Chapter 81

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Alone With Wolf-kun
The 1st Month began.
The 1st Month is the beginning of the year, but in the Ovent Kingdom…… no, on the Lizwald continent, there’s no celebration in particular.
At most, the first day of the 1st Month is a day off which isn’t counted towards the calendar.
That day is also spent normally without doing anything special.

In the 1st Month, there was a family event of celebrating Ojiisama’s birthday, and as is usual, I was monopolized and spent my day in Ojiisama’s firm arms.

Theo’s entrance into the junior high school has already been discussed, so it wasn’t a noisy time.
But, it’s a month in which a big problem occurs to me.

That big problem is……


(Do you have to go no matter what?)

“I~ don’t~ want~ to~ gooooo!”

“I don’t want to go as well. But, this is our duty. It can’t be helped.”

“Sani should go alone! This is it! I’m so smart!”

“Rather, we will finish faster if you obediently go!”



Tiny-sama with sparkling eyes shoots fireworks in the background behind her with all her might and Smugface-sama releases fireworks in retaliation, but they got scattered by Sani sensei’s iron mountain.


As usual, Sani sensei’s blows are wide-ranging.
The other day, she used praying mantis style and draw the power of the tiger fist.
Just how much does she research martial arts, I wonder?


By the way, the reason for goodbye is the regular report.
They have to return the Forest next to the world once in a half year to report.
Because the previous report was in the 7th Month, half a year has already passed. A lot has happened, but when looking back, it happened in a blink of an eye.
Obaasama and Ojiisama, Sani sensei, personal maids, and Knights Order.

After all is said and done, Reki-kun’s existence might be the biggest thing.
I’m now substituting him for a sofa, so I can no longer exist without him.
This bushy and fluffy adds to the necessary power for practice.

Right…… the reason I have not carried the third mission yet is because I’m practicing on Reki-kun.
Reki-kun isn’t as sensitive as Mira.
His body starts convulsing at most.


…… I’m not nervous, okay……?


Anyhow, the current problem is the regular report.
Because Kuti is reluctant and hesitating, it seems Sani sensei was told to bring her back.


“I don’t want to separate from Lily! That forest should just burn down!”

“If it burns, you will have no place to return to.”

“The place of my return is in Lily’s embrace, so there’s no problem!”

“What about Natasha?”

“Since she’s Queen, she should just give orders to someone else except me like a Queen!”

“You are the most competent, so it can’t be helped.”

“What about my freedom!?”


“Uwaan! Lily, comfort me~!”

(Yes, yes, there, there. Cheer up, Kuti. I’m on Kuti’s side, you know~)

“Only Lily, only you are on my side! Someone like Sani, an enemy, an enemy I say! Shoo, shoo.”

“You…… Lily too, do something.”

(As for me, I want to take Sensei’s lessons and I don’t want to separate from Kuti, so to be honest, I think that regular reports should disappear.)

“…… So frank.”

(I have to occasionally state my opinion, after all.)

“U, umuu…… well, you are indeed usually self-restrained…… u~mu.”

“Haa~…… Lily’s scent…… kunkakunka.”

(Ku, Kuti……?)

“Like that, I can only see her as a pervert.”

(T, that’s right, but……)

“Look, it’s time to stop.”

“No~! Let me go~! No way~ I’m going to sniff Lily’s scent further~!”



While smiling wryly and watching Tiny-sama clinging to me and burying her face into my chest, the time to leave for the regular report slowly, but certainly approached.





“How about resigning yourself about now?”

“N~ o~!」

(Kuti…… I don’t want to separate.)

“Me too, Lily」


A flow of sadness is in her little eyes. The flow of magical power in me is surely the same.
Reki-kun does not understand what’s happening, so he adorably tilts his head and cries out Nku~n.


“Well then, let’s go.”

“Uu…… Lily, I will return soon, okay? I will definitely return soon!”

(Kuti. Have a safe trip…… I will wait. I will be waiting, okay!)



“What to say~”


My beloved person has been dragged away by the exhausted Sani sensei.
Unlike the last time, I was able to properly see her off together with Reki-kun.

It seems that snow has also disappeared with the coming of the 1st Month, and I seem to be able to smell spring if only just a little bit.
I continued standing outside until I couldn’t see the two anymore and embraced Reki-kun.



“To suddenly want to go outside…… this is first, but…… what’s wrong, Lily?”

“Nu~…… gusu.”

“Li, Lily!? Does it hurt anywhere!?”

“Gusu…… guu…… uwaaaaaan.”

“Lily, Lily…… what’s wrong…… what are you so sad about……”


I couldn’t endure and I kept crying in Ena’s embrace for a while.
It was really comfortable in Ena’s chest as she hurriedly and gently tried to comfort me, but the sadness didn’t go away.

My siblings who were practicing and even Obaasama who heard me crying came and tried to comfort me, but unfortunately, no one can replace Kuti.
Instead, to vent my anger, I clung to Reki-kun while clad in compressed magical power.


I’m sorry, Reki-kun. If I don’t mofumofu you, I won’t be able to calm down.


Thanks to clinging to Reki-kun and weeping for the rest of the day, I was able to somehow calm down the next day.

It’s lonely without Kuti, but it can’t be helped.
I understand that she will properly come back. I just have to endure for a while. Just for a little while……

When I thought about it, tears started collecting in the corners of my eyes, so I bit my lips and tried my best to endure.



(I’m sorry, Reki-kun. Thank you for worrying about me. I’m fine.)


I hug Reki-kun who was looking at me with sad flow of magical power in his eyes and cling up on his back.


(Since it became like this, I will go to various places with Reki-kun while Kuti is not here!)


(All right! Let’s break out of the Reki-kun room at once!)

“Wan, wan!”


Reki-kun sticks out his right leg forward and back repeatedly.

Reki-kun is full of spirit.


(First, persuading Obaasama! If we can do that, everything else will be OK!)


“Rieki, ‘Advance’!”



“My, oh my, what is it, Lily-chan? Are you already all right?”

“Ai. Raijo~obu.”
   (Hai. Daijoubu/Yes. I’m fine)

“I see…… but, don’t overdo it, okay?”


“So, what do you need?”

   (Osoto ikitai/I want to go outside)

“You went yesterday too, didn’t you? It’s still cold outside, you will catch a cold.”

“Rieki-kun to tankensuu no.”
   (Reki-kun to tankensuru no/I’m going to explore with Reki-kun)

“My, my…… with Reki-kun?”


“Hmm…… let’s see……”

“Baa~ba…… oegaishumau.”

“My, my, my, oh my! There, there, raise your head? If you want to explore that much, how about exploring inside the mansion?”


“It’s still cold outside, I think it would be better inside. No good?”

“Rieki-kun do~?”
   (Reki-kun, dou~?/Reki-kun, how about it?)



When I check with Reki-kun, he sticks out his right leg.
Reki-kun’s typical OK sign. It certainly is cold outside. I know from going out yesterday.
I could smell the spring more or less, but it was still cold.
I thought about going exploring outside in the momentum, but when I think carefully, I have not explored the inside of the mansion at all.
There’s an order to things. First, inside. Later, outside. That’s common sense.


“Ai! Ouchi no naa ni shimau!”
   (Hai! Ouchi no naka ni shimasu!/Yes! We will explore in the house!)

“My, oh my, I’m glad. But, you can’t explore with just the two of you, you know?”



I understand the impact of Obaasama talking with an index finger close to her face. When it’s like this, she won’t hear me out no matter what I say.



“There, there, good girl. Then, Lacria. Follow after her properly.”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Yooshiune, Rauria~”
   (Yoroshiku ne, Lacria~/Take care of me, Lacria~)

“Yes, I look forward to going with you. Ojousama.”


Like this, a small adventure officially allowed by Obaasama has begun!

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