means, it has a wide range of use.
It means that the extent of sorcery is just that wide and that many magic tools with a single function of sorcery like a clock exist.
But, the operation is completed by a single unit about 70% of the time.

The prices of magic tools that are used in everyday life are low, but their consumption is high because of their number of uses restriction.
The high priced ones skyrocket in price, to the extent that you can’t attach a price to the floating magic tool I have played with my parents before.
Well, I broke it, though.

The reason sorcery can be sealed within magic tools is because of a material with an endowed magical power called magic fragment.
It has an extraordinary bearing with magical power.
It seals it.
But, it’s only natural that it can’t seal everything.

A long time ago, in a fairy tale level era, one hero found magic fragments and established means to use it.
A method to seal sorcery.

A way to create magic tools.

Several methods have already been lost, and the remaining techniques are relatively simple and are the sophisticated final technology.
Thanks to that, most of those who can use sorcery can make magic tools.
Naturally, knowledge and experience are required in large quantities, but it seems that it’s still far simpler than the methods used from the early to the mid-term era of that time.


Of course, I learned this in Sani sensei’s lesson.


Currently, there’s a communication magic tool in my hands.
Officially called Turbasachi 458 Type two-way communication tool.
It’s the highest quality product among two-way communication tools, and it’s range and noise removal during communication are also top class.
It seems that it’s a state-of-the-art because it’s one of the few models that have succeeded in miniaturization.

According to what I heard from Obaasama, it’s also the best among the same models.
Not only is there a great difference in the decoration given to the molded magic fragment, but also the effective range and the hearing effect were greatly increased.
This is due to the skill of the sealing.

The higher the sealing skill, the smaller the magic fragment is used, and the higher the effect.

It’s the small size of the magic fragment that secures the remaining surface for decoration.
In addition, small magic fragments are necessary for models that emphasize portability through miniaturization.
In that regards, Turbasachi who answers both the appearance and portability demand of the magic tools have the biggest market share.


“Lily-chan, is there someone else you would like to talk to? I think Jii~ji would love to talk, though.”


“Fufu…… you may think it through slowly, but Jii~ji will come soon, you know?”



There’s a reason for my half-hearted replies.
It’s my first time seeing a magic tool up close like this. And there are a few things I have realized.

It appears that I, who has the Magic Eyes which can see magical power, is able to analyze the sorcery sealed within the magic tool.
It’s the result of receiving Sani sensei’s lessons for half a year, and it shows my degree of understanding.


According to that……


Even the “current” me is able to use this sorcery.
Of course, since it’s an existing magic, an activation tool is a prerequisite, so I can’t use it without the activation tool.
But, I have been able to analyze information which might solve even that.

Sani sensei has yet to teach me the fundamentals of sorcery in detail.
Because of Sensei’s thoughts of it being still too early, this enormous knowledge――It’s the reason why I can’t use sorcery even though I can deeply analyze the sorcery in the magic tool just by looking.

The examination children have to undergo at the age of ten only checks the aptitude, it’s not like you can’t use sorcery before the age of ten.
Age does not matter if you have deep knowledge.

What I want to say is……


(Reki-kun…… I…… might be able to use sorcery.)


(This phone…… I understood from looking at this Turbasachi, but…… The magic sealed inside is quite simple. What is being used at the time of activation is a complex authentication formula. Instead of the activation tool…… rather than having to go through the medium of the sealed activation tool, the technique to activate it by itself is different. If I use that, I should be able to use sorcery even without the magic tool.)


(…… Yeah. I understand. This is a trigger altered at the time of the special process of sealing the magic fragment. In other words, this is encrypted, isn’t it? How ingenious. But, if no one understood that……)



Although I’m sorry to Reki-kun who frowns and leaks out a small voice, I will think for a little bit longer.
It’s impossible that no one has analyzed it before.
But, it’s necessary to see the magical power to analyze.
The Magic Eyes of mine which are powerful among the Magic Eyes.
According to Sani sensei, they are so powerful like no kind in the history.


To be exact, they are “matured” Magic Eyes.


I can manipulate magical power.
As a result of relying on Magic Eyes instead of sight, they have developed with the necessity of magical power manipulation.





The reason is apparently my unimaginable amount of magical power.
Sensei hasn’t returned to the forest and thus couldn’t perform large-scale research, however, the influence of the enormous magical power is apparent.


Because of that reason, I’m convinced that there might not be have been enough people who were able to analyze it even if they had Magic Eyes.


With the exception of fairies who are life-forms of pure magical power.


Looking back, Kuti and Sani sensei always used sorcery without using any tools.
At first, I thought they are just different from people since they are fairies.
As my knowledge deepened, I understood that I was wrong.
I then thought that they might have accessories which acted as activation tools hidden under their clothes.
The activation tools themselves can be processed and miniaturized if created with rare materials.
Many people attach them to the weapon they usually use or make them into accessories.
It’s also intended to camouflage the activation tool to hide the easy target of destruction. Well, most put emphasis on outward appearances though.

But, the two didn’t wear any accessories.
That’s because I have witnessed them using sorcery without wearing anything.


It’s the byproduct of ‘Let’s bathe together~’
I don’t want to remember it that much, so I will leave it out.


That’s why I have no doubt that the two are using sorcery without any activation tools.
In the end, I have decided on my own that it’s because of the pure magical power which is the spirit power, but even that was wrong.

I have analyzed it.
The fairies already have a way to use sorcery without activation tools.
No, it might be common sense. Because they are Kuti and Sani sensei.
Kuti who settles everything by instinct and Sensei who holds a terrifying amount of profound knowledge. It’s not an impossible talk because of those two.

I can say that I am a Sensei’s pupil.
And with the amount of knowledge that I have already analyzed.

This is, in other words…… have they not come this far by practice?


(Reki-kun…… I want to try using sorcery.)


(Right leg is in front…… Reki-kun thinks so too, huh.)


(…… But, we can’t. If we do it now, Obaasama will notice.)


(Therefore, I intend to do it in a way I wouldn’t get exposed.)


(Fufu…… actually, there’s a target of analyzation, you see? Near me.)


(Right…… Reki-kun, can you see it? Even Sensei has not noticed it. This thing that even Kuti probably thinks I have not noticed.)


(I can do it now…… that’s why I will do it. I want to try using sorcery. The results of this half a year…… I want to test them out!)



I gently stroke Reki-kun’s back since he’s cheering me on with his tail intensively swaying from side to side.
My mind calms down a little after seeing him look so comfortable.


I must not be impatient. Always composedly…… calmly.


Then…… I turned my gaze towards the object of my analysis which is always positioned diagonally behind my back.

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