Chapter 85

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Wolf-kun and Magic Tool
While Kuti and Sani sensei went home for the regular report, there are naturally no lessons.
It’s an oral only lesson with no use of paper or writing instruments, so I reasonably have no homework while they are out.
At most, I can review together with Reki-kun.

I have studied for the majority of the day for approximately half a year every single day, so I’m honestly bored.
Because Obaasama is here, I can at best draw pictures with a lightly released magical power.
The other day’s exploration had no meaning because I can’t see the room interiors or furniture.
It was a fresh experience though as for the first time in my two years, Obaasama or Ena have not accompanied me.
But, it would be slightly difficult to do it every day.

I thought of releasing the magical power in the name of looking around the room, but it appears that Obaasama is going to look after me next.
It was apparently bad that I was curious about weapons.
Particularly when Ena heard that report, she scolded Nija and Lacria to the extent of almost dismissing them from my personal maids if it were not for Obaasama.
Ena is too overprotective as always. And this time’s coping actions are too extreme.
Therefore, when I complain a bit to Ena, she would speak with teary eyes how much worries I have caused her.


I think that’s a bit unfair, Ena……
But, she finally promised not to dismiss my personal maids without my permission, so I deemed it acceptable.


Well, because something like that happened, I can’t go on a mansion adventure, and I can’t take any lessons, so I’m now using Reki-kun’s fluffy belly as a pillow.


(Reki-kun…… I’m bored.)



Because I’m on top of Reki-kun’s belly, it was hard to see his front legs, but I was able to see his right leg just a little bit. It appears he’s bored as well. Looking at the other side, his tail is flapping left and right, though.


(Want to…… study?)

“U~ wau.”


His left leg came out this time. He’s not in a mood to study.
To be honest, I’m not in such mood as well, so I’m thankful.

Then, what to do? It became like that, but I have no idea in particular.
Until a while ago, I was playing with Reki-kun’s toy box turned over, so that was enough for me.
Theo and Ellie are both in school, so it’s only Obaasama and Nija with me in the Reki-kun room.
There are four Knights in the corner of the room, but they are making sure not to approach because Ena would be worried again.
To be accurate, she’s worried about the concealed weapons carried by the people from the Knights Order, but it’s similar. It’s the so-called association game thing.


“Lily-chan, are you sleepy?”


“Then, are you not going to play with Reki anymore?”


“Then, are you taking a break?”


“Reki’s belly does seem comfortable.”



Obaasama who came to my side pats my head, and the vibrations of Reki-kun’s back being patted as well transmits to me.
Reki-kun’s belly does indeed feel comfortable.
It’s just the ideal thing for a pillow. I’d like to take him to the baby room with me.
But, I can’t do that.
That’s because Reki-kun is prohibited from entering the baby room.

Reki-kun is pretty much my pet.
But, although he’s my pet, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a beast. Therefore, he’s prohibited from entering.
Well, there would be problems of fur, etc.

Reki-kun’s belly feels so good I thought whether it wouldn’t be fine to bring my bed into the Reki-kun room.
I occasionally mofumofu him, but because it leaves Reki-kun exhausted, I lowered the frequency.
But, I do it once a day.

Reki-kun also gradually got used to it. He does not seem to know that it’s dangerous to get used to it.
Let’s raise the attack power by one step when he starts making a composed expression.


While thinking about soft and smooth fur, Obaasama took out the communication magic tool and began talking with someone.


“I understand. Then, we will wait in Reki’s room. …… Yes, I understand. We will be waiting for you.”


“Yeah, that’s right. It seems he will come in a little more.”

“Sho kka.”
   (Sou ka/I see)

“Fufu…… will you play with Jii~ji when he comes?”




Obaasama pats my head and rustles my hair with a warm smile.
Speaking of which, I remember that I did not ask for that magic tool yet.


“Baa~ba. Oegai ga arimashu.”
   (Baa~ba. Onegai ga arimasu/I have a request)

“My, my, what is it?”

“Madoo gu ga hoshii desu.”
   (Madou gu ga hosii desu/I want a magic tool)

“Magic tool?”




When I slowly and earnestly say the words magic tool on my tongue, so even a little more seriousness could be conveyed, Obaasama’s usual nonchalant expression turned slightly serious.


“Magic tool is…… if it’s Lily-chan, you understand, don’t you?”

“Ai. Shaki no ohanashi shiteanyo momaoogu…… u~ ma・do・u・gu deshu.”
   (Hai. Saki no ohanashi shiteta yo mamoogu…… u~ ma・do・u・gu desu/ Yes. I knew mamoogu from the previous conversation…… u~ ma・gi・c・tool)

“Yes, well done. That’s right, this is a magic tool. It works only at a distance which is about the size of this mansion, but you can talk with people who are away from you.”

“Ai. Shoe ga ii.”
   (Hai. Sore ga ii/Yes. I want that)

“That’s right…… if Lily-chan has this, I could talk with Lily-chan even if you were far away.”



Obaasama seems enthusiastic as well, so I answer with a vigor and a look of expectations.


“But, it’s no good.”

“U……. nyajie?”
   (Ugh…… naze?/Why?)


But, the words Obaasama returned were unexpected.
I thought that Obaasama who’s always on my side would immediately give in to my demand, but this was unexpected.


“Magic tools are very dangerous when not handled properly. Many magic tools are not used in everyday life. This is also one of them. It’s no good because Lily-chan could get injured if just slightly mishandling it.”

“Sho ka……”
   (Sou ka/Is that so……)

“But, it will be fine when using it together with Baa~ba. Who would you like to talk with?”


As I thought, it doesn’t seem to be widely used on the same level as phones in my previous life.
Although only usable in the range of the mansion, I know that this mansion is tremendously large, so I’m wondering whether the range is not plenty enough.
Perhaps it’s a problem of money? It’s very useful to be able to talk to a place far away, even though it’s medium distance.
Since it’s not widely spread, it’s either the problem of price or number…… huh. Otherwise, it’s some kind of religious problem? For example, it’s prohibited to talk with a person whose face you can’t see? Well, those are just examples I came up with.


“Nii~ni to Nee~ne wa muida o ne?”
   (Nii~ni to Nee~ne wa muri da yo ne?/It’s impossible to contact Nii~ni and Nee~ne, isn’t it?)

“The school is too far away, so it’s not possible. Those currently safe are Jii~ji, Lacria, Jenny, and Mira, I think? Ah, Nija is fine as well, but she’s over here.”

“…… Jan.”


Speaking of Nija, she already had a magic tool with the same flow of magical power in her hands.
But, she’s not at a distance I could communicate to the fullest, so she’s out of the question.


“Ja~ Mirya!”
   (Jaa~ Mira!/Then~ Mira!)

“Yes, I understand.”


The consenting Obaasama quickly activated the magic tool.
In order to activate a magic tool, it’s necessary to touch the activation part and imagine.
In a case it needs authentication, it will absorb a little bit of magical power to authenticate. If the authentication fails, the magic tool will naturally not activate.
Such setting is not necessary for Magic tools used in everyday life, but expensive magic tools――magic tools primarily used for combat always have an authentication process.

Activated magic tools are operated mainly with imagination and perform very simple operations according to the purpose of use.
In the case of the communication device, it’s only to select communication devices owned by people in the communication range.
The communication device selection appears to be selected simultaneously with the activation by imagining. Therefore, its operation seems to be simple.
On the other hand, if a call comes in, it appears that you can accept or refuse with by imagining. This is also very simple.


“Mira, are you free now? …… I see, then, I will hand over to Lily-chan, could you speak with her please? …… Yes, thank you. Here, Lily-chan.”

“Ai. Mirya?”
   (Hai. Mira?/Yes. Mira?)

(Y, yes! What may I help you with, Ojousama?)


The communication magic tool is unexpectedly heavy, so Obaasama helps me by holding it near my ear.
I hear a voice from the magic tool just like from a mobile phone, and my voice connects to the other side.
I somehow became happy from the sense of familiarity.


“Konichia. Gokien ikaga deshuka?”
   (Konnichiwa. Gokigen ikaga desu ka?/Hello. How are you?)

(Yes! I’m very good! How about Ojousama?)

“Ai. Ii deshu. Mirya wa ima doko ni imashuka?”
   (Hai. Ii desu. Mira wa ima doko ni imasu ka?/Yes. I’m good. Where are you at the moment, Mira?)

(I’m currently cleaning Ojousama’s room. It will become a pretty room soon!)

“Gokuryoosama deshu.”
   (Gokurousama desu/Thank you for your work)

(S, such words are wasteful on me! This is my duty, so please don’t worry about it!)



I kept having a silly conversation with Mira while being watched over by Obaasama’s gentle smile.

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